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Life do you a

  • Do I Remember A Life? - Michael Kiske
    "I once was a blue eyed I once dreamed I was free I once dived in a life spending sea And heard the voice of the priest I once heard the angels Singing the song of the cross There was no fear, no doubts"
  • Life - Golden Life
    "Have you had enough of changeshave you had enough of changinglike a bird you have flownthrough the shadows of yours forsaken hopesyou broke tree come to me tryingthrough the mansionof the watch me nowsyou"
  • Life - Nelson
    "Life Will go on without me Take it and you'll see it doesn't matter Life I know what your game is You take it and trade it for another Life Before you're over I want something to show for all my trouble Time"
  • Life - Ricky Nelson
    "Life, go on without me Take it and you'll see It doesn't matter Life, I know what your game is You take it and trade it For another Life, before you're over I want something to show for All my trouble Time,"
  • Life - Love Like Blood
    "so, this was your life ? let's think about it, let's take a look back, before you die ! what do you think ? too less, too much ? was it all right ? was it enough? too lucky, too depressed ? too quiet,"
  • Life - Audio Adrenaline
    "(Baby crying) (Chorus) Life, too much to do and too much strife Life, your girlfriend left ya and it cuts like a knife Life, seventy years of a nagging wife Life, you look in the mirror and it's"
  • Life - The Kelly Family
    "Singing life Is like walking on the road You can fall, you can grow Oh oh oh Well now I ask him what to do He just stood up on me I just stood up, walked the rest today Singing life... (2x) Oh mother"
  • Life - Marlena Shaw
    "Je rve de vie de boss, o pas de bus Rien que dans la caisse, des basses Que lon puisse tous, fuir la poisse Quand elle passe, a pse lourd, Trop de pisse, sur les murs plein de crasse, Une odeur de mort"
  • Life - Starlight Dragons
    "(Chorus) I want my life to change But I can't arrange Life Why do we live? What's the meaning of life? And what are you willing to die for? Questions But I can't find tha answers I want my life"
  • Life - Eowyn
    "Ignore the lies And words that seep in Don't let this life slip Past your grip again So little time So much to breathe in There's much to lose But so much more to gain CHORUS When you take a look"
  • Life - Sly & The Family Stone
    "All: Life, Life Past the clouds You don't have to come down Life, Life Tell it like it is You don't have to die before"
  • Life - Jamelia
    "Baby I found your letter today Oh it was so beautiful Declaring your undying love So poetically But it wasnt written for me So I guess I wasnt supposed to see Although last night you were loving me Wanting"
  • Life - Kingspade
    "Life "Think about it" Everybody has troubles And everybody's troubles are different than others Life's a constant struggle But keep your head high and it'll be alright Life Everybody has troubles And everybody's"
  • Life - Royce Da 5'9
    "(Royce talking) Come here Royce (Royce talking over chorus) Come over here, sit down, let me talk to you Right here, over here Sit on daddy's lap I want to tell you something (Chorus: Amerie) (Royce) Life"
  • Life - The Music
    "Waking up on a misty morning All I wanna do is get high Waking up on a misty morning All I wanna do is get high Welcome to the stage This is the sign that makes you want to go on Welcome to the stage This"
  • Life - Luciano
    "I can't believe that it's true what man is planning to do yeah trying to control the world bit in the end they lose their soul mankind is obsessed with misconceptions still trying to find paradise in their"
  • Life - Alvin Grisham
    "x2 This is the real life This ain't no joke people stay on the streetz cause they can't afford Homes they don't have the money they can't get the honey to get what they want that is just not funny. Verse1 Walkin"
  • Life - Nasty Boy Klick
    "*(Chorus)* Sumtime life pulls us down Help yo peeps when their down And if tha system holds you back Just keep on kickin and don't look back I had a brotha who was in tha thang He made his money with"
  • Life - Z-RO
    "I'm sick of being lied to, giving it my all, you know I tried to Maintain in the family is a must, I would of died to Do anything for my peeps But it seems they would rather see me sleep six feet deep But"
  • Life - Big Ed
    "You know what? This ghetto got me so crazy My life, it almost feel like I'm a phone call or ring away from death Ain't this f**ked up Big ed, tell a story of the streets My nigga jay got his ass snatched,"

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