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Let uou love me Rita ora

  • Torn Apart (ft. Rita Ora) - Snoop Lion
    "I heard him speak but then a saw his face I knew we was the one because I dreamt this day I was such a beginner on this thing called love And now he’s going away and now I’m torn apart, so torn apart You’re"
  • Barricades (feat. Rita Ora) - Netsky
    "Excuse me, can we talk? No swearing, no insults Look at all the mess we made To get to where the both of us say These big words, I'm sorry 'Cause right now we got barricades, wall to wall We used to live"
  • Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora) - Iggy Azalea
    "I'm gonna love you Until you hate me And I'm gonna show you What's really crazy You should've known better Then to mess with me, heartache I'm gonna lie to you, I'm gonna lie to you Gonna lie to you, gonna"
  • Hot Right Now (feat. Rita Ora) - DJ Fresh
    "got your hands up cause you think you’ve got it going crazy, we’re not even started eh oh eh oh eh eh, eh oh eh oh oooh it’s so funny that you think you’re winning cause something told you who was spinning eh"
  • Rita - Roy Orbison
    "Rita, darling Rita, you're my treasure Sweeter than the sweetest wine to me You don't know just how much you give me pleasure I measure eternally Rita, Rita, i love you Rita, Rita, i want you Rita,"
  • Let You Love Me - Rita Ora
    "i should’ve stayed with you last night instead of going out to find trouble that’s just trouble I think I run away sometimes whenever oi get too vulnerable that’s not your fault see I wanna stay the whole"
  • Doing It (feat. Rita Ora) - Charli XCX
    "We're staying all night We never slow down I think we better do it like we're doing it now It's been a long time Since we've been around So come on, let's keep doing it, like we're doing it Doing it, like"
  • You Only Love Me - Rita Ora
    "Rita, it's me I'm outside your house again, freezing in the cold Waiting for the moment I learn to let go I've been messed up a thousand times with tears in my eyes But all the pain, it fades away, when"
  • Lay Down Your Weapons (feat. Rita Ora) - K Koke
    "Lay down your weapons, weapons for me That means everything Listen little manna, done told you __ the hype ting I done told you road life aint what it might seem Where I’m from we do wrong for the right"
  • I Will Never Let You Down (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rita Ora
    "Tell me baby what we're gonna do I?ll make it easy, got a lot to do Watch the sun alight, coming true Open the window, let it shine on you Cause I?ve been sick and working all week And I?ve been doing"
  • IZ RITE - Beady Eye
    "Come on Iz Rite Take me to you life Streaming one more shine It's all I know It's all I know Come on it's real You know how I feel You give me something here And it's all I know It's all I know So don't"
  • R.I.P. (feat. Anitta, Rita Ora) - Sofia Reyes
    "Bim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bom /5x Don't know what's going on, Pero me siento peligrosa Feel it in my veins, aye-aye Me vale tu opinión porque mi buque va de rosa Drama's dead to me, bye, bye Why,"
  • Rita Valentine - Deana Carter
    "(Deana Carter) Wanna tell you about a friend of mine. Her name is Rita Valentine. Every summer night you can find her dancin', Barefoot under a front porch light. All the boys would bring her flowers"
  • Ora - Eros Ramazzotti
    "Ora che ognuno va... ora che la citt stanca di passi addosso chiude i portoni e adesso dorme gi... ora che ora tempo di star con te ora che i miei pensieri li sento pi leggeri ora che sei nei sogni miei... ora"
  • Look At Me Now - Rita Ora
    "I've made peace with the mirror It took all of hell Just to love myself Now I'm seeing things clearer Don't need anyone else Take it with a pinch of salt People always come and go I won't keep my enemies"
  • Ora - Jorge Vercilo
    "Óh, me! Óh, me! Tomai conta do planeta perdoai, perdoai por nossa descrena Erguei, erguei Vosos manto sobre a Terra e o sol se pe noite na guerra Trgua entre os homens que vo morrer Trgua entre os homens"
  • Rita - Too Many Cooks
    "( Georgesco D'Anjou ) Rita was her maiden name Her husband thought she was insane She had more money Than you could ever spend Her friends, they failed to recognize The fear and pain inside her eyes And"
  • Drinkin (feat. Rita Ora) - Joel Corry
    "All night I’ve been drinkin’ all night I’ve been drinkin’ all night I’ve been drinkin’ ayy yeah All night I’ve been drinkin’ all night I’ve been drinkin’ all night I’ve been drinkin’ all night ayy yeah"
  • Rita - Bebo Norman
    "Lay down softly in our sorrow Lay down sister to die And cover over, my sweet Father Cover over her eyes Your broken body, it cannot weather The years your youth still longs to spend So go down"
  • Lonely Together (ft. Rita Ora) - Avicii
    "I can change you even I want to am I … of tomorrow? on my hands… you won’t be mine let’s be lonely together let’s be lonely together let’s be lonely together let’s be lonely together"

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