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Let go kira

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Let go kira

  • Kiro TV - Sneaker Pimps
    "OK, you had sedatives and cold champagne They say that must be the price of fame It's not a joke if you can chocke on the thought of it You're not my friend to defend if you're loving it So Kurt I heard"
  • Kira - Glassjaw
    "Little girl Blindfold Industrialize Face the daybreak Leap unto my sweat Kira, I call your name You, I am so true. White, black pale skin. Sun rays burn my eyes, As you place the knowledge behind bars."
  • Kira Kira Revolution - Aya Hirano
    "HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! itsudemo doko demo kimi no tatakau basho ha sutajiamu mai michi doki doki shitai nan demo honki no batoru kimi no kore ga ki koeru tabi (Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!) chikara ga afuwadasu shiori"
  • Mangekyou Kira Kira - Rythem
    "Itsumo tsuyoku negau Kokoro ga nozokereba ii to Kotoba kuchitemo ii Demo kimi wo aisu kimochi wa kuchi nai Akatsuki no yoake Kono machi wo terasu Atemonaku kazasu te ni wa Yuragu natsu Sora wa aoi Sora"
  • Kira Kira Train - Ikimono Gakari
    "Totsuzen no yuki wa kimi wo mukuchi ni saseta Sankaime no fuyu ga ima owaru Tokyo no sora ni hashirikaki shita yume wo Oikakete boku wa kisha ni noru Dare mo inai shizuka na Ho-Mu Fui ni kimi ga te wo"
  • Let Go - Walter Egan
    "by Earl Shackleford and Walter Egan Impatience has got a hold you see Our conversations are feeling old to me A change of heart now I feel already gone Its time to start now no sense in holding on I've"
  • Let Go - Megan Rochell
    "Wha? (we dont even talk no more) Wha? (i dont feel no love no more) let go let go let go let go Wha? (you dont even try no more) let go let go let go let go Wha? (i wish I met somebody before)"
  • Let Go - Gabriel and Dresden
    "I swear I dont know what time it is But I know this means nothing much to me I hear the voices ring in my head And they keep tellin ... Tellin me to let go Let go Tellin me to let go Let go It"
  • Let Go - Bratz
    "Let go, let yourself be free Show how you feel inside Let go, let the whole world see 'Cause you never know if you never try Did ya ever wonder If you could reach the stars First you gotta let go Take"
  • Let Go - Aaron Carter
    "Ha ha ha Yea It's so incredible Woo woo Yea yea yea Come On I used to love a girl Sometimes i still think i do Thinkin about her makes me a little crazy (crazy) She used to be the world How can we be split"
  • Let Go - Paul Van Dyk
    "I can't get it out of me it's breathing inside of me it' s reaching inside of you you're feeling infected you're being infected it's just like the cold a kiss on your lips now you're taking control"
  • Let Go - Aaron Neville
    "Hey, are you coming? Are you going? Brother, are you just wasting time Is there a rhyme or a reason And when you're gonna make up your mind Are you holding back your tears? Will you ever let the river"
  • Let Go - Adema
    "I'm sitting on the edge of the water Contemplating my strange life The sun starts to fall into the ground A breeze picks up off the waves And everything is fine Let go of all of your pain I know that"
  • Let Go - Oval Opus
    "I guess the end finally came. Truth is, I'm the one to blame. And I'm sorry. See I never thought it would end this way. Silent with nothing left to say. I'm so sorry. Now the hardest part is here. Hanging"
  • Let Go - Anew Revolution
    "No use saying word I want to say No use saying at all There's no use faking the way we used to be There's no use faking at all And if I let go, will you let go of me? 'Cause I can't keep holding on I've"
  • Let Go - Lawson
    "Last time that I picked up my phone Her your voice on the end of my 9 0 1 You say you needed to talk But you didn't care, before 4 weeks since you broken my down See your face on a picture beside my bed And"
  • Let Go - Edison Glass
    "Singing sweetly, she passed by me She knew, it seemed That sound, that song was troubling me "Do tell" (I don't know) "Please, sir" (Here we go...) Sleepwalking, sleep, sleepwalking... Last night I"
  • Let Go - Lunik
    "My eyes were closed when I ran away from your love And you asked me to return It took a while to see that you're the one for me, it took too long 'Cause you were gone Every minute every hour I long for"
  • Let Go - Suede
    "you say you wanna let go the way that some you knew let go you say you wanna dive in with none of the inhibitions i have been well there's no need to hold on you've proven that you don't need to belong you"
  • Let Go - Boys Like Girls
    "Drink up baby doll Are you in or are you out? Leave your things behind 'Cause it's all going off without you Excuse me too busy you're writing your tragedy These mishaps You bubble-wrap When you've no"

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