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Like dust on the

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Like dust on the

  • Dust - Rage
    "It's been a long night and it's cold there, outside As I watch the break of day It's starting to rain like the sky is crying in pain for me I hear the sound of people running around Life is there, beyond"
  • Dust - Steve Winwood
    "Time they call the universal healer but you're back every three days Settling all around me A feather duster's no substitute for the real thing And the dust you left behind is settling still With you dawn"
  • Dust - Augustana
    "So go on and tear it up Black and cold with the dust 'cause I believed in the Lord But he don't show up anymore If you can't trust the wind, who can you trust? If you can't love sin, who can you love? If"
  • Dust - Diamond Head
    "I've tried believin' even tried cheatin' myself of almost everything just to fashion reason out of what must have been nothin' at all Now I can't when exactly I saw through the darkness and into the light Fantastic"
  • Dust - Royworld
    "All that will remain of us, Are a thousand voices floating in the atmosphere, Shadows falling in the dust, And I hear your voice singled out and I want to say, You and I will never die, So don't think"
  • Dust - Abby Travis
    "All the little things I've done Will cease to exist when I'm nothing Tears that fell things I've made will degrade When the sun shines All the thoughts I've thought will slip away Others might perceive"
  • Dust - Cypress Hill
    "When people stare at the scene like a machine of the team looking for theme between cracks searching for cream physical image can never be lost never be cleverly read or took on into the search of your"
  • Dust - Richie Kotzen
    "Faith... I dont wanna lose my faith In all of the things that I felt so strong I may be sleeping, but I'm holding on I feel like life has been bleeing me I not the same as I used to be All around me"
  • Dust To Dust - Vicious Rumors
    "The hands of time have brought you here, It's a long hard road to burn. The hidden fire of liife has come unturned. The river runs, you've just begun, To set a course to nevermore, Lay down your tracks"
  • Dust To Dust - Believer
    "Beneath the sun, all deeds done, meaningless are they Labor in vain, tormenting pain, incessant toil Chasing the wind, grasping (for) what's been, wearisome longings Ages now gone, time passes on, but"
  • Dust To Dust - Keith Green
    "Sometimes it's hard to see, Sometimes it's hard to get through to me, But I want to do all that You ask me to. Help me to follow through, Make every day a devotion to You, Cause it's dust to dust,"
  • Dust - The Faint
    "the floor moves and it trembles Old West shakes as it opens up people are dying and I know the cause of it all with so many buried the dead twitch on crowded roads dirt breaks; dust follows, cracks"
  • Dust - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Blood, want to wash away Got to heat this love As she breaks Dust We fade the scene Gotta reason in peace Now explain Feelings go on and on The killing is all in my name The rhythm of life is all too strong To"
  • Like Tears (In The Dust) - Pyogenesis
    "(Music: Schwarz & Asmodeus / Lyrics: Asmodeus & Schwarz) Black tears are creeping down my skin Is this the beginning - The beginning of my end ? - I am forsaken Like tears - I know their abilities In"
  • Dust - Addict
    "I just lost my best friend I miss you so much I wish my life would end I cannot get up from down here I cried until dust appeared I'm trying to let go But it hurts like I've never been hurt before And"
  • Dust - Bella Morte
    "Everything I know is changing with the days And in the end the sky will turn from blue to grey Within your eyes I see myself as someone else And nothing matters but this single moment You see everything"
  • Dust - John Frusciante
    "Some of the chances we take,To make the money we make.Manufacturing diseaseThe creature we can seeI'm pleased it some other dayAnd I've got something to sayYou don't need loveSo get under the rockNow,"
  • Dust - Ataxia
    "Some of the chances we take, To make the money we make. Manufacturing disease The creature we can see I'm pleased it some other day And I've got something to say You don't need love So get under"
  • Common Dust - The Roots
    "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust [8X] It's Common Dust y'all, and you don't stop For you to trust y'all, with real hip-hop Thought be the ? of the styles of speech A dusty head brother mighta saw"
  • Dust Bowl - The Troggs
    "Dust Bowl (Reg Presley) Copyright Control ------------------------------- Some folks are living in a dust bowl I've seen them on TV, ah Some folks are living in a dust bowl Don't love like you and me,"

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