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Listen to my heart beat beat beat

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Listen to my heart beat beat beat

  • Heart Beat - Mavado
    "O yes girl Just gonna let you know (Girl you know) Gangsta mi love you fi life I can't believe What I saw With my two eyes This girl who made My world spin around When she passed me by I want you to know That"
  • Beat, beat, beat - G.G. Allin
    "Beat, beat, beat, be my beat girlI don't care if it hurts, I'll start to screamBeat, beat, beat, beat on meCome on bitch and take a chanceBeat, beat, beat, beat on meGet yourself a treatBeat, beat, beat,"
  • Heart Beat - Wishbone Ash
    "Is it a crime to love a woman, To give her everything? People change, she goes away, And you're left with nothing. You've been together for so long, That's what's makin' it hard, Just like an old-fashioned"
  • Perfect Beat - Talib Kweli
    ""Check this out..." Hooooooooooooo~! (HEY DJ!) WHAT? ("I know you're gonna dig this") Yeah, yeah, yeh yeh! KRS, ohhhh~! Talib Kweli Talib this is crazy, yo this is crazy Hah... what'chu doin? Throw"
  • Black Beat - Black Beat
    "Uh gothongi jinachyo uh jinaborin jigum uh jwajorhan shigandul yeah cuz that's how we do it Ijekaji himdurohedon shigan moduda tonaga take it black to the beat ijenun senggaghajima urirul magul suga"
  • The Beat Of My Heart - Foreigner
    "Ooh the beat of my heart Ooh the beat of my heart Always here I'll be close to you But you won't see me On the street or underground I'll be there somewhere You can look around You can listen out But"
  • Beat traitor - Trax
    "You gotta make a deal though you'll be a heel Go away the highway to downtown And get mixed with a crowd Shouting anger without voice You gotta make up your face and past Nobody can find your truth Ah!"
  • Dope Beat - Boogie Down Productions
    "I got a dope beat? You got a dope beat I got a dope beat.. We got a dope beat I got a DOPE beat.. You got a dope beat I got a DOPE BEAT!! WE GOT A DOPE BEAT!! My name is at the top of all"
  • Every beat - Jimmy Barnes
    "Oh darling I just got to let you know I just can't stand it When I have to let you go If you only knew How I hunger for you With every beat of my heart You call me on the phone Just to test my love But"
  • Beat Angels - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Begging round the sun beaten streets I can't make me no connections Locals here no speak no English Where is my woman, well no one knows Ah well, some girls just have to leave in the night While you're"
  • Every Beat - Five
    "In every beat Beat of my heart I have a question in mind One I don't understand And that's when love makes me crazy It seems the harder I try Find I'm alone again Holding my head in my hands When all"
  • Morning Beat - Brian Wilson
    "Maumamayama glory, Hallelujah Maumamayama glory, Hallelujah The sun burns a hole through the 6am haze Turns up the volume and shows off its rays Another dodger blue skies is crowning L.A. The city of"
  • Beat Surrender - The Jam
    "Beat surrender - Come on boy, come on girl Succumb to the beat surrender All the things that I care about (are packed into one punch) All the things that I'm not sure about (are sorted out at once) And"
  • Beat Street - Grandmaster Flash
    "Beat Street Breakdown, Raah! Hip Hop! Beat Street The king of the beat You see him rocking that beat from across the street And Huh Huh! Beat Street is a lesson too, because you can't let the Streets"
  • Foolish Beat - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: There was a time when Broken hearts and broken dreams Were over. There was a place where All you could do was Wish on a four leaf clover. But now is a new time There is a new place Where dreams"
  • Beat Boy - Die Antwoord
    "Yo DJ Hi-Tek Drop the motherfuckin' beatbox dog Bring that next-level shit Uh, yo, for real That's what I'm talking about Check it out Totally psychic, open your mind quick as the vibe kicks Moederfok"
  • Beat Club - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(feat. Sebastin, Sin, Troy Mitchell) BEAT CLUB! Untitled, uhh uhh, uhh - YES Uhh uhh, uhh, YES, uhh uhh Uhh uhh Timbaland, uhh, uhh uhh Uhh, uhh uhh - YES, uhh One, two, three, here we go! Yo, who"
  • Beat Club - Timbaland
    "f/ Sebastin, Sin, Troy Mitchell (Timbaland) BEAT CLUB! Untitled, uhh uhh, uhh - YES Uhh uhh, uhh, YES, uhh uhh Uhh uhh Timbaland, uhh, uhh uhh Uhh, uhh uhh - YES, uhh One, two, three, here we go! (Troy"
  • Beat Of Heart - Hilary Duff
    "To the beat of my... To the beat of my... To the beat of my heart. I'm thinking about letting it out, I wanna give in, I wanna go out been looking around I've finally found the rhythm of love the feeling"
  • Beat By Beat - Shades Apart
    "riding a wave of summer air the girl with the technicolor hair pure overkill zero to sixty standing still nothing can ever slow her down breaking the speed of sound she doesn care as long as the music"

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