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Leviathan volbeat

  • Leviathan - Manic Street Preachers
    "Leviathan, yeah we all want one. Obidience, consent, accept death. Brutalness, this life is short. A Damp refusual, you will be caught. Leviathan, in disguise. Leviathan, in all your eyes. Worship denied"
  • Leviathan - Neal Morse
    "Praise ye the Lord from the earth ya sea monsters Stretch out your necks let us see ya breathe fire Out of the depths of the sea comes Leviathan How many heads will there be on Leviathan? The serpent"
  • Leviathan - Alestorm
    "Legend speaks of a beast Three hundred miles from it's tip to it's tail None have seen it, yet all know it's name Like the ark of the covenant, or the holy grail We set out on a quest In search of the"
  • Leviathan - Venom
    "In distant darkened lands Where life & death defy the sands Of time are running out for you Too late the cry was heard All hallowed be they shame Delivered unto evil Temptation be thy name Behold thy"
  • Leviathan - Six Feet Under
    "Tyranny and hatred Signs of one command The ruler of the sea There are three others His three infernal brothers Leviathan rules supreme Stands for the power Which we devour Destructs the world that we"
  • Leviathan - Sinister
    "Expelled into the ancient pit Roaming dead Hellspawn, the breeding pain Suffering in the shadows of the damned Beneath the sea the darklord dwells, breeding hellspawn endlessly Great serpent the enormous"
  • Leviathan - Akercocke
    "Sunrise is hours away Precious seconds of life Drift away Unnoticed yet perfect Slowly disappearing I have found the edge Have I found the answer? Truth is my weapon Your anger not enough I wish to be"
  • Leviathan - Therion
    "The Mediterranean Down where chaos reign Oh, great Leviathan Behold the hand of God Through forgotten rain You shall his sword defy New day arrives Turn to cherish the past Coiling viper of sin Whisper"
  • Leviathan - Covenant
    "I watch minutes grow to hours, and how seasons builds the ages,every winter dies in sunlight, only to be born againand the rainfall feeds the forests while the lightning strikesthe treesturning giants"
  • Leviathan - Pipedown
    "The steady cold of what I feel. Raise your hands to satisfy the pain today. Raise your tentacles. Rise to feel rise to pinning anger down in a lock. Drowning down beneath the waves. In pentacles, vying"
  • Leviathan - Gothminister
    "Sometimes the shadows Come to life these walls Fade before your eyes Enter a distant realm of Abnormalities we had the Same dream only I believe We belong in the unknown We belong to fear For we know Our"
  • Leviathan - Impellitteri
    "Hebridian winds blow Across the water of your homeland Are you just a shadow As the mist upon the Highlands Run deep, silently Lost forever *Somewhere in the dark water Somewhere in the dark water Manitu,"
  • Cascade Leviathan - Lock Up
    "Sulfur ritual, seeking shelter, bitter rhymes Fathomless the hidden psalm sedates the mind Daggers of stigmata lines of truth arise Bestial hoops and stillborn wall are magnified Cascade leviathan Dragging"
  • Awaken Leviathan - Arkngthand
    "Deep ocean, rough water Strange shadows in the sea Red horizon, Bad moon In the murky reefs it sleeps But still we will sail out In our hearts you'll find no fear And if we really have to die this night Let"
  • Leviathan, Bound - Shearwater
    "the hollow light is still on the fields where the winter has warmed and the snows have drained waway and the hunter's cry is still on the air as the bullet flies home but the heart that's pierced with"
  • Danny And Lucy - Volbeat
    "Little Lucy out to cruise On the road with pills and booze Only sixteen years of age She got her motherfucking life Destroyed that day Danny is twenty eight The motherfucker is doing drugs And just don't"
  • Healing Subconsciously - Volbeat
    "Out in the distance small faces in pain Came along always in search Of entering dreams They all fade away, to return some other day Helding their mirrors reflecting my sin What do you want to sell me"
  • Pool Of Booze Booze Booze - Volbeat
    "With a fistful of courage And a heart of rage Cry my wicked soul That I would never change Well that's ok fine with me Got a hundred sides What the hell more do you need Don't even try to find A reason"
  • Say Your Number - Volbeat
    "It makes me feel like I'm going crazy And suddenly you don't think good of me Constant volume Buy the lady a drink my friend Spread out the night stand spirit team Now listen here The mark to greet the"
  • Something Else Or - Volbeat
    "Never felt the hunger For one love that share one mind But with you it's something else That keeps my spirit high Don't we all now have This deadwish crawling in our mind Well I know I got mind Together"

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