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Lilli Pup

  • Pup - The Bear Quartet
    "so you were the sweetest pup no one would lift you up just let you down born with open eyes always awake to who is following on your way home they will burst and then bruise you not too bad it's"
  • Pup - The W's
    "Followed you home one night after work Saw you go inside and watch Captain Kirk Ten o'clock rolled around the lights went out That's when I decided to roam about I want to see your house from the inside I"
  • Mucky Pup - Exploited
    "Go! Well I pick my nose then I eat it up Im a real humdinger Im a mucky pup Im a mucky pup Im a pup Oh I don't take drugs I've given glue up But I stare at people Im a mucky pup Banjo! Oh I see"
  • Fluffy Pup - Macc Lads
    "Well, I spent last night trying to chuck me bird, She were clinging to me leg like an old sick turd, I said your tits are too small and your legs are too short, I want a fit bird from the Sunday Sport, I"
  • Lilli Marlene - Brave Combo
    "Outside the barracks by the corner light I'll always stand and wait for you at night We will create a world for two I'll wait for you the whole night through For you, lilli marlene For you, lilli marlene Bugler"
  • Lilli Marleen - Marlene Dietrich
    "Vor der Kaserne, vor dem grossen Tor, Stand eine Laterne und steht sie noch davor. So wollen wir uns wiedersehn, Bei der Laterne wolln wir stehn, Wie einst Lilli Marleen, wie einst Lilli Marleen. Unsre"
  • Lilli Marlene - Amanda Lear
    "Vor der Kaserne Vor dem groen Tor Stand eine Laterne Und steht sie noch davor So wolln wir da uns wiedersehn, Bei der Laterne wolln wir stehn, Wie einst, Lili Marleen Wie einst, Lili Marleen Underneath"
  • A Pup Named Scooby-Doo - Scooby Doo
    "There a mystery in town! So call the greatest pup around! Thats Scooby a pup named Scooby-Doo! Scooby-do-be-do! Scooby-Doo! Join Shaggy and the crew! Daphne, Freddy, Velma too! and Scooby a pup named"
  • Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo - Gene Vincent
    "The song of love Is a sad song Hi lilli, hi lilli, hi lo The song of love Is a tale of wow You ask me how How I know-ow-ow, yeah The song of love Is a sad song And that's Why everyo-o-one"
  • Laroo Laroo Lilli Bolero - Perry Como
    "Laroo laroo lilli bolero, laroo laroo lilli bolero . . . That's a magic sayin' That I heard one day in Napoli; When a fortune teller In a dim lit cellar said to me . . . "You say laroo lilli"
  • Laroo Laroo Lilli Bolero - Peggy Lee
    "Let Me Go, Lover - Artist: Joan Weber - peak Billboard position # 1 for 4 weeks in 1955 - competing versions charted by Teresa Brewer with The Lancers (#6), Patti Page (#8), Sunny Gale (#17), and Peggy"
  • A Lonely Pup In A (Christmas Shop) - Adam Faith
    "Soft brown eyes that seem to say Stay a while, I want to play Would you, could you, do please stop? He's a lonely pup in a Christmas shop Thank you lady, thank you sir Is there someone else that you'd"
  • Lille - Lisa Hannigan
    "He went to see for a day He wanted to know what to say when he asked what he'd done in the past to someone that he loved endlessly... now she's gone, and so is he... i went to war every morning i lost"
  • Lussi Lilla - Folk Och Rackare
    "Lussi Lilla spelade fr fyra fem lussi lilla spelade fr konungens hovmn, Lussi Lilla S trder hon s ltt upp tiljan(golvplanka, golvet) Det voro tv herrar som lade ihop ett rd Vad ska nu lussi lilla fr"
  • Ella Lilla - Gjallarhorn
    ", Ella Lilla satt upp galen och sjng: "Idag skall jag resa till min kra fsteman" I ro mig ver sjn med de ror "Men Ella Lilla, sg inte seglar du idag? Ty seglar du idag s gr det i kval" Nr Ella Lilla"
  • Lilla Bj - Charta 77
    "Charta 77 Miscellaneous Lilla Bjrn Och Lilla Tiger nu ska vi ge oss av sa lilla bjrnen till sin vn nu ska vi ut i vrlden fr att ska sanningen vi ska ge oss av i morrondag att ska panama fr det r vra drmmars"
  • Lille Jon - Folk Och Rackare
    "Jag sjunger om en man, han hette Lille Jon Sjung faoli och Lille Jon Han dansa kring med pigerna p lon Sjung faoli och littolej Och midsommarnatten, den var inte lng Sjung faoli och inte lng Femtio vaggor"
  • Lille Dansa - Gjallarhorn
    "Lille dansa me mej he kan du fll f bara du int'dansar kull mej lite felas med mej kun fll m f g bar' du felas vackert med mej frst p klacken svinkom vi, och sen p t lite krama mej he vurr fll mlli"
  • Pupa w Chałupach - Ivan Komarenko
    "A my chłopcy jak ze snu, czasem Sopot częściej tu, my we trzech wielki śmiech, patrzcie na nas z wielu stron coś tu widać, o pardon, tu nie widać, podaj dłoń. Bawmy się wszyscy, W barze w Chałupach Bo"
  • Det lilla ljus - Carola
    "Det hr ljuset det r mitt hoppOch ljuset lyser i mrkretOch mrkret har icke ftt makt drmedDet hr ljuset det r JesusDet lilla ljus jag har, det ska f lysa klartDet lilla ljus jag har, det ska f lysa klartDet"

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