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Lip Service Cat

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Lip Service Cat

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Lip Service Cat
  • Blondie Lip service
    "I can tell you've got it bottled up inside I can tell 'cause it shows in your eyes You keep on keeping your secrets inside And I I will tell you tell you no lies That's my lip service lip service That's"
  • Michael Franks Lip Service
    "Here we are again That fatal combination I guess it's opposite attraction It's gone too far again This crazy conversation It's like a nuclear reaction Lady your lip service has no rival Don't you know"
  • Pizzicato Five Lip Service
    "(Tajima / Konishi) Translators: Kirk Cumming, Miyuki Igarashi saabisu kuchibiru ni saabisu sasayaku ai no disukuuru saabisu kuchi no naka ni hirogaru amai kaori shibireru you na hontou wa suki ja"
  • Elvis Costello Lip Service
    "You left the motor running. But I know you're so attractive. Getting in some sharp practice. You better not do anything reckless. But everybody is going through the motions. Everybody is going through"
  • Lorene Drive Lip Service
    "I'll try and cover all the bases Something to really kill my reputation All buttoned up, ready to go Forget tonight, forget everything you know A little light weight lip service To get me through the night I'm"
  • Jimmy Buffett Lip Service
    "Talk, talk, talk til your jowls turn blue But you never really tell me what you're gonna do You seem to keep it all locked up inside I can't help but start to thinkin' You've got something to hide Why"
  • Slapshot Lip Service
    "Peace in the pit, what a load of shit They'll never get their shit together Instead of unity only out for themselves Back on the map is a fucking joke Since you came on the scene You're so Hardcore,"
  • Wet Wet Wet Lip Service
    "Ain't got enough, so I go out and get some more It got so bad it nearly left me lying on the floor I started thinking that it's wearing on my soul But I got to get it getting tonight Raindrops keep fallin'"
  • Dougie D Service
    "Open reveal, and put it in Don't be acting all scary, gotta make it your friend What, you need to get acquainted before you begin Shit you can talk to it, or rubbing it in While your head go up and down,"
  • Deacon Blue Cut Lip
    "15 books in Different covers Winter comes in Many colours Kids toys broken glasses Elvis live in Vegas He's still turning All the worthless things We're paying in Pounds of sugar Here it comes Blankets"
  • The Fall Service
    "Why do you have a cloud in your eye? Walked downstairs Got my hat and my corny brown leather jacket Streets were grey and clean for a change Must have been the rain Thought transference And this man"
  • Dilated Peoples Service
    "See I think a wack rapper needs to catch service I think a wack DJ needs to be nervous Yo my DJ's so nice he don't slice he severs (Evidence: Bab's, forgive 'em) {*DJ Babu scratchs "never"*} See I"
  • Danko Jones Service
    "See I think a wack rapper needs to catch service I think a wack DJ needs to be nervous Yo my DJ's so nice he don't slice he severs (Evidence: Bab's, forgive 'em) {*DJ Babu scratchs "never"*} See I"
  • Silver Sun Service
    "Holes in the ground They're just circles if they weren't They could be square If only they weren't round And March is only a month within days (chorus) And the in's go in and the out's just go And how"
  • Fall Service
    "Why do you have a cloud in your eye?Walked downstairsGot my hat and corny brown leather jacketStreet bloody clean for a changeMust have been the rainThought transferenceAnd this man endangered me with"
  • Gene Vincent Cat Man
    "Cat Man's a-coming, you better look out Cat Man's a-comin', running about Cat Man's a-comin', lookin' for a girl Better hide your sister man! "C" is for the crazy hairdo that he wears around "A""
  • New sodmy Cat Walk
    "sono onna no kiba de kamitsuite That woman bites me with her fangs. yuruyaka na koshi tsuki Ah..Ah..kanjiteru..teru..teru She comes with gentle hips. Ah, ah, I feel them, feel them, feel them. sono onna"
  • Elton John Bite Your Lip
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by bernie taupin Available on the album blue moves She slid down to the city limits Monkey time in fifteen minutes Bite your lip, get up, get up and dance Don't let me down Please"
  • Pea Sized Cat Song
    "A head filled with words, a hurting skin. And underneath, this bleeding heart. Revolting stomach and cold feet. There is someone creeping up my back. Shivering hands, whistling ghosts, behind"
  • Ugly Americans Lip
    "Don't give me no lip about my drinking habits Don't give me no lip about my chasing women Don't give me no lip about my smoking refer Don't give me no lip don't give me no lip Sure you might see me around"

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