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Light of rome in dragon blade

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Light of rome in dragon blade

  • Blade - Imperanon
    "From the flames of a burned down heart, Ripped off and torn apart,Life to ashes and life to death,I twist the blade and take your breathIn the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,Cruellest"
  • Blade - KRS-One
    "Only a few... will understand and appreciate what's about to happen Das EFX come in!!! Verse One: Das EFX Well it's the super duper rhymer rhymer I'm about to set it Niggaz best forget it let it be"
  • Rome - Novalis Deux
    "It's an honour and wonderful to live Don't praise this Breath the air, it's sick Don't praise this This is the end Glory, power, eternity, Rome No mistake This empire can't exist Breath the air, it's"
  • Rome - Novastar
    "Of all the faces that I've seen there isn't one that stays with me we may be dead but you're not gone forever here inside of me don't get me wrong I feel so free I feel so free in here of all the places"
  • Building Rome - Mercury Rising
    "Broken dreams and wasted time stain yesterday From the aftermath we climb We found a way to beat the odds turn darkness into light ascending from the fire again . From winds of change and sacrifice"
  • When In Rome - Phil Ochs
    "A In the fire blue forests, faded and forgotten I crawled through the cotton fields, picking for cotton D The overseer sneered, his whipping was rotten A With ecstasy. F#m Im child-like terror"
  • Blade - Frameshift
    "For heritage love and pride And for this land I'll give my life Guard against the raping flag Here's a blade now you're a man From horse to flaming arrow You may take a mortal blow They will underestimate"
  • Rome Munich Rome - Robbie Williams
    "Rome Munich Rome All the women and the money I've blown Rome Munich Rome There's still a shitload of seeds to be sown And I've been stunned I plan to have it all while I'm still young And I know you're"
  • Dragon - Tori Amos
    "Don't tell me A woman did this to you Candy lies Candy lies Candy lies You touched my hand I felt a force You called it dark but now I'm not so sure Just stay awhile Stay awhile Stay awhile Why don't"
  • Dragon - Pete Townshend
    "As I walk out on the street, the lamps are shining bright, and the rain begins to fall; gonna be another wet night. And I stand with my back to the wall, waiting for your call, then I'll know you love"
  • Dragon - Ghinzu
    "I remember the envelope and the trace of itself destruction Secret orders in human blood letters gone in smoke I was given a porno kamikaze ninja mission Locate, dislocate, ladies and gentlemen the Ghinzu"
  • Dragon - Killer Mike
    "*heart beats* *woman sings in background as the Intro begins* (Intro) Ryan pump blast shattered glass in the classroom Penny tried to hide in a bathroom, Homicide scream from the hand held dragon Mental"
  • As Rome Burns - Primordial
    "We are falling over the ends of the earth So gather your children before you And tell them that these are final days of all Preach to the paupers And sing to the slaves I see youve chosen to loose your"
  • The Glory Of Rome - Avantasia
    "(Falk:) Jesus Christ I'm coming - terrestrial home. I'm allowed to guide their train to visit you in Rome. I am sick of preachers telling to be plain while you got it nice in here. They'd better feel ashamed. (Johann"
  • Dragon Slayer - Pegazus
    "Wielding a sword forged in fire and brimstone Wearing an armor and shield of steel Possessed the heart of a giant A mortal man stands alone and stands fall With no magic or powers to aid him Only with"
  • Dragon Hammer - Dragonhammer
    "Fire and darkness are in my veins The blood of the warriors killed by flames My sword of hope is inside my heart I feel the spirit of the storm I am immortal, the witness of death I've seen the sun rising"
  • Snap Dragon - Stephen Covell
    "Today I stopped thinking Now it's your picture that I'm drinking in And it's so nice to know that no matter the road I'm on Oh, I can still pretend you are dreamin' of me You looked happy when you"
  • Dragon Lords - Wizard
    "Blackeyed giants with a skin of leather With wings of steel and crawls of stone Mighty black kinks high in the sky they fly They have no weapons to win the fight They're spitting fire burning so hot Like"
  • Dragon star - Manilla Road
    "Night sky turned into fire Like Saxon funeral pyres Melting away the ice With heat from solar light To William and his horde This omen was The Word Victorius he would be Against all Saxony Through solar"
  • The Dragon - Gowan
    "(Lawrence Gowan/Eddie Schwartz) Just a little problem, out of hand The consequence of supply and demand Violate the laws of nature End up with this awesome creature Another mouth to feed that no one planned Evil"

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