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Lip gloss

  • Lip Gloss - M!styc
    "Is Poppin-Poppin-Poppin-Poppin What You Kno Bout Me, What Cha, What Cha Know Bout Me I Said My Lip Gloss Is Cool, My Lip Gloss Be Poppin I'm Standing At My Locker, And All The Boys Keep Stoppin What"
  • Lip Gloss - Lil Mama
    "Hello? Yeah, (it's poppin, it's poppin,) Okay, yeah, (it's poppin, it's poppin.) I gotta ask 'em, 'cause if I don't, (it's poppin, it's poppin,) I don't know, (it's poppin, it's poppin.) Chorus: What"
  • Lip Gloss - Lil' Mama
    "Its poppin (4) What you know bout me What you what you know bout me What you know bout me What you what you know They say my lip gloss is cool My lip gloss be poppin I'm standing at my locker and"
  • Lip Gloss - That Dog
    "The filthy, nasty, dirty, south! I represent Albany gorillas, rock choppers, and drug niggas We bust shots and slugs on hot blocks of thug niggas I'm done talkin', I come walkin', short stalkin' If it's"
  • Lip Gloss (Acappella) - Lil' Mama
    "[ ] Yeah' Its Popping (x4) I gotta ask 'em, Cos if i dont Its Popping (x4) What cha No 'bout me, what cha, what cha no bout me What cha no bout me what cha what cha no!!! Is that my lip gloss is cool,"
  • Lip Gloss (feat. Meggie) - MaRina
    "MaRina: Wygrzani jak 2CB, nikt tu nie wie ocb Drogi przeplatają się, a nasi ex mijają się Patrzą czy nie znają Cię Znowu obcinają mnie Ja to nie Ewa Sonet, rozlewany jest Moet W mojej dłoni Gucci bag,"
  • Hi-Tech Lip Gloss - Hot Rod Circuit
    "Where was I when he wiped the lip-gloss from his chin I know exactly where you've been It's bearing on my weakened mind And when and where did you decide to suck the imagery out of life I know exactly"
  • High Tech Lip Gloss - Hot Rod Circuit
    "where was i when he wiped the lip gloss from his chin i know exactly where you've been it's bearing on my weakened mind and when and where did you decide to suck the imagery out of life i know exactly"
  • Lip Gloss And Black - Atreyu
    "If I gave you pretty enough words. could you pain a picture of us that works. an emphasis on function rather than design. aren't you tired cause I will carry you, on a broken back and blown out knees,"
  • Raspberry Swirl(Lip Gloss Version) - Tori Amos
    "he-he-he-hey Let's go! I am not your senorita I am not from your tribe In the garden, in the garden I did no crime I am not your senorita I am not from your tribe If you want inside her well Boy you'd"
  • Lip - Ugly Americans
    "Don't give me no lip about my drinking habits Don't give me no lip about my chasing women Don't give me no lip about my smoking refer Don't give me no lip don't give me no lip Sure you might see me around"
  • My Lips Like Sugar - Flo Rida
    "(Wynter) Da double dee double di (x7) My lips like sugar (x2) This candy got you sprung (x2) So call me your sugar (x2) You love you some (x2) I'm sweet like Da double dee double di (x3) I'm sweet like Da"
  • Bloody Lip - Atom And His Package
    "*speaking* This is a cover song by a band that used to exist outside of Phlidelphia, their name is I Hate You, this song is called Bloody Lip. *singing* I'll give you a bloody lip A bloody lip A bloody"
  • No Lip - Sex Pistols
    "Give no lip child Don't you do what you need? Give me no lip child You know way it's gonna be If you wanna want true true loving your ....stock, ...you wanna ...in' ...you wanna ...in' Don't you give"
  • Lip service - Blondie
    "I can tell you've got it bottled up inside I can tell 'cause it shows in your eyes You keep on keeping your secrets inside And I I will tell you tell you no lies That's my lip service lip service That's"
  • Split Lip - Marc Almond
    "OW! Split lip It seems you need another Split lip Shut you mouth Your noisy mouth Before I put a fist in it Face hit Split lip You talk and talk and talk But its all mouth And no hands at all Just jealousy"
  • Fat Lip - Rocket From The Crypt
    "Just can't seem to get by, The world might seem a mile high, No ball and chain for my abuse. I bash my head if they lose. Learn blow by blow, What does fat lip know? Asking him in our world, Fat lip learns"
  • Lip Service - Michael Franks
    "Here we are again That fatal combination I guess it's opposite attraction It's gone too far again This crazy conversation It's like a nuclear reaction Lady your lip service has no rival Don't you know"
  • Cut Lip - Deacon Blue
    "15 books in Different covers Winter comes in Many colours Kids toys broken glasses Elvis live in Vegas He's still turning All the worthless things We're paying in Pounds of sugar Here it comes Blankets"
  • Lip Reading - Thea Gilmore
    "Spare me the psycho babble, the mental rub-down For the third time today I put his record on I caught this ailment on the rebound I'm looking for another one Just listen to the DJ and follow the instruction Yeah,"

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