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  • Levels - Nick Jonas
    "Udzielając wywiadu stacji MTV News Jonas potwierdził, że zapowiadany na 21 sierpnia 2015 roku singel "Levels" będzie oficjalną zapowiedzią jego nowej płyty. Sam utwór wokalista po raz pierwszy zaprezentuje"
  • Levels - Reef
    "i went out for a walk with my young one hanging from my chest as we strolled to the levels where the water ran cold bright day leads us all three young lovers walking on and on simple man's pleasure"
  • Levels - Nonpoint
    "Scenes are changing and you collect the sand on our souls. You can make it okay if you pave your own way. Bear down and reach the higher ground. Your momentum has swayed from all the shit in the world"
  • Levels - Avicii
    "Sometimes I get a good feeling yeah I get a feeling that I no no no no never had before no no I get a good feeling"
  • Moonbeam Levels - Prince
    "Yesterday I tried 2 write a novel but I didn't know where 2 begin So I laid down in the grass tryin' 2 feel the world turn Boy loses girl in a rain storm, nuclear World War III All that's left is pain"
  • Different Levels - Second
    "DIFFERENT LEVELS Useless place, so virgin Secrets, unexplored lands Quiet room while we talk Nothing more, no one's around There's a funny moon above our heads laughing at you and me And she likes to"
  • Checkin levels - P.O.D.
    "Hey Bobby, dude, should I, uh, should I tighten' up my snare or somethin'? No, no, no, no, nah, the drums is cool. Aight. No, they fine, they fine. You need more guitar in your headphones? Yup. Well I"
  • Next Levels - King Geedorah
    "(Lil'Sci) 1,2 1,2 yes! Yo,it's King Gheedra, combined with the forces of nine ether Blowing woofers and tweeters, shaking syllable meaning Disaster's cataclysmic, mystic natural, it's about time We hit"
  • Along Ethereal Levels - Autumn
    "Tiredness and sleep we expound As a natural urgency to redeem From the flesh to dwell 'round And project experiences in a dream Climb into the astral tree step by step Meet all the angels and see your"
  • Levels Of Light - Sleeping At Last
    "We are volcanoes, making new land, Transcending borders with seeds in our hands. Natural killers perfectly planned, But all is entirely out of our hands. It's out of our mouths and into the ground. Wake"
  • Don't Leave Me Alone With Her - Daryl Hall
    "(Daryl Hall) Levels It's just a case of choosing my priorities Stages It's just the art of changing our perception But when I see that girl it messes my security So please don't leave me alone with her She"
  • Mehr waffen - Christina St
    "1 2 3 4 du bist erst 14jahre alt und schreist schon nach gewalt als aussenseiter hast dus richtig schwer ach httest du nur ein gewehr dann htten sie respekt vor dir du bruchtest dann nur die waffe zu laden"
  • Drink Away The Demons - Trail Of Tears
    "Drink with me and let your demons loose Disengaged from all the poison Youll see your fear in flames I raise my cuo if pure madness as im slowly fading out I feel the silence and surrender as my heart"
  • Lights, Camera, Action - Remy Ma
    "Here i am standin in my b-boy stance i got my name air brushed down the leg of my pants i got my 54 letters and my kangol on bamboo earrings and my bangles on Word up, the girl look good imma 80's baby,"
  • Embodiment Of Impurity - Pessimist
  • You don't need eyes to see - Nits
    "They opened up the door But they should've left it closed That's what you get when you fuck with the unknown She dissapeared swallowed up by the black but now it's returned and it brought something back"
  • Me & My Dad - Stan Ridgway
    "Me and my dad We've got a good thing going Fishing trips, the hard way's the best Man-to-man talks, when the going gets tough The tough get going Follow me, son I'll guide you the right way Fix my car"
  • Carrier Of The Scars Of Life - Trail Of Tears
    "Take me away Into illusion Take me away From the rain Wounded but not yet fallen Still caving in The marks from the dance with the devil Still healing Shallow but not yet empty Cries left alone The marks"
  • Me And My Dad - Wall Of Voodoo
    "Me and my dad We've got a good thing going Fishing trips, the hard way's the best Man-to-man talks, when the going gets tough The tough get going Follow me, son I'll guide you the right way Fix my car"
  • Is There Anybody Out There (Kickin' Off) - Lil Chris
    "Artist: Lil' Chris Album: Other Songs Lyrics Title: Is There Anybody Out There? (Kickin' Off) Print Correct Come oonnn Wanna learn to fly, wanna climb so high Its kicking off! Somewhere we can"

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