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Lian Ross-Lian Ross

  • Lian Ren Wei Man - S.H.E
    "Wei shen me zhi he ni neng liao yi zheng ye Wei shen me cai dao bie jiu you xiang jian mian Zai peng you li mian Jiu shu ni zui te bie Zhong rang wo jue de den qing hen tie Wei shen me ni zai yi shui pei"
  • Bai Se Lian Ge - S.H.E
    "xue bai de jiao yin shi ni zuo ye li qu de hen ji yi zheng ye hua bu qu ta qing qing chu shen shen de lao yin e~~ shi ni na dao chang chang de zu ji shuo ming zhe zheng ge dong tian de tian mi e ni xue"
  • Qian Nian Zhi Lian - F.I.R
    "zhu lin de deng huo dao guo de sha mo jin se de guo du bu duan piao yi feng zhong you yi chong shen mi hui se de xuan wo jiang wo juan ru le mi wu zhong kan bu qing de shuang shou yi duo hua chuan"
  • say you'll never - Lian Ross
    "s a y y o u ' r e n e v e r LIAN ROSS Zaraz wjedzie pociąg,słychać stukot kół, gorzkie łzy z policzków,już spływają mu, to ostatnia chwila,mówię"żegnaj ci" nigdy nigdy nie powrócę tu. "
  • Andrew Ross Andrew Rose - Unknown Artist
    "ANDREW ROSS (ANDREW ROSE) Come all you seamen and give attention And listen for a while to me While I relate of a dreadful murder Which happened on the briny sea Andrew Ross*, an Orkney Sailor Whose sufferings"
  • Thomas Ross Jr - Hogwash
    "This I saw with my own eyes a cliff-swallow made her nest in a hole of the bank but when finished a snake crawled up to the nest whistling to the nest whistling Then the mother swallow with swift flutterings"
  • Fantasy - Lian Ross
    "High up in the skies much miles away lived a very special man. One night in my dreams I heard him say he'll be coming to this land. Distant lover King of Galaxy welcome to my world of fantasy ! Come into"
  • Mars (Ft. Rick Ross) - Jay Sean
    "Come, baby Come and get all my loving Breathe it in with me Let it get to yo head then get to Mars Let it get to yo head then get to Mars I wanna watch you take it in I’m so high I’m wasted, I don’t wanna"
  • Millions (ft. Rick Ross) - Pusha T
    "You know what happens when G.O.O.D. Music and MMG get together right? We get that money Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions,"
  • Forever (feat Rick Ross) - Mario
    "I'm never letting go If you're never letting go I'd lost everything if I lose you baby I'm never letting go If you're never letting go They say nothing's forever But I want you forever baby Forever, I"
  • Hungry (ft. Rick Ross) - Fergie
    "Hungry, hungry Hungry, hungry Hungry, hungry Hungry, hungry to say it’s complicated understatement of the year well maybe, conflict made it the new flavor in your ear they know that I’m a problem that’s"
  • Candy (ft. Rick Ross) - Berner & B-Real
    "I am in a Candy-point Candy whit a Candy rain fatty Lil’ thick bitch Yeah, she think my name Daddy Never use the same days Switch up spots They ouldn’t let me in the door I pick the locks Game over, this"
  • Told Y'All (feat. Rick Ross) - Trina
    "(Trina) let me put my left foot in the game now put my right foot in the game now let me show y'all what I'm workin wit time to slide to the dance floor (Verse 1) hair do nails done thats us new"
  • To Bob Ross With Love - Gym Class Heroes
    "now who you know leave the scene messier than canvas's by Jackson Pollock throwing multicolored thoughts at a rapid pace I make a mess you dissect it and make sense of it then get back to me at your earliest"
  • Believe It (feat. Rick Ross) - Meek Mill
    "All I talk about is money Cause that's all I know I got a a bad bitch in my Chevy Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo I got that Justin Bieber please believe it A quarter million hangin'"
  • Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross) - Usher
    "Usher, baby I hear you, yeah Rock with me Fuck with me Hey girl, I'm debating if I should take you home Should I take you home? I don't mean to keep you waiting But I just gotta know If you're ready She"
  • Accident Murderers (ft. Rick Ross) - Nas
    "Oooo, oooo... You cocked back, you thought you had it planned You thought you had your man He saw you comin’, he ran when you tried to blast that man Missed him by inches, he sprinted Some of his boys"
  • Worry No More (ft. Rick Ross) - Jennifer Lopez
    "Do anything that you can To make me feel so protected I don’t wanna worry no more I’d give anything for you to come and help me perfect it I won’t worry no more I won’t worry no more I won’t worry Wanna"
  • I Got It (ft. Rick Ross) - Ashanti
    "Been intense since it all began Don't ask me about it cause I got it I work hard, yeah, I put work in He shining up and I drive it I ain't saying that I'm bragging, babe I just like to celebrate my accolades Push"
  • New Flame (Feat. Usher & Rick Ross) - Chris Brown
    "There can be one only you And baby, God could never make two And I know you came here with your crew But I promise you that it feels like it's just us two Oh, I don't know what you had planned to do tonight But"

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