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Level ofcconcern

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Level ofcconcern

  • Level - Eli Young Band
    "Going through the change, when it rains it pours these days Nothing stays the same, you gotta find new ways To swim upstream, while you chase your dreams And in between you keep your sanity Chorus: Waiting"
  • Level-n-service - Another Level
    "Intro: Ice CubeTitle's n themes, and shitYaknowhatI'msayin? Just let this motherfucker come on(yeah let's do this) And be fresh, like I am(serious nigga?)Verse One: Ice CubeI wish I was in high schoolSo"
  • Level Up - Ciara
    "Level Up Level Up Level Up, Level Up, Level Up, Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up , Level Up all this on me so yummy all this on me so"
  • God Level - Kanye West
    "Provide a new coffin You don't seek murder like this this often God level God level Oh, father! Might as well make a new casket God level God level God level You see sharks in the water Then they"
  • Level Up - Aro B x Fiflak
    "Level Up jak Mario Bros. niby taki sam ale całkiem inny gość jak boli cię prawda to wyp* stać my na level wyżej a ciebie jakby z niego zdjął wspinam się do góry jakbym wspinał sie po Alpach jedynie co"
  • Level 5 - Joerg Vogeltanz
    "level 5 in the center of the sound she'll travel through the darkness of a spinning wheel til her ears are slowly dying in this velvet she can't hear and in the storm that's carryin' her across the"
  • Maximum Level - World Wide Message Tribe
    "Increase volume to maximum level. Muaximum level, maximum level. Let's Go! Islam! Islam! Increase volume. Increase volume. Increase volume to maximum level. From the front to the back. Everybody in"
  • Level 7 - Dri
    "Way down here on level 7 So far from the radiation Push-button soldiers underground Stationed seven levels down We're even deeper than the president We are permanent residents We're here for the duration Only"
    "We level up We level up Smash Yeah we level up I’m gonna climb up the levels, go harder Lights flash every time we go fast I’ll never lose the game, I’m gonna last So let’s start Yeah we level up All"
  • Higher Level - Beseech
    "I can't resist nor refuse the thrill of lust you bring me The contradictions taking me down Down the darker side of me The insecurity is my fear To loose a part of me A pray of courage reaching my mind Forgive"
  • Das Level - Clueso
    "Viele haben Talent, nur sind nicht ganz so clever. Kenn' zwar 'n Haufen Leute, aber stehen fr sich allein. Wer macht wen schlecht, wer macht's besser? Wer lebt seinen Traum, wer geht heim? Muss man die"
  • High Level - The Pryzmats
    "Gdyby wersy jak kwiaty były Byłbym mistrzem Ikebany Lecz nie rzucam ci tego do stóp Tylko plikiem danych ??? tchu pędzących jak rydwany Tych liter, słów do uch zaszeptanych Pozbawiona liści, jak badyle"
  • Level up - AeSPe
    "Hej, brat, mój rap od tylu lat jest już na dzielni Łap fakt, że mógłby sam kupić alko - jest pełnoletni Głęboki underground blisko powierzchni Tam wciąż mnie nie chcą, pójdę tam bez nich Nie chcę protekcji,"
  • New Level - Pantera
    "Now a new look in my eyes my spirit rise Forget the past Present tense works and lasts Got shit on Pissed on Spit on Stepped on Fucked with Pointed at by lesser men (Pre) New life in place of old life"
  • Higher Level - Maestro Fresh Wes
    "Yeah, going out to all my peoples, you know what I'm saying Now move to a higher level, I'm sprint First I inhale, then I exhale Allah's name You never see me pointing to the next male Never seen me judge"
  • Higher Level - KRS-One
    "Verse One: After seven years of rockin' How do you rate me? Poorly or greatly? Everybody seems to be goin' for their's lately Yo mad heads be needin' money So listen very close as I conduct this little"
  • Level 3 - Genitorturers
    "What took so long to get to level 3? Oh, was it hard to finally find me? What could it take to turn you oh so bad? Was it me that wrecked your courage Cuz your sentiment was had? Right here, all along Right"
  • LEVEL WYŻEJ - Dudek P56
    "Level wyżej - zrobię to dla siebie ziomek dziś Przyszedł czas na to byś posłuchał sobie i Taki mój projekt, aż do końca moi mili Dla ludzi mocarze, te wersy jak chili Pozdrawiam słuchaczy i tych co gościli /2x Raprodukcja"
  • Another Level - Bounty Killer
    "F/ Babycham Verse 1: Bounty Killer giving yuh originality Buss a shot if yuh respect and love di quality Listen good and pay attention to my clarity All a di gal dem a seh dem love mi personality"
  • Level Zero - Lootpack
    "(Wild Child) '98 keep it real son cuz I guess I feel someday that Wild to the Child will rock at will son Keep them speakers boomin', body movin', Wild Child has proven Causin' mad paranoia like them kids"

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