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Let Me Change Your Mind about me

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Let Me Change Your Mind about me

  • Change Your Mind - Westlife
    "Hey, girl, it's all over town So how come I'm the last to find out That you're leaving, with some other guy Help me understand, why oh why Tell, me, what he does for you Is there something that I"
  • Change Your Mind - Gloriana
    "Girl dont say a thing Lie here next to me Underneath the moonlight I know its getting late Let the music play Its okay to stay the night How about we give this One more try Come on and let me hold you Come"
  • Don't change your mind about me - Frank Sinatra
    "Change the alphabet from A to Z, teach the fish to walk the sea,Tell the stars and moon to shine at noon, but don't change your mind about me.Tell the flowers not to bloom at all, put the month of June"
  • Let Me Change Your Mind Tonight - Johnny Hates Jazz
    "Baby, should've known that it was late Were you sleeping? Were you lying there awake? Must have been crazy Should've never gone this far Like a fool I did not know That I was breaking us apart Now I see"
  • Change Your Mind - Shane Minor
    "(Shane Minor/Mark Spiro/Dann Huff) From the minute you were gone 'Til this moment here tonight It's clear to see that all I need Is you in my life 'Cause the road that I've been on Left you waiting"
  • Change your mind - Raf
    "Change your mind, changing time, lonely baby, Take today Valentine, leave me now. When your dreams make you doubt what our story's about, When you change, when you sink in the ocean of life. Against my"
  • Change Your Mind - The Killers
    "Racy days, help me through the hopeless haze But my, oh my Tragic eyes I can't even recognize myself behind So if the answer is no Can I change your mind? Out again, a siren screams at half past ten And"
  • Change Your Mind - Tori Kelly
    "he came to me like a song like one I knew all along and daddy, he got a hold on me I know you tink that it’s wrong but he grew up on me like a rose the sweetest I;ve ever known I swear tat he got a hold"
  • Change my mind - Bowling For Soup
    "HelloI just called to say I'm sorrySorry for givin' upI still think about you moreThan you'll ever knowAnd I hope that you're doing okHow have you been?How's the old hometownAnd all the friends we used"
  • Make Me Change My Mind - New Amsterdams
    "Don't expect so much at all If the test does beckon me If I should fail if I should fall I will lose no stability No not at all Cause it's the best just not to try Get away got no family but this And"
  • Change Me - Keri Hilson ft. Akon
    "Akon Oh yeaaah You know that i love you, You know that i love you, You know that i need you, your my every i breath you. You know that i love you, You know that i love you, You know that i need you, your"
  • Change Me - Keri Hilson
    "oooohh yeah you know that i love you you know that i love you you know that i need you your my everything you know that i love you you know that i love you you know that i need you your my everything so"
  • Change Me - Ruben Studdard
    "How would you like it if I talked about your skin The way you wear your hair (oh girl) Would u like if I talked about your butt Or once a month turned into someone that was hard to love How would"
  • Change - Blues Traveler
    "Music & lyrics: john popper I can feel the autumn on the summer's heels I hate to notice how much colder the night it feels And you're leaving Yes, you're leaving Time to change Time to change I can"
  • Change - Akwid
    "~ChOrUs~ Even though you don't want me, I will wait for you And I know this is your world, you're gonna do what you wanna do Just becuase the things I did I'm always put to shame So if you let me in your"
  • Change Your Mind - Ricky Nelson
    "Gotta get back into your heart again Change your mind, change your mind The look you give me when you play your part to win Change your mind, change your mind 'Cause losing you is easy but life's not"
  • Change your mind - Boyce Avenue
    "There you are with your perfect way You’ve got that little shine in your eyes To hear one word would make my day But there’s no room for me in your life Oh you’ve got me down on my knees Oh and in my"
  • Change Your Mind - Gary Numan
    "Why don't you ever listen? It's you I'm talking to This time it's your decision We're into something new I know that I'm sinking Oh any fool can see Time that I was thinking Of no-one else but me Change"
  • Change Your Mind - Sandra
    "Change your mind We're getting closer Change your mind We can get closer Change your mind We can closer These eyes that shine Are telling the story I'll change your mind All I need is time Till I show"
  • Change Your Mind - Earth, Wind & Fire
    "You said you've had it With insensitive guys Not keepin their promise And telling sweet lies When he stopped callin All of your dreams fell though I've seen you troubled I've seen you cry I think I know How"

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