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Lian ross young forewer

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Lian ross young forewer
  • Mott The Hoople Rose
    "Rose (Hunter/Watts/Ralphs/Griffin) It ain't so long ago since we were just two kids Remember well memories we all hid But you're much older now, although you still are young I know you well, I'm like"
  • Freya Rosie
    "Rosie died so suddenly So young and so much like me So... where did Rosie go? I did not know Rosie well But she woke me up to smell My own mortality Goddamn this feeling Make it go away, I close my eyes To"
  • Joan Armatrading Rosie
    "He has little red feet His stockin's in his shoes Lipstick and rouge on his face He has his hair piled high Has a red umbrella And carries his head in the sky And I said "Awe Rosie, don't you do that"
  • S.H.E Lian Ren Wei Man
    "Wei shen me zhi he ni neng liao yi zheng ye Wei shen me cai dao bie jiu you xiang jian mian Zai peng you li mian Jiu shu ni zui te bie Zhong rang wo jue de den qing hen tie Wei shen me ni zai yi shui pei"
  • S.H.E Bai Se Lian Ge
    "xue bai de jiao yin shi ni zuo ye li qu de hen ji yi zheng ye hua bu qu ta qing qing chu shen shen de lao yin e~~ shi ni na dao chang chang de zu ji shuo ming zhe zheng ge dong tian de tian mi e ni xue"
  • F.I.R Qian Nian Zhi Lian
    "zhu lin de deng huo dao guo de sha mo jin se de guo du bu duan piao yi feng zhong you yi chong shen mi hui se de xuan wo jiang wo juan ru le mi wu zhong kan bu qing de shuang shou yi duo hua chuan"
  • CJ Stone Stay 4ever Young (feat. Jonny Rose)
    "We fall asleep in the morning or waking up at night I'll find a place where we can go, and learn to stop the time. We're off to ride, the distant waves our parents tell us we're crazy we're running blind"
  • Lian Ross say you'll never
    "s a y y o u ' r e n e v e r LIAN ROSS Zaraz wjedzie pociąg,słychać stukot kół, gorzkie łzy z policzków,już spływają mu, to ostatnia chwila,mówię"żegnaj ci" nigdy nigdy nie powrócę tu. "
  • Diana Ross Forever Young
    "(B. Dylan) May God bless And keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others And let others do for you May you build a ladder to the stars And climb every road And may you"
  • Everclear Eleanor Young
    "Eleanor young, eleanor child Standing on a lonely hilltop in the appalachian wild Eleanor sing, eleanor scream Shout loud for your own green world Doors don't open for the country girl Oh, they lied to"
  • Colorfinger Eleanor Young
    "Eleanor Young, Eleanor child Standing on a lonely hilltop in the Appalachian wild Eleanor sing, Eleanor scream Shout loud for your own green world doors don't open for the country girl Oh, they lied"
  • Meek Mill Believe It (feat. Rick Ross)
    "All I talk about is money Cause that's all I know I got a a bad bitch in my Chevy Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo I got that Justin Bieber please believe it A quarter million hangin'"
  • KeKe Wyatt Ghetto Rose
    "Addlibing (hmm, hmm, hmm, yeah)*2 Young men please be careful with, the young ladies. Dont do the things, you know that guys do. Cos' shes growing up and showing it, you know she believes. So dont"
  • Motorhead English Rose
    "I been waiting for you for hours babe, And you still ain't here, Waiting, waiting, hanging on the phone, It feels like a hundred years. You always keep me hanging on, Driving me crazy all the time, But"
  • Kristy Lee Cook Rebel Rose
    "She was born in a cotton town Daddy brought her up to settle down To make him proud through high school Very young with a bunch of kids Like her ma and her grandma did After all, that's what you do So,"
  • Red Sovine Little Rosa
    "(Little Rosa was her name and still I cry in vain My world won't be the same since she's gone from me) I have gone to visit the grave of a friend of mine and as I walked thru the grave yard I noticed"
  • Marc Almond Melancholy Rose
    "Remember when we were back in school Two young kids with wild ideas Years gone by we sweated and saved For a cupboard with a view Now too old for work they say What's the point in biding time Living out"
  • Diana Ross The young folks
    "Here they come lookin' so alive They're here for business but it's all none of your jive Brighter tomorrows are in their eyes You better make way for the young folks Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah They say yes,"
  • C-Murder Young Ghetto Boy
    "The system got niggas missin', they ain't never comin' home I can't live like this I gotta get from back here I can't get a good lawyer I can't eat right, it's R.I.P. either way Rest In Peace or Rest In"
  • Coronatus My Rose Desire
    "Blue young lady came across The fire of my burning heart Tombs of a candy rose, that young heart Cold desire, fading with her last breath Fading with her last breath, my rose Desire, my rose desire My"

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