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Linkin Park castle

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Linkin Park castle

  • Darker Than Blood (feat. Linkin Park) - Steve Aoki
    "Don't you hold your breath Cause I'm not coming down The battlefields have left me only scars And floating in the dark I'm swimming in the sound Of voices that should never been apart Darker than the"
  • Castle Of Glass - Linkin Park
    "Take me down to the river bend Take me down to the fighting end Wash the poison from off my skin Show me how to be whole again Fly me up on a silver wing Past the black where the sirens sing Warm me up"
  • Linkin Verbz - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "Hello Americans this is Klaus from Common Denominator That is the band you are listening to right now We are from Finland This is the second song on our debut album Here In America This song is about"
  • Trailer Park Chicken - Atmosphere
    "Hey Daly, Get the fuck away from my sister you punk motherfocker. (intro) I do....I do....I do...Hey wassup, can i kiss the bitch yet?.....I do.... First of all bitch, i never promised i'd be rich so fuck"
  • The Last Hovering Castle - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: The Last Hovering Castle Typed by: Knowledge God, Tha Masta (Intro 1: Sleepy Hollow sample) Now, I will need to ask you many questions But"
  • Castle - Samantha Jade
    "(Oh-oh-oh-oh) (Oh-oh-oh-oh) Block by block, every mile I walked Every tear that I dropped, bruised and broken piece by piece Yeah you shattered me, but I Brick by brick, put it back to this Told me I"
  • Castle - By A Thread
    "In the lion house bewildered So scared to sigh in your own true voice How far is the way home? Unanswered questions lay so deep My own illusions are contained My own illusions hold me But I feel them,"
  • Park - SID
    "tsudoe de taba ni narenaikyouchousei ni kaketa sodachisa derukui sade? tatakeru no kai?GOSSIP PARTYmezawarikechirase Lock a park!! Yeah!! dare no gourei na wake demo nakuhitokage mo nobikitta ato de ibashou"
  • Park - Mustard Plug
    "last call one second left a minute maybe more too many complications ive forgotten what its for my own consistency has kept me straight in line i know ive often come here i just cant recall the time when you"
  • Park - Uriah Heep
    "Let me walk awhile alone among the sacred rocks and stones. Let me look in vain belief upon the beauty of each leaf. There is green in every blade. The treetops lean, providing shade. They are spining"
  • Frankie Castle, Call 666 - Frankie Castle
    "Scared to death, prepared a statement, stressed My paycheck's less than I care to confess Behind this door is the office where my boss lives Cognisant on the part of it I can't suppress Nevertheless, practice"
  • Abney Park - Abney Park
    "Darkness, the streets of London he searched for souls Alone he'd never achieve his lofty goals Peasants and beggars he found to aid his plans Train them & give them the strength to share his lands Welcome"
  • Castle rock - Frank Sinatra
    "I met her dancing to the Castle Rock,I held her tight and danced around the clockWe rocked to romance to the Castle Rock,She kissed me and I kissed my heart goodbye.I felt like I was drifting `cross the"
  • Cucumber Castle - Bee Gees
    "There were the trees, see the grass, a thing gets inspired. Said "This is the place I will try," and he did. Stood in the dark ,sat a man who beckoned him in, But leaving his grass was a sin, but he did. Cucumber"
  • Fool's Castle - Merle Haggard
    "FOOL'S CASTLE (Tommy Collins) '66 Red River Songs, BMI It's a big house on a hilltop fine carpets on the floor Expensive polished marble are the steps up to the door Vines are climbin' up to the roof"
  • Castle Down - Emilie Autumn
    "You can see that I swim Through the sea of painful You have watched as I pull Myself from the floor And you were there when I Built my tower like pebbles in the rain Trying to balance all that I had left With"
  • Castle Walls - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Once in a dream Far beyond these castle walls Down by the bay where the Moonlit water falls I stood alone while the minstrel sang his song So afraid I'd lost my soul There in the fog"
  • Vampires' Castle - Apraxia
    "There exists the legend from long ago That during fullmoon time The count of vampires rises again In the dark forlorn castle. And awoken by the moonlight He calls up vampires with Wolve howling To a new"
  • Ice Castle - Septic Flesh
    "In the land that was born from the sperm of winter is the incarnation of all enchanted fairy tales An imposing figure Isolated from an ocean of frozen waves Trying to unite the sterile earth with the celestial"
  • Nightmare castle - Cathedral
    "The evil priest is calling me againI stare into these walls and he comes through Clergy of the damned Surrounds me, pointing hands On my knees, i fall to their command "You wanna burn in hell?With us you'll"

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