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Let Go - Angelo Kelly


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Let Go - Angelo Kelly

  • 2nd Kelly - R. Kelly
    "Hey yo, R. Let me handle my business I just wanna take over the show for a minute Not the whole show, just a little bit Now that hes outta the way Can I talk to you for a minute? Can I break it down"
  • 2nd Kelly - R.Kelly
    "Hey yo, R. Let me handle my business I just wanna take over the show for a minute Not the whole show, just a little bit Now that hes outta the way Can I talk to you for a minute? Can I break it down and"
  • Let me dream - Angelo Kelly
    "Let's go out for a ride with the kids to the sea We'll leave it all behind the misery society Oh, wake me up when it's over, let me dream of somewhere A place where pain can not be found Wake me up when"
  • Don't Let Go - R. Kelly
    "{R.Kelly: (Talking)} Kells Yo I Can't Keep Doin This I Gots To Say Something Ya Feel Me See I Just Can't Keep Living Life Confused Girl, We Gotta Make A Move Tell Me Something Cuz A.... First"
  • R. Kelly - R. Kelly
    "Down low double life 1, 2 equals us, she, she and me, I fell in loves How could something so right go so wrong Just coming in on flight 412 But she was listening on the phone I thought I had it all together But"
  • Let Go - Aaron Neville
    "Hey, are you coming? Are you going? Brother, are you just wasting time Is there a rhyme or a reason And when you're gonna make up your mind Are you holding back your tears? Will you ever let the river"
  • Invincible (ft. Kelly Rowland) - Tinie Tempah
    "Tinie Tempah, and she, Kelly Rowland Let's go. Invincible, invincible Invincible, invincible We're invincible. Aah, yeah, they said we shouldn't, Aah they said we wouldn't. Aah, look where we are,"
  • Broken (feat. Blake Kelly) - Justin Bieber
    "I guess they want a reaction But I ain’t gonna give it to them Baby, they trying to get at me, yeah I ain’t gonna feed into it O they be persistent Tying to break me down Oh I can not be broken, I cannot"
  • Angels - Nanci Griffith
    "The touch of your hand will let me know You'll take me in then let me go If not for love why would we meet? How is it turned two into one so easily? We're lifted up by Angels You understand, and you"
  • Angels - Susan Ashton
    "The touch of His hand will let me know He takes me in and lets me go If not for love, who would believe Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in you and me. We're lifted up by angels Higher than the world"
  • Angels - John Farnham
    "The touch of your hand, will let me know You take me in, and let me go If not for love, where would we be How is it done, two into one So easily CHORUS: We're lifted up by angels Higher than the world Strong"
  • Machinegun Kelly - Eugenio Finardi
    "( Danny Koortchmar ) Have you heard about Machinegun Kelly He walked upon the outlaw trail Machinegun Kelly was a simple man But his woman was as hard as hell Watch out Machinegun Don't let her"
  • Tomorrow (Kelly) - Australian Idol
    "It's twelve o'clock, and it's a wonderful day. I know you hate me, but I'll ask anyway. Won't you come with me, to a place in a little town. The only way to get there's to go straight down. There's no"
  • Let It Go - Great Big Sea
    "Hey man, you don't know what you're missing You count your curses and forget about the blessings Don't you think you should learn a little lesson What are you waiting for? Hey man, what makes you so special Can't"
  • How Many Ways (R. Kelly Remix) - Toni Braxton
    "Must have been heaven sent to me Cause I never knew love like this You know you make me feel So good inside and boy, It's a feeling I just can't hide And baby words can't express my gratitude For each"
  • A New Beginning - Angelo Kelly
    "Something I once loved so much Turned wrong went bad Tried to stay as long as I could Gave the chances all I had It's a new beginning We've got a long way ahead It's not easy to say goodbye It's not easy"
  • Love Is All - Angelo Kelly
    "Mother you had gave your life to save your baby I never got to know you but deeds do the work Far more than words you were selfless and good I thank you for your love Dear friend I wouldn't be quite myself"
  • Machine Gun Kelly - James Taylor
    "(Kortchmar) I'll tell you about Machine Gun Kelly he rode along the outlaw trail. Machine Gun Kelly was a simple man but the woman was as hard as hell. Watch out Machine Gun, don't let her run you round. Don't"
  • Accidently Kelly Street - Frente!
    "Here's a door and here's a window Here's a ceiling here's a floor The room is lit like a black and white movie The T.V's on that's what it's for And if you walk real slowly You can feel the planet breathe There's"
  • Get It (feat. Kelly Rowland, Missy Elliott) - Busta Rhymes
    "Get It Get It get It Get It Flip it flip it yeah! dressed ready to impress fresh up in my Louis suit Step up in the club Bitches, like up rready to salute let me squeeze your juicy fruit Mamis call"

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