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Lita ford close may ays

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Lita ford close may ays

  • Ford Madox Ford - Ass Ponys
    "sarah stood upon the bridge on the railing, near the edge the only thing that brought her in was a book that she had read the novel's name was long since lost never mind the cost the only thing she could"
  • Close My Eyes (W/Ozzy) - Lita Ford
    "Lita: Baby, I get so scared inside and I don't really understand, Is it love that is on my mind, or is it fantasy Ozzy: Heaven, is in the palm of my hand, and its waiting here for you What am I supposed"
  • Close My Eyes Forever - Lita Ford
    "Baby I get so scared inside, and I don't really understand Is it love that's on my mind, or is it fantasy? Heaven Is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you What am I supposed to do with"
  • Close Your Eyes Forever ( With Ozzy Osbourne) - Lita Ford
    "Baby I get so scared inside, and I don't really understand Is it love that's on my mind, or is it fantasy? Heaven Is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you What am I supposed to do with"
  • Cigarette lit - Dave Matthews Band
    "Cigarette Lit My plans to quit And I know I can and I know I will forget it Stuck here I need something quick Just to stop me thinking Always out Always in Is coming to me Excuse me please What have you"
  • Ford - Valentina Dorme
    "Fossi stata con me stanotte non so che fine avresti fatto perch la mia Ford si capovolta due o forse tre volte Tu non c'eri non ci sei e non ci sarai mai E un'esplosione di cristalli e scintille un surf"
  • Close - Camouflage
    "They're creeping on, through your mind, won't you think it over. We know the scenes, they're marching on with torches, peeping from inside, with evil's eyes. the ferris wheel is turning, the tale is told"
  • Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight - Lita Ford
    "(Ford, Ehmig) I found hunger in the fields of plenty I found freedom in a ball and chain I found madness in the voice of reason I found mercy at the hangmans gate Ive held the world in the palm of"
  • Black - Lita Ford
    "(Ford/Ehmig) Black, is it dark enough? Is it hot or cold or stark enough? Black, is it dirty or sad? Is it old or cruel or broken or bad? Black, is it all you see When you close your eyes, you think"
  • Loverman - Lita Ford
    "(Ford, Ehmig) *When the river dont run, and the night wont fall When I fear the touch,of the highways call When I close my eyes and the dreams wont come When the world has set me free Will you still"
  • Playin' With Fire - Lita Ford
    "I could see a strange fire burning up in you The first time I looked in your eyes I could feel sparks fly dangerous and true Straight through this heart of mine Now, I ain't afraid to take the things"
  • Broken Dreams - Lita Ford
    "I see the picture You're so broken hearted But can I steal a little love from you tonight I'd tell you whispers, a little story That there's a place in my heart for you tonight But why must we be"
  • Tambourine Dream - Lita Ford
    "Sail away, my crystal ship 'Cross the diamond sea Hear the sweet song of a morning star On a distant tambourine I could hear a heart of thunder Callin' me from across the lonely sea tonight The spell"
  • Bad Boy - Lita Ford
    "7 o'clock and I'm hangin' here Thinking where I'd rather be The same ol' dive and the same ol' jerks Are tryin' to take a piece of me I think I need a hit, 'cause I'm sick of this shit I guess there's"
  • Holy Man - Lita Ford
    "Lead me into temptation Save me with your healing hands Show me the fires of creation Baby be my holy man Flames in the Garden of Eden Heaven in pieces at my feet I faced the raging ruin Of a million"
  • Maya - Vandroya
    "I close my eyes, kissed by the morning sun, it's first rays of light Wondering why I am walking in this earth There was dark night, the deepest pain, why I've been so blind? Winters of ice, illusions of"
  • May You - Everon
    "We hide when it's close But reach out from the distance For the love we need For the warmth we seek We all share the same hope That one day we'll find the right one Who is worth our trust Whose heart"
  • Family Ford - Earthlings?
    "do you know like they know? begging tomorrow to understand it happy people love, the jealous fire. they are the family ford they are the family ford blue moon rising west sunset universal love sirens"
  • MUSTANG FORD - John's Children
    "Ma-ma-ma-ma... Ma-ma-ma my Mustang Ford It's all put together with alligator leather and My baby she dont know just what to do My baby says "Hey keep cool, you" She dont realise I'm hypnotised"
  • Ford Econoline - Nanci Griffith
    "She drove west from Salt Lake City to the California coastline She hit the San Diego Freeway doing sixty miles an hour She had a husband on her bumper She had five restless children She was singing sweet"

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