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Like a mirror

  • Mirror - Claire Voyant
    "In between the truth And what I see or what I feel or what I've become Is still an aching need And I'm hardly even alive I'm feeling like a murderous vine You are my mirror And I'm on my knees pleading You"
  • Mirror - Ne-Yo
    "I must be honest with you babe (just gotta be honest babe) I love to watch the faces that you make (when we make love ooo wee) But when I'm behind you holding your hips and you close your eyes and bite"
  • Mirror - Kat Dahlia
    "I wear my heart on my sleeve Don't act like that's a disease Need y'all to bear with me please I just say what I see We all just chasing a dream In the land of the free While we paying a fee To stay on"
  • Mirror - Crematory
    "Don't tell me how strong you are When emotions for you, Is a feeling, You can describe in two words Don't look at me with closed eyes As closed like a black hole The black hole in you Is the black hole"
  • Mirror - Bonnie Pink
    "As passing by a cat with green eyes I realized How miserable I had been And how comfortable I had been like Those eyes looked jealous and scared at The world out there I didn't know lords of things I have"
  • Mirror Mirror - After The Fall
    "Chorus: Mirror, mirror Am I just like you? Mirror, mirror We look the same but is it true Mirror, mirror Sees through idle dreams Mirror, mirror It never comes its never been As all the people gaze With"
  • Mirror - Atmosphere
    "I got a picture of my head of what you look like when your sleeping The skin sinks into the insticts of a demon Can't believe the words exsist what you're breathing The evil eye eagle fly high into the"
  • Mirror - Mary J. Blige
    "I used to give you too much power Trust me, them days is over Can't understand how I Let you sit on my shoulders Them times when you messed up I made escuses for And I always knew it, that I should have"
  • Mirror - Punchline
    "Verse 1: Mirror, mirror Tell me I'm not the one That I see in your reflection Never, never Want to see myself like this Hope it's all made up by my imagination Or my loneliness is blowing my emotions My"
  • Mirror - Culture Club
    "(Trying to get the message through) You took the sun from the sky, give it back You know I wouldn't take a bullet for you You bring me down 'cause of all that you lack You're underhanded and you're sly"
  • Mirror Mirror - Violent Femmes
    "I see a damsel In danger and distress I see that she is pretty I see a young girl Dressed in a dirty dress I see that she is pretty Mirror mirror on the wall Who's the fairest one of all I see a fat girl With"
  • Mirror Mirror - Beans Sousa
    "Mirror, Mirror on the wall Tell me who's the fairest of them all? Is she sweet and debonair? Can she satisfy my questionnaire? Can she walk that walk? Can she Talk that talk? Is she lonely for, a lonely"
  • Mirror, Mirror - Stevie Nicks
    "And as all this comes to an end So go the lilies of the valley From this hour on Brilliant is your danger Darker than the image on the wall Is the fear of it all But he never said no to you baby Mirror,"
  • Mirror, Mirror - David Gates
    "Little girl in the mirror Looking back...lost in wonder... Will I be pretty when I'm grown When my teddy bears and toys give way To going to school and boys Will I have one of my own ... Will he be"
  • Mirror mirror - Def Leppard
    "(Look into my Eyes)Mirror mirror just watchin' with your eye of glassYou're just a fortune wheel with something that I wanna askMirror mirror got my fate lyin' in your handsYou're the fool, you're the"
  • Like A Mirror - morphine
    "Like a mirror I'm nothing. I'm nothing. I'm nothing till you look at me. I'm like a mirror. I'm like a mirror. I'm nothing till you look at me. I'm like a mirror. I'm like a mirror. I'm nothing till you"
  • Mirror Mirror - Kamelot
    "mirror can you tell me how to stay forever young let me know the secret I will hold my twisted tongue please protect my beauty velvet skin so pure and white hear my name resounding like a hymn at"
  • Mirror Mirror - Oblivion
    "Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of us all? The ones with money and control. The ones who's afraid to take a fall. Who will ever see the small? Who will ever see us all? The ones with power"
  • Mirror Mirror - LL Cool J
    "Uhh Yeah, yeah "Oh my God" Uhh (he's back) success (he's back) "They love success!" (Where you been?) Right here baby Look in the mirror while I tell you a tale About a mogul named Uncle L Sit"
  • Magic Mirror - Yngwie Malmsteen
    ""Everyone is searching for the Meaning of our life. Reading 'bout the hell and heaven Believing all those lies. Look upon yourself Imagine you are two Power lies within this is true. Can't you see its"

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