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Like a dream to the end

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Like a dream to the end

  • End Dream - Blaze Bayley
    "Just like a child in the dark Frightened and too scared to move Annihilation of nations begins The galaxy tears apart in my dreams If I knew then, what I know now Would I have opened those doors?"
  • End Dream - Blaze
    "Just like a child in the dark Frightened and too scared to move Annihilation of nations begins The galaxy tears apart in my dreams If I knew then, what I know now Would I have opened those doors? Dreams"
  • Like A Dream - Biz Markie
    "It's my country, you can say what you, wanna say about me But at the end of the day I'll be countin my mo-ney It's like a dream - yeah, it's like a dream - yeah cause at the end of the day I'll be countin"
  • End Of The Dream - Evanescence
    "I found a grave Brushed off the face Felt your light And I remember why I know this place I found a bird Closing her eyes One last time And I wonder if she dreamed like me As much as it hurts, Ain’t"
  • Like A Dream - Rosey
    "like a dream is how you came to me you were my angel and I was the demon seed like a dream, just like it always is when you believe in things they come into being like a dream, waking up next to me like"
  • Prelude To A Dream - A Skylit Drive
    "I felt alive Take me from the city. Stand up this is a fucking ovation. Stand up! Stand up! All together we scream I thought this was all a part of the plan In the end we walk out (walk out) Walk with"
  • Like A Dream - Chrisette Michele
    "I seen his ? at the cloud Looking it's to fly His sticks was pounding on the drums When I caught his eye You know, my gosh, he looked at me And he smiled at me And he played to me And I imagined that"
  • Like A Dream - Mabel
    "Honey, be the reason of my life baby, kiss me for the rest of time runnin', fallin' into the empty space I'm searchin' for your smile tryin' to take a sign Cause I'll be dancin', singin' with you on my"
  • Like A Dream - Alastis
    "Compare my life to your dreams Imagine you guide the evens Nothing around disturbs your faith You know what you want, followed the signs Faces, moves, rumours I know my friends and recognize our fellows... Trusting"
  • Like A Dream - After Edmund
    "Sometimes the silence speaks When I don't have the words Whispering the wonder of Your love And in my ear a melody More beautiful than words And I can hear the promise of Your love Like a dream coming"
  • Dream - Dizzee Rascal
    "I used to dream about crazy little things like fame in the days hangin out-side the off licence we used to run around the streets reckless with no shame mainly upto no good a whole world of nonsence and"
  • To The End - Nightingale
    "I haven't been here in a long long time It feels so good to be home Sitting right here light a fire inside It's so hard to explain And as the real world disappear Awaken my memories Oh, it's all coming"
  • A Dream - Funker Vogt
    "It all started with a dream Two months like eternity And in spite of all the problems It was the best time of my life We had promised ourselves That trust and friendship last forever But these two tiny"
  • Dream - The Church
    "Washed into a sentimental gloom Loneliness about the Battle-clad Byzantium commands And these dark cards look nothing like my hand Lightning strikes a second time Songbird knows just when to die Emperor"
  • A dream like mine - Bruce Cockburn
    "(CHORUS:) When you've got a dream like mine Nobody can take you down When you've got a dream like mine Nobody can push you around Today I dream of how it used to be Things were different before The picture"
  • End - Bride
    "The sun shined through poking holes in the sky Like cigarette burns on the bedsheet Sound the horn step down with a shout The earth and the sun are gonna burn out Til the end Til the end of the world"
  • Dream Like a Child - Sunrise Avenue
    "You Nearly third of my height You smile and make all wrong right You believe the worlds right here Try To hear the big ones whisper They try to make you smarter But you pretend you just dont hear Please"
  • End - Simple Plan
    "I've been trying to tell you something But you never understand I feel like we've been going 'round in circles You look at me like I've become A stranger on the streets, A skeleton that's been hiding"
  • End - Korn
    "(Mike) Hi thereaah...is it okay if I come over and look at your exhaust manifold on yourdodge dart I got a piece of missing somewhere on mine and I'm not sure whatit is I want to see what you got on yours...Throttle"
  • Dream a dream - Captain Jack
    "Dream a dream, lover, take me in your dreamTake me anywhere you please, boy, you're making me screamDream a dream, lover, love is just a dreamIf you wanna set me free, boy, you're making me screamOoh la"

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