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Listen to you hart

  • Listen - Michelle Tumes
    "Over the fields And silently I go Listen, listen, listen Over the waves And into the morrow Listen, listen, listen Thunderous sound Oh, rocking in my footsteps Echoes resound so I can hear (chorus) Listen,"
  • Listen - Neil Diamond
    "Listen You don't even know my name But I wear it just the same And you know I won't be long Will you listen to my song Listen Play it here with my guitar Gonna make someone a star You can even sing along When"
  • Listen - Vaya Con Dios
    "I'd hoped you were sorry For things that you've said But now disillusion's All I feel instead Your head is a mess And you scream and you shout 'Cos you were born jealous Forever in doubt Listen, Listen"
  • Listen - Cindy Morgan
    "Cindy Morgan: Listen Would you listen, would you listen There's a baby crying down in Bethlehem Would you listen, would you listen To the voice of hope that's ringing through the land People listen, listen But"
  • Listen - Dwight Yoakam
    "Listen In the places you hide Listen Through the stillness inside Yeah, yeah, yeah listen To the words that are near And try to hear Whoa hoa. Listen Take one less step away Please listen Love may persuade"
  • Listen - Amos Lee
    "Listen Listen to them church bells ringin', listen Listen you can hear them hounds a callin' off in the distance If you listen Travel You'll find that men and women all have trouble If you travel You"
  • Listen - Ewa Sonnet
    "Listen I’ve got soemthing to say Yeah /2x I know you’re the type of guy Who likes what catch the eye And wehn you come to me I bet you didn;t ralize I kow the way you’e used to things And the way you"
  • Listen - Urban Species
    "Listen to the rhythm, listen to the rhyme Listen to the clock tick tock the hands of time Ticking, tocking, constantly revolving Listen to the problems of the world who need solving Listen to the child"
  • Listen - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Why are you so green How can you say that to me? When did you fall from grace? You've got a dirty face And it's killin' me Why don't you listen? Why don't you listen to me? I'm drownin' but I never felt"
  • Listen - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Why are you so greenHow can you say that to me?When did you fall from grace?You've got a dirty faceAnd it's killin' meWhy don't you listen?Why don't you listen to me?I'm drownin' but I never felt so freeCan"
  • Listen - Billy Idol
    "What's it like to play a part? What's it like to have a wooden heart? Every word you say is so rehearsed You think your clothes and actions control the universe Listen, what you'd better do Listen,"
  • Listen - Heavy D
    "(Q-Tip) Yo, Yo what listen Come in the jam and do what say Yo Listen People come around you need to listen Clear that shit out your ear and just listen What come on nigga yo come on listen What say what"
  • Listen - Ron Sexsmith
    "Listen And I'll tell you how Much I'd love to hold you now If you listen You'll hear my heart pound Whenever you're around me Listen To that robin sing At our window welcoming The promise of an early"
  • Listen - Chicago
    "Listen, If you think that we're here for the money You couldn't be right, you know(owowow) But the bread is not too good here It could be so natural I said all you got to do is listen Listen, If you don't"
  • Listen - TQ
    "Lend me your ear (listen)Won't you listen?Listen (listen)ListenListenGranddaddy was a hustlaOn the dirt roadHim and his brotherStayed sharper than a motherfuckerThat nigga stayed on the cornerStacy Adams"
  • Listen - The Panic Channel
    "Wait the rain will come and soon enough to wash away all that we've loved here it comes listen stop the dialogs and the debates good things will come along just wait in time listen and you"
  • Listen - Panic Channel
    "Wait The rain will come and soon enough To wash away all that we've loved Here it comes Listen Stop The dialogs and the debates Good things will come along just wait In time Listen And you feel like"
  • Listen - Endo
    "sell, sell everything's for sale hey there kid you're looking kind of pale victim of society's hell sell your soul for the dollar bill reach up to the sky make me high walk on water rise and shine listen,"
  • Listen - Ryan Tedder
    "Listen to the sound x8 You said that I would be the one Always making promises But never live it up It's a complicated situation You mixed the birds with the bees and imagination So we took another chance The"
  • Listen - Beyoncé
    "Listen, To the song here in my heart A melody I've start But can't complete Listen, to the sound from deep within It's only beginning To find release Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard They"

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