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Lighty row

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Lighty row

  • Row - Rheostatics
    "Tim Vesely All the clouds get together and watch. All the trees gather around us And grow up together and watch. A stream, a succession, a parade Of fists before teeth, Before eyes and ideas are made. ..."
  • Row, row, row your boat - Tweenies
    "Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream Dance, dance, dance your dolly Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but"
  • Row, boys row - Richard Thompson
    "Feel that sting across your back and Row, Boys, Row Dont wait for the whip to crack and Row, Boys, Row Is it wise to be moaning when the Captain comes? Tip your hat and get grinning though youre worn to"
  • Row Jimmy - The Grateful Dead
    "Julie catch a rabbit by his hair Come back step, like to walk on air Get back home where you belong and don't you run off no more Don't hang your head let the two-time roll Grass shack nailed to a pine"
  • Row Jimmy - Grateful Dead
    "Julie catch a rabbit by his hairCome back steppin' like to walk on airGet back home where you belongAnd don't you run off no more.Don't hang your head, let the two time rollGrass shack nailed to a pine"
  • Death Row - Accept
    "I'm dead meat - you took away my rights To be a part of your society A life-time in prison wouldn't justify You wanna blow away a sucker - so I have to die I'm still waiting for the final call I wanna"
  • Saints Row - David Banner
    "Yeah(Yo)Yeah(Yo)Yeah(Yo)Yeah If U Sick Of Being Sick And U Tired Of Bein' Broke Yo Get Yo Guns And Yo Eyes To Saints Row Saints Row (Bitch) Saints Row(Bitch)Or We Gonna Put Yo Leg On The Floor(Bitch)I"
  • Death row - Jag Panzer
    "So you think you got it made Standing so close to the stage Hear the sound like a battering ram But what you don't know Is Jag Panzer's got control And the power is all in our hands Yes, as decibels raise"
  • Hungry Row - Freddie Hart
    "Walking in my shabby coat and boy it sure is cold Trying to get a hang-out here on Hungry Row I'll wash your dishes I'll chop your wood For bite I'll scrub your clothes Cause beggars can't be choosers"
  • Death row - Judas Priest
    "Let me out Sorry son Commit a crime - pay the price Death row - What's that - 'No stay?' Oh! Ok I'll tell him Dead man walking We've all been detained For the crimes we've committed They stayed execution"
  • Glory row - Jethro Tull
    "Rise up all you fine young ladies and take arms for the show. Oh, we'll put your name up in lights, put you down on Glory Row. Would you be the star of ages to light your own way at night? Might be a former"
  • Steamboat Row - Gerry Rafferty
    "My daddy was a miner, said there was nothing finer Than an Irish man who worked an honest day From Steamboat Row, in rain or shine, he'd make his way down to the mine Along the dusty road he'd travel Fifteen"
  • Skid Row - Merle Haggard
    "Well not long ago I was a happy man Money in my pockets with the rings on my hands My money's all Gone and I'm feelin' low Standin' on the corner of Skid Row My girl friend left me she don't want me no"
  • Front Row - Metric
    "I'm in the front row with a bottle Don't know what I can't decide I'm in the front row, I'm a model Don't know what I can't describe Burned out stars they shine so bright All of us, burned out stars they"
  • Hard Row - The Black Keys
    "If you wanna go, And leave your man, Go on, I'll understand, But then the night gets dark, All is still, You'll pray for me, I know you will, Hard row to hoe all by yourself, When you hit the city, It"
  • Neon Row - George Strait
    "You've been out again tonight With the girls out on the town But in those magic neon lights I know exactly what you found What about your home? And the man who loves you so Is it worth the thrill you feel Down"
  • Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance
    "They're selling postcards of the hangin Well they're painting the passports brown The beauty parlor is filled with sailors The circus is in town And here comes the blind commissioner Well they've got him"
  • Steamboat Row - Stealers Wheel
    "(Rafferty) My daddy was a miner, said there was nothing finer Than an Irishman who worked an honest day. From Steamboat Row, in rain or shine, he'd make his way down to the mine, Along the dusty road"
  • Alvin Row - Animal Collective
    "Baby love me now that you are born Oh! A Baby! Baby in your cradle look at me Baby speak in rhythms now you're free Ride your german shepherd 'till you find Baby think the TV is alive Baby spend the night"
  • Skid Row - Herman Brood
    "The swiftest fingers play for money the best are tangled up in minds The sweetest sisters come down to connin they buy no truth of any kind Senile mothers woo their spittin' sons hunky husbands sell their"

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