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Let mi love you dj snake

  • Snake - R. Kelly
    "(feat. Big Tigger) i wanna see you move your body like a snake yeah eh yo can y'all hear me out there aiight, now this is what i wanna see i wanna see all of the ladies line up right here now move"
  • Snake - R.Kelly
    "feat. Big TiggerINTRO I wanna see you move your body like a snake Yeah' hey yo, can y'all hear me out there, alright Now this is what I wanna see I want to see all the little ladies line up right here'now"
  • Snake - Big Tymers
    "Wha Wha Wha You a one man bitch Go ahead and make that switch I got to love my shit You hoes man got that itch Move up too number two bitch Suck a rich niggas dick If you like it than lick it If you"
  • Snake - Frightened Rabbit
    "Me and Snake Talk about you Everyday I can't wait to See your face And he tells me he feels The same We lie awake We're tired but we can't Get to sleep I'm tired cause I've scraped Through the day He's"
  • Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber) - DJ SNAKE
    "Don't fall asleep At the wheel, we've got a million miles ahead of us Miles ahead of us All that we need Is a rude [?] we're good enough Know we're good enough Say, go through the darkest of days Heaven's"
  • Snake (Remix) - R. Kelly
    "(feat. Big Tigger, Cam'Ron) Kells!!! Cam'Ron (Killa!!!) We on camels, in our throwbacks (Yeah!) Remix desert hot (1964 throwback, uh huh) Big Tigg!!! (I'm here with you straight from Harlem) To a special"
  • Snake (Remix) - R.Kelly
    "Kells!!! Cam'Ron (Killa!!!) We on camels, in our throwbacks (Yeah!) Remix desert hot (1964 throwback, uh huh) Big Tigg!!! (I'm here with you straight from Harlem) To a special lady all around the world (Who"
  • Snake Eyes - Mumford & Sons
    "You hold it, in your hands, And let it flow, this cruelty, Of youth as you fall again, Alone, In the compromise of truth It's in the eyes I can tell you will always be danger We had it tonight, why do"
  • Thirst Snake - Tiamat
    "Your arms are my cradle, your hair is the heavenly abode My longing for touching your skin bears a heavy load I wanna bathe you my love in broad heavens of divine light A precious angel you are of the"
  • DJ - Amanda Blank
    "DJ, play that song a little louder I gotta, gotta get him outta my head Gotta dance the pain away Cant go to sleep just yet My baby, he left me high and dry Cant be the man for me Said he cant tell me"
  • Good Day (ft. DJ Snake & Elliphant) - Yellow Claw
    "You make me feel like all those kids That were supposed to stay the night But changed their mind and called their mommy You are not me I am dirty Remember that day we met For a coffee and you were late We"
  • Snake Mountain Blues - Townes Van Zandt
    "by Townes Van Zandt Mr ten dollar man let me tell where you're bound drink your green liqour, Lord you'll roll to the ground but you come around here with your money in your hand taste of my woman well,"
  • Snake Bite Love - Motorhead
    "In the zoo, in the zoo I wanna see the snakes I don't want to see the lions Or the gorillas or the apes I want to see a python Squeeze somebody tight Or a Boa Constrictor In the middle of the night Snake"
  • Swamp Snake - Alex Harvey
    "Let me be your Swamp Snake, 'til a real one comes along Let me be your Swamp Snake, 'til a real one comes along I wanna be the medicine man, and I won't do you wrong Ssssssssss......... Let me brush your"
  • Talking Snake - Iggy Pop
    "Look what you have done, Ruined every single one. See what fools they are, Jealous of a simple star. Feel the 4 winds blow, Let the sword hang low (baby) Life's to take, Says the talking snake, Everybody"
  • Snake Devil - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    "All systems go This one, she's outta control She lost her grip I think she fell off the edge She sinks her teeth in There's no letting go We've all come to find she's just a snake A snake devil This is"
  • The Snake - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "Well, I'm a snake oh yes I'm very smart But I was cruel without a humble start And I just laughed when you begged and you pleaded Now I lay here cut in half 'cause I'm not the one you needed So pretty"
  • Snake Dance - Monster Magnet
    "Earspot in a cornfield We got a girl in an army coat Pull up the Gran Turino And play some music for the holy ghost Go go go Yeah baby smoke them bones Praise be to the Bullgod She got fleas stuck all"
  • Grey Snake - Palaxy Tracks
    "Don't you know that I wanna Send the boat out in the night How long? Won't you go find me a daughter Find her with brown hair and eyes How long does love last? Buried in woods, something is wrong with"
  • Snake Bite - Swollen Members
    "(Mad Child & Rattlesnake Jones) (Chorus x2) We want you, to take a good look at what we do Not the type that you can see right through Cause you never know what we might do, uh huh uh huh (Prevail) I"

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