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Like i love you lost frequency

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Like i love you lost frequency

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Like i love you lost frequency
  • Duncan James Frequency
    "Looking at you, looking at me The signs you give out are so hard to read When I get close you pull away from me We used to talk on the phone Now when I call There's nobody home Drifting like a satellite"
  • Feeder Frequency
    "Come on in, I hear your voice Change the frequency, and make that choice Constitution, find new ground You've got to know I think about you every day You're lying awake on top of silver clouds Sending"
  • Tantric Frequency
    "Everything you know Somebody else has taught and told you Deep within yourself if you're Yourself are you that person Like a coded frequency The people will unfold you Leave it up to everybody's hands To"
  • Moonlight Awakening Frequency
    "sometimes it feels like i'm dying sometimes it seems like i've been lying sometimes it feels like i'm dreaming cause sometimes is all i can feel. if only i'd known the way i would be changing course if"
  • The Brothers Frequency of love
    "From the beginning we spoke the same secret code though I came from a country far away from yours and our tongues were born to speak different languages and our ears never knew the sound of these strange"
  • Pipedown Frequency Nine
    "When will we find the error Fatal mistake The fallacy of telling all these truths through lies The hell we make So controlled by value Shadows of light The fallacy will continue as long as they Can buy"
  • Canaan Frequency Omega
    "Silence all around me is like a key to neutralize the deadly frequencies inside There is only silence around me and it makes me feel like I am still far from home Silence all around me Unrequested codes"
  • Love Like Blood Lost
    "some things will never leave you alone they follow you through your whole life they will come back when you wake up and then you know thats the way it is they will show you that they still exist all"
  • Watermat & TAI Frequency
    "I can see her frequency I can see her frequency I can see her frequency I can see her frequency I can see her frequency I can see her frequency I can see her frequency I can see her frequency"
  • R.E.M. What's the frequency, kenneth
    "What's the frequency, Kenneth?' is your Benzedrine, uh-huh I was brain-dead, locked out, numb, not up to speed I thought I'd pegged you an idiot's dream Tunnel vision from the outsider's screen I never"
  • Fear Factory Frequency
    "Delay and eraseCut it all upThe change I've arrangedSplice and dissectMove it aroundTo make it perfectComing in clearLoud and compressedTo deafen the earsThis frequencyThat I can hearIs all I can seeWhat"
  • Super Furry Animals Frequency
    "There goes my life Ticking away There goes my life Slipping away Long to sleep later But alarms keep ringing Take another leaflet from the stand Put a steak on some land Bring another baby to"
  • Frank Ocean Lost
    "Double D Big full breast on my baby Triple weight Couldn't weigh the love I've got for the girl And I just wanna know Why you ain't been goin' to work Boss ain't workin' ya like this He can't take care"
  • Balligomingo Lost
    "Lost far away in you Promise of a lifetime Lost Miracle of mankind Lost Childlike love lingers Skin is fading, but not your eyes Can I hold you? But now you're gone Lost far away The wind carries me away Lost"
  • Ours Lost
    "Listen to me Why am I crying? Why am I dying? I am not your ladder You seem to be Writing a song Lighting a bomb But nothing you say matters All of the time I lost All of the time I lost All of the time"
  • Faith Hill Lost
    "Is it obvious to you When you walk into a room Your face is all I see And my heart races so fast I never knew a rush to feel like that Every time you're touching me I never did believe in anything I couldn't"
  • The Church Lost
    "Sometimes I'm wondering under prehistoric skies. I feel it's all beginning right before my eyes. I must go back, reexamine my love. Here she comes with the penetrated stare. I don't know when, but I wish"
  • Lasgo Lost
    "I can see it clearer now the love we had is gone we don't have a common ground a reason to hold on all the faith i had in you the stories that you told after all that we've been thru you left me in the"
  • Van Der Graaf Generator Lost
    "''a.) The Dance in Sand and Sea'' So here we are, or rather, here am I, quite alone; I'm seeing things that were shared before, long ago; my memory stretches and I am dazed. You know I know how good the"
  • Menudo Lost
    "(Damn...) It's getting hard to breathe I'm tryin' to make her see But she don't really know that I I'm tryin to find a way, to tell her everyday But she just doesn't long, so I I don't wanna be the only"

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