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Linkin park final mascarade

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Linkin park final mascarade

  • Darker Than Blood (feat. Linkin Park) - Steve Aoki
    "Don't you hold your breath Cause I'm not coming down The battlefields have left me only scars And floating in the dark I'm swimming in the sound Of voices that should never been apart Darker than the"
  • Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
    "Tearing me apart with / the words you wouldn't say And suddenly tomorrow's / a moment washed away 'Cause I don't have a reason, and you don't have the time But we both keep on waiting for something we"
  • Linkin Verbz - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "Hello Americans this is Klaus from Common Denominator That is the band you are listening to right now We are from Finland This is the second song on our debut album Here In America This song is about"
  • Ntr mssion - Linkin Park
    "Finally recover When the mood is right Looking up into a neon sky Time the mean takes over Guess it's been too long Since the last time that I tried to fly Finally I find When I lose control Inside my"
  • Keys To The Kingdom - Linkin Park
    "No control / no surprise Tossed the keys to the kingdom Down that hole in my eye I’m my own / casualty I fuck up everything I see Fighting in futility We start the final war Tell me what’s worth fighting"
  • Park - SID
    "tsudoe de taba ni narenaikyouchousei ni kaketa sodachisa derukui sade? tatakeru no kai?GOSSIP PARTYmezawarikechirase Lock a park!! Yeah!! dare no gourei na wake demo nakuhitokage mo nobikitta ato de ibashou"
  • Park - Mustard Plug
    "last call one second left a minute maybe more too many complications ive forgotten what its for my own consistency has kept me straight in line i know ive often come here i just cant recall the time when you"
  • Park - Uriah Heep
    "Let me walk awhile alone among the sacred rocks and stones. Let me look in vain belief upon the beauty of each leaf. There is green in every blade. The treetops lean, providing shade. They are spining"
  • Finale B - Original Broadway Cast
    "ALL SEVEN HOMELESS Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing How time flies When compassion dies No stockings No candy canes No gingerbread No safety net No loose"
  • Final - Anything Box
    "Anything Box The Diary: Page One Final (claude s.) ...and so another evening Comes to a desperate close. No one to say goodnight to at This hour... I had a distant foresight of What could have been real. If"
  • Final - Buitres
    "Yendo hacia el cadalso de mis das con un inmenso animal en mis hombros voy inventando un final para escaparme de ti. Y por no decirte lo que debiera voy inventando un final para escaparme de vos. Una noche"
  • Final - Dir En Grey
    "The Final Suicide is the proof of life So I can't live Let's put an end... The Final == Romanized Japanese == hodoketeshimau ito o mitsume... moji ni dekinai hidari te desu. chi o nagasu"
  • Final - Mademoiselle K.
    "1ere partie solo quitare... 2eme partie mme quand j'ferme les yeux jvous vois les gens et j'imagine vos vies o vous tiez l juste avant pourquoi vous tes venus ici ? 3eme partie (x5) mme quand j'ferme"
  • Final - Starmania
    "Paroles de Luc PLAMONDON - Musique de Michel BERGER Ah..... Quelle heure est-il en ce moment ? Est-ce la fin du monde ou le commencement ? Ou le commencement ? Ah... Maintenant, pour moi tout s'claire Je"
  • Final - Sector Seven
    "I look back at many times, and still I cannot explain why Those memories thought vain, they become useful here and then My conscious won't let go, that pain inside me has a home Those haunting thoughts"
  • Final - Children 18:3
    "Oh hide me, would you love? Until all have gone Horsemen riding, shouting, laughing To their hunting song Somber words would feign contentment With eyes half drawn But in my secret place the voices Push"
  • Abney Park - Abney Park
    "Darkness, the streets of London he searched for souls Alone he'd never achieve his lofty goals Peasants and beggars he found to aid his plans Train them & give them the strength to share his lands Welcome"
  • Friendly Fire - Linkin Park
    "Utwór "Friendly Fire" Linkin Park został nagrany przed śmiercią Chestera Benningtona. Data premiery utworu nie jest jeszcze znana."
  • South Park Theme - South Park
    "Going down to South Park, gunna have myself a time. Stan & Kyle:Friendly faces every where, humble folks without temptation. Going down to South Park gunna leave my woes behind Cartman:Ample parking"
  • B12 - Linkin Park
    "Atom bombs, something's wrongD.E.A sent to GuamAcid trips, big fat chicksPurple Flintstone vitaminsAll the needy, rich are greedyI find out you don't need meBerlin Wall starts to fallI trip out to the"

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