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Lewis blissett killing

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Lewis blissett killing

  • Lewis - Radiohead
    "Bummed out again by your only business friendThe smell of fear is thicker than you thinkDon't do it, don't jumpChanged shape to fit, in the end you just feel sickA million love songs under anaestheticHey"
  • Lewis boogie - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "My name is Jerry Lee Lewis from Louisiana I'm gonna do your little boogie on this yellow piano Do it mighty fine, I'm gonna make you shake I'll make you do it, I'll make you do it until you break It's"
  • Lewis (Mistreated) - Radio Head
    "Bummed out again by your only business friend The smell of fear is thicker than you think Don't do it, don't jump Changed shape to fit, in the end you just feel sick A million love songs under anaesthetic Hey"
  • Lewis (Mistreated) - Radiohead
    "Bummed out again by your only business friend The smell of fear is thicker than you think Don't do it Don't jump Changed shape to fit In the end you just feel sick A million love songs under anaesthetic Hey"
  • Jerry Lewis - Quincy Punx
    "I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon And raise big bucks for MDA Cuz Jerry raises millions every year And we'll equally divide the pay I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon With great big famous"
  • Gloria Lewis - Kyuss
    "When the feeling comes it always leaves To the top of the hill, the hill of thieves Brush that furious out, hole in the well You'd like the hole in your head to feel the breeze If you're gonna ride,"
  • Killing - Korn
    "Birds are circling above, they're called back to a waiting glove Oh, why don't they fly away? Surely they'd have guessed by now There is no gun to shoot them down And still they stay For what, please say Are"
  • Killing - The Rapture
    "Killing with flange and with tape and with hendrix and Killing with flange and with tape and with help I am the one who cannot ever see cause I am the one who cannot help myself Oh, you're so bored Trying"
  • Killing - New Model Army
    "It was summer when they finally came, the law of forceand line upon line of machine upon machine, back into the greenwood, closer to the heart of things we go - beneath the wires stretched against the"
  • Killing - Dreamaker
    "Two snakes will decide my fate Always near to my chest In the middle of this land In search of a name I'll not be alone I can find her dream If you never lose your hope Leave a chill, fly to fantasy And"
  • Killing - KMFDM
    "Tor! Von Mundwinkel zu Mundwinkel Suss verschmiertes Leben Suss verschmierte Lust Klebrige Last Suss gepfluckte Blumen Voller Neigung zur Gewalt Atme den Geruch Sei gut Sei stark Tor! Du liebst zu geben Was"
  • Killing - Pitchshifter
    "Rikiki pouce pouce Rikiki pouce pouce Tes parents sont gonfls ils t'ont abandonn Dans un supermarch au fond d'un bac surgels Rikiki pouce pouce Rikiki pouce pouce Arrte de pleurer regarde"
  • Killing - Subhumans
    "You-You're driving me insane But you know there's something wrong with my brain My head is really in a whirl You look just like a normal girl (Chorus:) But you don't really care It happens everywhere You"
  • Lewis Bridal Song - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Miscellaneous Lewis Bridal Song The Lewis Bridal Song Chorus: Step a gaily on we go heel for heel and toe for toe, Arm and arm and row on row all for Mary's wedding. Over"
  • Tossin' & Turnin (Lewis) - The Replacements
    "I couldn't get to sleep at all last night I'm justa thinkin of you I knew it wasn't right And I was tossin' & turnin' Turnin' & tossin' Tossin' & turnin' all night I kicked the blankets on the floor Trying"
  • Jerry Lewis Telethon - John Lennon
    "-"John and Yoko, let's hear it! John Lennon, John Lennon, Yoko! Let's hear them, let's get a bow, John Lennon, John, Yoko!" (Audience) John! John! John! John! -"John, Yoko, John, Yoko, John, Yoko, John."
  • World Of Pauline Lewis - Television Personalities
    "Every afternoon in the staff canteen Just another teenage girl with teenage girl dreams In the world of Pauline Lewis Everything is fantasy It's easy to see Spends the night alone in her cold bedroom Seven"
  • I Apologize - Glenn Lewis - Mr. Cheeks
    "Word. Dedicate this to all the ladies from all the guys Na-mean???? You know we go through situations in life yo know Got ya ladies knahmean Some of them we hurt inside you knahmean Some women out there"
  • C.S. Lewis Song - Brooke Fraser
    "If I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy, I can only conclude that I was not made for here If the flesh that I fight is at best only light and momentary,then of course I'll feel nude"
  • Pray Ken Lewis Mix - CeCe Winans
    "I know That you think can't pray After that mistake But I know it's the only way you can make it better And, I know situations get too much for you to take And you feel like you gon break And it makes"

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