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Ligt city

  • D?ligt Hum - Sofijah
    "Som en liten jvla rtta, springer runt som ingenting Frstr mig inte p dig om du tror att du r king Vad fan gr du hr och vad fan vill du mig, Hey vill du inte nt s lmna mig ifred okej? ker p din moppe och"
  • Lord I Ligt Your Name On High - Petra
    "Lord I lift your name on high Lord I love to sing your praises I'm so glad you're in my life I'm so glad you came to save us You came from heaven to earth to show the way From the earth to the cross My"
  • City - Jane's Addiction
    "In the city there is something to see In the city there is nothing to breathe I'm goin' 'bout my business I'm wondering what I'm missing And on my way home, I hid in my coat Wrote my name on the city"
  • City - Primal Scream
    "Everyone I see's Diseased or broken Holes in their arms They got cocaine eyes Self mutilation Is self surveillance Wanna get to heaven You gotta die Here she comes Here she comes She's crawled out of"
  • City - Mario feat Akon
    "tell me have u ever seen the colour of love its the kinda colour everyone must trust lemme show you where my love comes from if u never been there imma take u there oh na na na na na (x4) tell me have"
  • City - Hollywood Undead
    "Let's watch it burn .. Let's watch it burn . Let's watch this city burn the world. Chorus: Let's watch this city burn, from the sky lines on top of the world, Till there's nothing left in her, Let's watch"
  • City - Velvet Belly
    "He went outside to feel the rain To listen to the murmuring of the city To come to life again He had been dreaming all day Staring at the ceiling All day He had been searching for memories Trying to"
  • City - Antigama
    "Day After Day Way Of A Struggle Commercial Dishonor Day After Day Crawling And Bleeding Disorientation Madness Stay Conscious, Slave This Product Is Right For You Brand New, Fresh Clean Lay Down And Trust"
  • City - Mario
    "Tell me have u ever seen the colour of loveIt's the kinda colour everyone must trustLemme show you where my love comes fromIf u never been there I'm a take u thereOh na na na na na Tell me have u ever"
  • City - Sara Bareilles
    "There's a harvest each saturday night At the bars filled with perfume and hitching a ride A place you can stand for one night and get gone It's clear this conversation ain't' doing a thing Cause these"
  • City - Ryan Montbleau
    "I'm giving up the cigarettes I'm tired of the drinking Think I'll learn a second language Got some friends are Puerto Rican Speaking of my friends I know they don' always keep me in line But I swear they're"
  • City - Church
    "There, smoke turns into serpents in the airBeware, there's no sanctu'ry anywhereOn this very spot, a great city once stoodIt oozed with evil but it felt so goodWell I don't knowWhere did it go?And here,"
  • City - The Church
    "There, smoke turns into serpents in the air Beware, there's no sanctuary anywhere On this very spot, a great city once stood It oozed with evil but it felt so good Well I don't know Where did it go? And"
  • City - JJ72
    "When I ramble down In my paltry crown I hear that things will change But nothing will change And you tumble down In your tattered gown They say things will change But nothing will change Through the"
  • City - Wenlock
    "Do you believe, this wild stare You're a man of joy and contour Be part a friend But you can louse out With bad in your eyes We wait for one day your nair You better to try transpillear I say as twenty"
  • City - Radiopuhelimet
    "tm kaupunki on keskell kaikkeuden ytimess tll linjat kohtaavat kaikki ovat poissa muualta liikenne halkoo ilmaa piiput puhaltavat tulta voimme korkeilla katoilla huolettomina makoilla sulan metallin hohteessa paistatella"
  • City - Natalie Imbruglia
    "Had a dreamHad a drowning dream I was in a river of painOnly difference this timeI wasn't calling out your name yeah!Has it ended before it's begunYou hold onAnd I try to run butAnybody heading in my directionAway"
  • City - Get Bent
    "The city's such a crowded place. It forces us to look at the way we look at ourselves, because who I see in the mirror, and the picture I have in my mind, isn't always the same thing reflected in stranger's"
  • New York City - Owl City
    "I’m digging through the glovebox I thought I had a map in here the driver’s dootr doesn’t lock I bought the car my junior year there’s candy in my backpack and you can pick our soundtrack we’re heading"
  • City To City - Ratt
    "Street fights all the time I take a chance into the night I've got to hear the thunder Night life dies hard Keeps me on my guard It's like a spell I'm under Cause I'm runnin' city to city And all points"

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