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Let me be a

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Let me be a

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Let me be a
  • Taleesa Let Me Be
    "Let me be nobody is fool today we can find a way look it for a brand new day now Let me be nobody is fool today we can find a way and it's time to celebrate now Let me be, let me be just let me be now Let"
  • The Kinks Let me be
    "If you run out of luck don't give in to hate Just find a new direction before it's too late If you hear them knocking on my door Just say that I'm not here I can't take it any more Well I'm leaving town"
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Let Me Be
    "Let me rant and let me ramble You're lookin' at lunatic in shambles I've got real issues I must wrestle I'm unfit to steer the vessel Somebody please take the wheel I can't cope now, no I can't deal"
  • Xavier Rudd Let Me Be
    "Oh oh, Let me be now Hmm hmm, let me because I want to be free now Oh oh, free to see, yeah well Want to walk away, oh oh Let me feel my feet Let me be, free Time and time and time we see these"
  • Uh Oh! Explosion Let Me Be
    "One two one two three let's go Distorted and broken but everybody says that "I can't believe whats gone wrong" You tell me the truth but it's nothing but lies and you tell me what to do My whole life"
  • The Turtles Let Me Be
    "Please don't mistake me or try to make me The shadow of anybody else I ain't the him or her you think I am I'm just trying hard to be myself Oh, society's goal is to be part of the whole That may sound"
  • Jack Bruce Let Me Be
    "Black diamond, shining in the sea set me free Dimond, minds in sympathy let me be Bright and strong Listen to all my songs Of the day sadness sings Of the love that I bring Dark angel, dancing in the"
  • Maceo Let Me Be
    "Just let me be, I ain't worried about you, Don't worry 'bout me. Do your own thang, just let me be. I ain't gotta speak to you. You ain't gotta speak to me. I call it how I see it, Just let me be You ain't"
  • Smogus Let Me Be
    "I'm an ordinairy guy but not to you what do I have to do to make it clear to you you're humping around evry time I'm home what do I have to do to make you leaving me alone it doesn't bother me to see"
  • 4 The Cause Let me be
    "Verse: Friends need one another More than enough to hold on Long enough to share Since I got to know you Believe in the sound of my heart Strong enough to tell you That I care Bridge: Everybody is a dreamer"
  • Youth Brigade Let Me Be
    "you think you know me you don't know shit talking about me have we even met don't wanna hear another word about me from youand if i do you'll curse the day you opened you mouth oh just let me be don't"
  • Xspace Let Me Be
    "by Benjamin Ackerman I'm better than you, and I know you well evictedfrom life, sent straight to hell they drained your blood and erased your name removed your soul and forgot your fame ask yourself, who"
  • Eve Let Me Be
    "Yo, yo, many they pop shit, but me I drop shit, and they cop it Stay to myself most the time, but still they plot shit Bitches that's unstable, I can't be involved 'Less they wanna take it back to the"
  • Color Me Badd Let
    "You never know It's hard to say sometimes, where a love will lead It's a mystery, you take a chance It's in the hands of faith, If we'll make it sugar Time alone will show us what will be Until we're sure"
  • Pressure Drop Let Me Be Me
    "I've cried and cried for hours, I've cried and cried for days, I've tried to save what's ours, You lied in many ways, How can you blame me for the past, No wonder we didn't last If you want to know just"
  • Ken Hensley Let me be me
    "I've been standing on the edge For a little too long Waiting for the door to be opened I?ve been hanging on the brink, biding my time Wondering if the spell would be broken I?ve seen a million words Of"
  • Elvis Presley Let Me Be There
    "(J. Rostill) Wherever you go Wherever you may wonder in your life Well surely you know, I always wanna be there Holding your hand And standing by to catch you when you fall Seeing you through, in everything"
  • Social Distortion Let it be me
    "I've been in love, but now I'm waiting Don't ever want to worry about a thing I sit at home and I wonder Will I rise or will I go under Let it be me - if you're lonely Let it be me - your one and only Let"
  • Tanya Tucker Let Me Be There
    "Wherever you go wherever you may wander in your life Surely you know I'll always wanna be there Holdin' your hand and standing by to catch you when you fall Seeing you through in everything you do Let"
  • 3 Doors Down Let Me Be Myself
    "I guess I just got lost Bein' someone else I tried to kill the pain Nothin ever helped I left myself behind Somewhere along the way Hopin to come back around To find myself someday Lately I'm so tired"

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