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Life Vest Inside -

  • Life Vest Under Your Seat - Pedro Guerra
    "Life vest under your seat chaleco salvavidas bajo tu asiento life vest under your seat. Tienes 35, aparentas 16, no tomas decisions, dejaste de crecer. Vives con tus padres, no pagas alquiler, la ropa"
  • More life in a tramps vest - Stereophonics
    "I get camping eys in the final hour last minute shoppers picking cauliflower the fuss they make you'd swear they were buying a car always moan moan it's not so cheap cheaper still cheaper still down the"
  • Inside Life - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick/M. Stuart) Use your imagination To recreate the heart of our creation? Explore the force within you On a journey to forever Take a trip to your mind The secrets you'll find Chorus: I hear"
  • Inside - Berenice
    "I'm alone inside 'cause my mama's died (repeat x2) I'm alone inside 'cause my mama's died I'm alone inside 'cause my mom is dead I'm alone inside You were the sunlight Shining on my way Life was only"
  • Inside - Edguy
    "We're the little creatures Deep inside your mind Some call us their fantasy But some do never find We can teach philosophy But still we must commend... The state of our existence Right into your hand Welcome"
  • Inside - Tobias Sammet's Avantasia
    "Inside (Elderane:) We're the little creatures deep inside your mind (Regrin) Some call us their fantasy but some do never find (Elderane) We can teach philosophy but still we must commend... (Regin) ...The"
  • Inside - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "Free my heart to feel again Free my mind to understand To run unfettered Pull the blinders from my eyes Let me see these endless skies And drown here where I stand In the beauty of the land And all my"
  • Inside - Jasmine Guy
    "A feeling inside i can't stopthe pain the stress the angeris all in my life i've lost the plotsomeday sometimei'll get enough strengthsometime i wannachance to earn your trust( wanna chance to earn your"
  • Inside - Avantasia
    "We're the little creatures deep inside your mind. Some call us their fantasy but some do never find. We can teach philosophy but still we must commend... ...the state of our existence right into"
  • Inside - Little Texas
    "(Porter Howell/Brady Seals/Ralph Murray) (Track 7 - Time 3:25) Down a winding gravel road There's an old country church A stranger who just passes by Will never know it's worth But you can walk in any"
  • Inside - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "I missed what she said Did I hear her wrong? I can't seem to have Anything last that long Or am I a jerk? With no sense of what Makes them warm up? My life boils down to what I am Living my life for what"
  • Inside - Unkle
    "The only thing that burns in Hell Is the part of you that won't let go of your life Your memories, your attachments They burn them all away But they're not punishing you, he said They're freeing your soul,"
  • Inside - All Saints
    "Written by Blatt/Gordon/Lewis Clap your hands if I say you what Clap your hands if I say you jump Clap your hands if I say you what Clap your hands if I say you jump Clap your hands if I say you what Clap"
  • Inside - Jethro Tull
    "All the places I've been make it hard to begin to enjoy life again on the inside, but I mean to. Take a walk around the block and be glad that I've got me some time to be in from the outside, and inside"
  • Inside - Glenn Hughes
    "I don't wanna keep yaBut I just wanna sayI paint the Mona LisaI'm gonna break awayI gotta keep my life a simple thingI feel insideI just wanna live this wayI feel insideI just wanna live todayWhy did I"
  • Inside - Orphanage
    "Call out my name. Your sadness is my sorrow. Make up your mind and the feeling stays inside. No time for pain. No Time to thinks things over. Find out what's real in your secret world This is what"
  • Inside Inside - I Hate Kate
    "Pretend I'm not alive Pretend to fall in line Pretend that you are not pretending Detached from comprehending As you sleep alone As you sleep alone tonight I feel the urgency I feel you next to me I feel"
  • Life Inside You - Matthew West
    "I know a girl who's growing up too fast, She's stuck between her future and her past, 'Cause she's just a baby, but the doctors say, she's got a baby on the way! And now the devastation makes her start"
  • Peter Vest - Vroom
    "He wakes up in the middle of the night Reach the phone and tells me something isn't right I answer and I tell him I have no idea It wasn't me I never left your sight. I swear that I have been wrongfully"
  • Life On The Inside - Susanna Hoffs
    "I am a ghost in this world I am a see-through girl Invisible to those around me Blind to all I see Life on the inside I know it well Life on the inside Safe in any hell The space between me and you It's"

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