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Let me go hailee steinfeld

  • Colour (ft. Hailee Steinfeld) - MNEK
    "before you came into my life everything was black and white now all I see is color like a rainbow in the sky so tell me your love will never fade that I won’t see no clouds of grey cos I don’t want another you"
  • Ordinary Day (feat. Hailee Steinfeld) - Logic
    "It was an ordinary day until I saw you crawl around my way And the night goes On, and on, and on, and on On, and on, and on, and on On, and on, and on, and on On, and on, and on, and on It was an ordinary"
  • At My Best (ft. Hailee Steinfeld) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "I wrote this song as a massage from hell On behalf of anybody fading there self I wrote this letter to numb your pain Cuz every day I wake up I’m feeling the sanme I got issues, just like you got issues I"
  • Woke Up Late (ft. Hailee Steinfeld) - Drax Project
    "woke up late somewhere far away from home pocket empty wallet gone the sun is streaming all on down on my face layin’ down on someone’s bed a girl that I had hardly met my head is spinnin’ like I’ve been"
  • Let Me Go (ft. Florida Georgia Line, watt) - Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso
    "you made plans and i made problems we’re sleeping back to back we know this thing wasn’t built to last and good on paper, picture perfct chased the light, to far, to fast picket white fence but we paint"
  • Coast (feat. Anderson .Paak) - Hailee Steinfeld
    "You the wave upon my ocean pounding rhythm and motion its full moon kinda night yeah I don’t wanna go home yet You can question my devotion Wear my heart on my shoulder just relax and let the riptide"
  • Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (Rooftop Mix) - Keira Knightley and Hailee Steinfeld
    "Oh maybe You don't have to kill so kind Pretend to ease my mind When baby you won't Oh sugar You don't have to be so sweet I know who you're going to meet Don't say that I don't So maybe I won't let"
  • Capital Letters - Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop®
    "Never was a leader Never had a thing for fairytales Not really a believer, oh-oh Small voice in the quiet Guess I never dared to know myself Can my heart beat quiet? No But then there was you (but then"
  • Let Me Let Go - Faith Hill
    "I thought it was over, baby We said our goodbyes But I can't go a day without your face Goin' through my mind In fact, not a single minute Passes without you in it Your voice, your touch, memories of"
  • Let Me Go - Scott Stapp
    "Tell me friend is this forgiving Tell me friend are you believing Tell me friend if it's worth the fight So please let me go So please let me go Let me go What's the use of our deceiving What's the use"
  • Let Me Go - Cake
    "When she walks, she swings her arms instead of her hips. When she talks, she moves her mouth instead of her lips. CHORUS: And i've waited for her for so long i've waited for her for so long i've"
  • Let Me Go - Jem And The Holograms
    "Jem: Let me go, set me free And let me fly Mackie: If you go, don't you know That I will die Jem: Let me go I will see you soon again Mackie: If you go I will be the unhappiest of men Jem: Let me go, I'll"
  • Let Me Go - DI-RECT
    "let me smoke let me fly let me drink let me die in your arms let me go let me fall in the rain let me feel only pain I warned you I need hate, hate let me go time me weas me kick me let me"
  • Let Me Go - Sonya Kitchell
    "You hold me down please you let me go I'm dying to be out on my own and I think I might go crazy if this lasts any longer you tell me this and you tell me that I'm trying to tell you where I'm at and"
  • Let Me Go - Tonic
    "Home, home is like an open road Where you will always find Whatever you've been looking for And grace, always in a hollow place I will never change and I will always stay my way People scatter, when loves"
  • Let Me Go - The Hives
    "Buck please! ??? I'f you'd like to stay awhile, ??? tell you ??? got better things to do you make me scared, ringing in my ears ??? You've got to let me go yeah You've got to let me go yeah ??? I wanna"
  • Let Me Go - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) You're gonna get it straight from the shoulder Can't you see the party's over Let me go Can't you get it through your thick head This affair is finished - dead Hey, let me go I"
  • Let me go - The Rolling Stones
    "You're gonna get it straight from the shoulder Can't you see the party's over Let me go Can't you get it through your thick head This affair is finished - dead Hey, let me go I tried giving you the velvet"
  • Let me go - Barbra Streisand
    "Maybe I'll write you a letter Maybe I'll give you a call Maybe I'll drop you a line When I'm feeling better Maybe I won't after all Somewhere a river is flowing Rolling on into the sea Somewhere a flower"
  • Let me go - Susan Ashton
    "Sometimes the hardest people to say I love you to Are the ones you love the most, I don't know why this is so Maybe it's the years, the pride, the tears, the fear The pain, I don't know, I don't know."

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