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Listen To Our Hearts

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Listen To Our Hearts

  • Listen To Our Hearts - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    "How do you explain, how do you describe A love that goes from east to west And runs as deep as it is wide You know all our hopes, You know all our fears Words cannot express the love we feel But we long"
  • Listen - Cindy Morgan
    "Cindy Morgan: Listen Would you listen, would you listen There's a baby crying down in Bethlehem Would you listen, would you listen To the voice of hope that's ringing through the land People listen, listen But"
  • Our hearts - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Only holding onis this what you want?is this what you want?dreams are falling apart as were only holding onambition gets oldwhen our hearts lie to usour hearts break our trust as were only holding onwe"
  • Listen - Dwight Yoakam
    "Listen In the places you hide Listen Through the stillness inside Yeah, yeah, yeah listen To the words that are near And try to hear Whoa hoa. Listen Take one less step away Please listen Love may persuade"
  • Listen - Urban Species
    "Listen to the rhythm, listen to the rhyme Listen to the clock tick tock the hands of time Ticking, tocking, constantly revolving Listen to the problems of the world who need solving Listen to the child"
  • Listen - Ron Sexsmith
    "Listen And I'll tell you how Much I'd love to hold you now If you listen You'll hear my heart pound Whenever you're around me Listen To that robin sing At our window welcoming The promise of an early"
  • Listen - Ryan Tedder
    "Listen to the sound x8 You said that I would be the one Always making promises But never live it up It's a complicated situation You mixed the birds with the bees and imagination So we took another chance The"
  • Listen - Believable Picnic
    "I stopped to listen, to a voice In my head Can you tell me, what you Just said The words of him & her & you Can't seem to hear me I stopped to rest a bit, to Crash in my bed The phone just kept ringing The"
  • Listen - Styles
    "I gotta few things I wanna ask the Lord Why my people gotta be so poor, feel me and why's it so rough when you're young and black They say you go to jail or get strung on crack Why the girl have a baby"
  • Listen - FFH
    "Voices are everywhere, and theyre screaming at us: use me, buy me, believe me. Weve got voices all over our culture: chat rooms, commercials, billboards, and bumper stickers, and they all want our immediate"
  • Listen - Black
    "Little queen beware, fashion tempers flare, and they light up with a brilliant glare page after page, after page, after page, after page. A hollow vase only costs ten pounds but an empty vessel makes the"
  • Listen - Jennifer Nettles
    "Come on over sir and let me buy you a drink Cause everyone in the world is simply dying to know just what you think Yes we value your opinion as a measure of our self-worth Yeah you've been in this business"
  • Listen To Me - Buddy Holly
    "(Hardin / Petty) Listen to me and hold me tight And you will see our love so right Hold me darling, listen closely to me Your eyes will see what love can do Reveal to me your love so true Listen to me,"
  • Only Our Hearts - Paul McCartney
    "If only my love was here I'd be taking the time to feel it Washing over my body and soul If only my love, only my love was here I wish that my heart was strong I'd be letting it beat, much faster"
  • Break our hearts - Vineyard
    "Teach us oh Lord what it really means,To rend our hearts instead of outer thingsAnd teach us oh God what we do not seeAbout our hearts and of your waysAnd Father deal with our carnal desiresTo move in"
  • Our broken hearts - Lostprophets
    "(Scene from Top Gun 2)So you say, that I say That everythings ok But if you look the other way You'd see that life is leaving And you say, that I say You're tearing it apart But it was never meant to start"
  • Our Bleeding Hearts - Great Northern
    "Here is a song for the only one They you know that you never knew You're still looking for The softest things you never quite see But you know they are true So let them carry you They're there for you And"
  • Hearts - Yes
    "(Anderson/Squire/Rabin/White/Kaye) Hearing - Talking - Yes I - Love you Set your heart sail on the river Look around you as you drift downstream Pouring souls into the ocean Take account of all you've"
  • Hearts - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon Change We Must Hearts (Jon Anderson/Trevor Rabin/Chris Squire) Hearing, talking, yes I love you Set your heart, sail along the river Look around as you drift downstream Pouring souls into"
  • Circles To Hearts - Bombs and Beating Hearts
    "Do you remember when we were friends such a long time ago? When we would skateboard and dumpsterdive in the sun rain and snow? When we would meet up down by the river and imagine a world, One where the"

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