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Lighthouse hd

  • HD fotoplastikon - TEDE
    "Tak było, wróćmy do czasów retrodo czasów zanim ruszyło metrodo czasów, w których nie każdy wierzyłże polscy raperzy te szlaki przetrąto my dzieciaki, to nasza przeszłośćnikt nie rozważał, że to dzisiaj"
  • Lighthouse - Nicky Romero
    "First light breaks the morning sky Chasing the sunrise We’ll fly across the horizon Stay awake We drifted out to nowhere Set out with hopes and dreams And if you’re lost in darkness Come to me"
  • Lighthouse - The Waifs
    "Lighthouse tall and grand Standing on that cold headland Shine your light across the sea For a wayward sailor girl like me Lighthouse man Guide this sailor back to land Steer my ship on through the storm Back"
  • Lighthouse - Patrick Watson
    "Leave a lighthouse in the wild, Cause I'm coming in A little blind Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods Shining a little light to bring us back home When to find you in the backyard, Hiding behind all,"
  • Lighthouse - New Direction
    "Let the light from the lighthouse, let it shine on me. I wonder if the light from the lighthouse would shine, would shine on me. Here is my thought, this is my plea Lord, let Your holy light"
  • Lighthouse - Audio Adrenaline
    "Bouncing like a buoy Drifting on the water Singletary solitude Man begins to holler He says "man overboard." I jump the ship On a trip Was a world-wide cruise Traded riches for some fishes I got nothing"
  • Lighthouse - G.R.L.
    "When it gets real Just know that I'll be there I got your back, like it's just you and me here I'll go to war for you, let them bring it I'll take on the world for you, better believe it So if you need"
  • Lighthouse - Hope
    "I wanna sing, While the ocean sleeps I wanna feel, what its like to be free I wanna see, what you see in me I wanna know, how it feels to believe Cus I feel lost, somehow Im drifting away Was almost gone,"
  • Lighthouse - The Hush Sound
    "Take what you need while there's time The city will be earth in a short while If I'm not mistaken it's been in flames You and I will escape to the seaside There is a storm in the distance The wind breathing"
  • Lighthouse - Bobina
    "So this is all What it's coming to No distance, close To what I say and do Promises I am keeping Affairs of the heart I am feeling How can it be? You're the one that was meant for me Little by little I"
  • Lighthouse - James Taylor
    "Off the coast of Africa, bound for South America, a world away from here is a ship that sails the sea, is a man who's just like me and I wish that I was there. I'm a lonely lighthouse, not a ship out"
  • Lighthouse - Interpol
    "It's the place that's said to breakIt's just as safe from the outside tonightAnd I warned themI face the storms at the tidesFrom the lighthouseAnd I warned themUnleash the storm and the nightOh...What"
  • Lighthouse - Mandy Moore
    "Let the light, from the light house, let it shine on me! I wonder, I wonder, if the light, from the lighthouse, would shine on me!! Here is my thought, this is my plea! Lord let your holy light, shine"
  • Lighthouse - David Fly
    "1. Maybe you are alone or homeless Maybe you feel abounded by your friends Maybe you gave up hope, and now u cry Maybe you live your life without love ref: I'll be your torch in the darkness I'll be"
  • Lighthouse - Live
    "The lighthouse lost its light on her a long time ago She got so used to it, this long and winding road I'll never ever let you go, oh I can't believe she whispered to me I don't wanna breathe Oh no"
  • Lighthouse - Bars And Melody
    "hold the memories inside my heart and dream we won’t have to be apart and when the storm comes should we just run? without you I wouldn’t have anyone on my dark days, when I lay there I whist ht we could"
  • Lighthouse - Newsboys
    "Okay now, here we go. Well I was walkin' down the street just the other day, Mindin' my own business I say. I saw a bloke standing on the side of the street And waving his Bible and being everything but"
  • Lighthouse - No-Man
    "I never meant this, I never meant anything like this. and that's the story, I never met anyone like you. come to me and make it special. come to me and make it real. come to me and make it special. come"
  • Lighthouse - July For Kings
    "It got a lot darker here than I thought it would when I disappeared it's funny how a couple of days can make you so afraid you float away you're reaching your hand up now but I can't stand myself or"
  • Pociski (DIIL.TV HD) - Centrum Strona
    "Chuj! Wbijam w ustawiane wygrane, W telewizje, Internet, radio i abonament Sram! Na wiarę i sztamę z Watykanem Zawału dostał proboszcz razem z kapelanem Nie zjadam problemów dawanych przez seriale Nie"

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