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Limbeck Silver Things

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Limbeck Silver Things

  • Silver Things - Limbeck
    "Silver things, they've never been good to me. Oh silver please, you know you've never been good to me. And I could see, I'm understanding. And it's just I didn't want to travel alone that much. Simple"
  • Silver - Peter Hammill
    "You lay your plans, I take them as they come, I understand: we dance to different drums. It's not in any schoolbook, you're here to teach a lesson to us all... we play by different rule-books. What you"
  • Silver Lights - Sammy Hagar
    "Well, the moon sucked up the ocean tide As Christians knelt close by her side Ooh and others who were left behind Silver lights in my eyes Silver lights in my eyes Now, some cried when the sun eclipsed Yeah,"
  • Silver Bird - Mark Lindsay
    "Get aboard the silver bird, departing gate 19. Satisfy your Walter Mitty mind, tryin' out a dream. Your sign is capricorn and every corner of your mind, Says you'll remain my friend, my friend until your"
  • Silver Honey - Charlotte Martin
    "A little ache that's all Stomach that's frozen in a sigh was she more than a test-drive doll Orange shirts could make her go blind He caught her by the throat instead of the mind Now she's needing an angel"
  • Silver Lining - Hurts
    "There's a storm on the streets, but you still don't run Watching and waiting for the rain to come. And these words wouldn't keep you dry Or wipe tears from an open sky, But I know, but I know, but I know"
  • Silver Rails - Hank Snow
    "I'm free as a man can be this is the life for me Go when I want do or I don't no worries and troubles for me A newspaper for my bed no naggin' woman bangin' my head I'm free as the breeze and I go when"
  • Silver Strings - Caravan
    "Oh, let me hear the silver strings Oh, hear those violins and things Oh, when the music starts to play You know it carries me away Oh, oh - oh let me here the silver strings Oh, with a fiddle and a bow You"
  • Silver Stars - Atticus Fault
    "There's no need for me Who asked for this? The death, the tears, your holy kiss Now, you made it clear You're fine without me It's alright I know you love me You like the finer things You want your shimmer"
  • Silver Shadow - Atlantic Starr
    "Silver shadow Glowing shadow Shining brightly For all to see I remember gazing on this quiet night The stars were bright as they could be Wonderin' if things would ever go right And if there was a spot"
  • Silver Lining - Amanda Ghost
    "Drawn to the violence of change Charmed by the sentimental brave I hear the door slam, I look the other way I hate the small talk and the empty days Silver lining I bathe in your light I'll always believe"
  • Silver Ray - Dover
    "Why don't you talk? I can't hear a word it's like you said if you eat before eight Silver Ray Show me the place it's not too late just like you said if you eat before eight Silver Ray Now I"
  • Silver Spoon - Michelle Shocked
    "If you're asking me to name this tune I may say it's 'Silver Spoon' or I may smile and say 'hey, hey' You know, I never really found a way To talk about the things you said about me Aw yeah, but that's"
  • Silver Rain - Of The Wand & The Moon
    "Blackened days and silver nights Golden lanterns flaming lights The blur of things and fight of dreams The pain and tears and lack of faith A thousand stars a thousand stars Chants and runes and secrecy I"
  • Tarnished Silver - Heather Dale
    "Sleep, my tarnished silver Let me dull you once again And let our battle end Sleep, my snowless winter Let me warm you once before I go And I'll pretend to know and understand Sleep, my fallen cedar Let"
  • Silver Lining - Upstanding Youth
    "These are my lines to memorize and make sure you believe them 'cause things are bad and at the edge of every clouds a black lining. But wait, she said, as she stood by my side. And how her face glows,"
  • Silver Wings - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Caught In The Light Silver Wings Did we take away the daylight from our life? Dreams are over, faded with the night We've been here so long, didn't we see the way Love grown"
  • Silver Groover - Free For Fever
    "Raise your doubts in the air And smash them like you don't care I'm not from another galaxy But Mr Right man do have some problems to follow me I won't grow up in this community, male supremacy I"
  • Silver Dust - Anna Turska (Angie)
    "SILVER DUST They told us to go around the stars To learn how should it be I wanna touch the Silver Dust before it disappears I have my eyes now open wide And ready to be near I left my shield I left"
  • Silver Arrow - Richie Aufrichtig
    "123 1234 I wave to you In the hallway And I say, "hi" You wave back In the hallway As you pass me by Sometimes I think this won't be I should wait for another life But then you smile This won't work When"

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