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Like a magness but

  • Magness - FarbenLehre
    "Biegasz do pracy, biegniesz jak szalonyPodobnie codziennie tłum ludzi nieznanychJedno jest pewne - pracować musiszMyśli swobodne lepiej w sobie zagłuszyćJuż tak musi być, byś pracował jak automatMyślał"
  • But none like you - Frank Sinatra
    "The world is full of people, but none like you, They're ordinary people, but none like you. How far away is yesterday before you came along. It seemed to be just a dream to me, until you proved here on."
  • But Anyway - Blues Traveler
    "I lied and told her I loved her, She didn't care, but anyway I told her we'd still be friends, And she didn't care, but anyway I tried last week for to call her, She wasn't home, but anyway I think I'll"
  • But but but - Slayers
    "ne, ima made kimi no ita bashou wa donna fuu ni suteki datta no un, sou da ne. kimi no koto dakara seiippai kenage ni ikite kitan darou atarashii sekai sorosoro ikaga desu? boku to isshou ni te to te tsunaide saa"
  • Nothin' But A Kiss - April Wine
    "April Wine Frigate Nothin' But A Kiss (myles goodwyn) Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap You've been part of my life since you was 15 We've been playin' this game forever it seems We don't"
  • Nothing But A Child - Counting Crows
    "Nothing but a Child Glass upon me walking on the ocean Sun upon me walking on a wave You can slide like the lord above.. You're a beam of teaming motion But for everyone you do, There's always one"
  • Nothin' But A Woman - Robert Cray
    "You can give me an hour alone in a bank Pay all my tickets, wipe the slate blank You could buy me a car, fill up the tank Tell me a boat full of lawyers just sank But it ain't nothin' but a woman Nothin'"
  • Nobody But A Fool - Dean Martin
    "Nobody but a fool would love you after the way you've done me. Broke every wow you made me broke every rule. Who'd lie awake all night crying till you were out of sight. Loving you with all of his might"
  • Nothing But A Number - Pretty Ricky
    "Yeah this ya boy pleasure.. the fine pleasure... to all the ladies who like pleasure.... age aint nuthin but a numba... pretty ricky and the mavericks... (It aint nothing but a (lets go) number) It aint"
  • Nothin' But A Fool - Natalie Cole
    "By B. Amesbury So what do you think Maybe he'll buy you a drink And run his fingers through your hair Apologize for having to stare But he's never seen such a face What's it doing in such a place Says"
  • Nobody But A Fool - Chely Wright
    "Chely Wright Woman In The Moon Nobody But A Fool (bill anderson) Nobody but a fool would love you After the way you've done me Broke every vow you made me, broke every rule Who'd lie awake all night,"
  • Nothin' But A Heartache - The Doobie Brothers
    "Michael McDonald So you tell him to say no more You don't want to know why or where Where he's been all these lonely nights You know what's wrong and don't care what's right As long as he comes back"
  • Nothin' but a heartache - Doobie Brothers
    "So you tell him to say no moreYou dont want to know why or whereWhere hes been all these lonely nightsYou know whats wrong and dont care whats rightAs long as he comes back to youSomeone to love him all"
  • Nothing But A Breeze - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Jesse Winchester) Life is much too short for some folks For other folks it just drags on Some folks like the taste of smokey whiskey Others figure tea is too strong I'm the type of guy who likes it"
  • Nothin' but a breeze - Jimmy Buffett
    "Life is just to short for some folksFor other folks, it just drags onSome folks like the taste of smokey whiskeyOthers figure tea's too strongI'm the type of guy who like's it right down the middleI don't"
  • But Me A Pony - Spiderbait
    "dont you want to be a personality an ocean in the sea but youll never make it if you cant shake it so dont mistake it just try and fake it and i want you to know you dont have far to go so we'll use"
  • Nothin' But A Bitch - Insane Clown Posse
    "Straight out of Warren, bitch you a joke Sucking so much dick your fucking lips smoke With your silly ass pretty boy rap Be muggin and thuggin sittin on Dre's lap. Pull a gat on my thug, no bullets"
  • Nothing But A Child - 54 Seconds
    "I didn't need your money, Still you laid it down. Sure enough, I gave it all up, And you, you pushed me away Tried to be just like you, Leave it all behind Nothing would have changed my world And you,"
  • Nothin' but a bitch - ICP
    "Straight out of warren, bitch you a jokeSucking so much dick your fucking lips smokeWith your silly ass pretty boy rapBe muggin and thuggin sittin on dres lap. Pull a gat on my thug, no bullets or nothing,You"
  • Nothing But A Ghost - Four Letter Lie
    "I can't imagine what you're going through But I can have my ideas The breath escapes me Were gonna take this all night My words fall so short I'm not gonna take this You don't have it in you Go on, go"

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