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Lite do you now

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Lite do you now

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Lite do you now
  • TQ Lite skinned freckle face
    "Mmm Yeah, this is for mama This one right here goes out to my favorite girl (my mama) Me? I call her Lite-skinned freckle face (I love my mama) Yes indeed, love her to death (my mama) So baby girl, check"
  • One Vo1ce Lite My Fire
    "I've been looking for someone who could do me like the way that you do. I've searched high & low but boy you know, I only wanna give it to you. (Hook) Don't you wanna get back with me? Baby maybe we"
  • Deee-Lite Deee-Lite Theme
    "Are You Ready?.....NOoooo From the global village in the age of communication New York City Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Funky Town (Deeeeeeeee-Lite) (Deeeeeeee-Lite) Huh...Cool Real Fresh Mmmmmm.....Mmmmmm....mmmm.....mmmm....mmmm New"
  • Buck-O-Nine Nite Lite
    "can't you see me smilin' that's me upon the silver screen can't you see me lyin' lyin' in my bed at night as i dream in the misty moonlight by the flickering firelight and everything is alright as"
  • Dilana Do You Now
    "I want you right here I want you right now Why don't you come on over Why don't you do it now I wanna do you now Na, na, na ... So you called me up You said you're comin' round So you stood me up Yeah,"
  • Nerf Herder Blue Lite Special
    "its a really good deal that you cannot deny the ultimate steal and a heck of a buy it wont cost a lot of money and it wont take much time for just a few dollars you can have something fine if you wait"
  • Rabbit Junk I Vote Bolshevik Lite
    "i will bring you the truth it's 1917 all over again about a bloody revolution that's about to begin i got my torch and pitch fork got the day off work and i'm joining with the rabble 'cause today i'm down"
  • Amos Tori Caught A Lite Sneeze
    "Amos Tori Boys For Pele Caught A Lite Sneeze Caught a lite sneeze caught a lite breeze caught a lightweight lightningseed boys on my left side boys on my right side boys in the middle and you're not here"
  • Tori Amos Caught A Lite Sneeze
    "Caught a lite sneeze caught a lite breeze Caught a lightweight lightingseed Boys on my left side Boys on my right side Boys in th emiddle And you're not here I need a big oan From the girl zone Building tumbling"
  • Voltaire Caught A Lite Sneeze
    "Caught a lite sneeze Caught a lite breeze Caught a lightweight lightning seed Boys on my left side Boys on my right side Boys in the middle and you're not here I need a big loan from the girl zone Building"
  • Evans Blue Caught A Lite Sneeze
    "Caught a light sneeze Caught a light breeze Caught a lightweight lightning seed You're on my left side You're on my right side I'm in the middle And you're not here I need a big loan from the girl zone Building,"
  • Danni Minogue Who do you love now
    "Where do we go now?I don't knowInnocence overFading fastAnd it's hard to know what you're thinkingWhen you hide inside you headYou're still promising perfection, perfectionWith empty wordsWith empty wordsWith"
  • Dannii Minogue Who Do You Love Now?
    "Ahh Where do we go now? I don't know Innocence over Fading fast And it's hard to know what you're thinking When you hide inside your head You're still promising perfection, perfection With empty words With"
  • Bert Jansch Do You Hear Me Now
    "Freedom fighters, speak with your tongues Sing with the might of the wind In your lungs, do you hear me now? My mama told me, papa said it too "Son, the world's divided and you know Your cause is true","
  • Deborah Cox Who do you love now
    "(Morale Mix)Hmmm-ohhh Dum dum dum dum dum dum Dum oh oh oh oh Ohhh, yeah Who do U love? Who do U love? Yeah Oh, oh Ooh Yeah Last night I slept alone I stayed at home for the first time since youve been"
  • Cappella Do You Run Away Now
    "Why do you runaway now? Why do you runaway now? Circuits activated 4x Circuits activated Circuits activated Circuits activated Why do you runaway now? Do you run away now You're gonna let me"
  • Jimmy Wayne Do You Believe Me Now
    "Do you remember The day I turned to you and said I didn't like the way he was looking at you Yeah How he made you laugh You just couldn't get what I was saying It was my imagination So do you believe"
  • 98 Mute How do you feel now
    "What would you say if I said I dont want you anymore? What would you think if I left your bags outside of the door? How would you feel if I knew all about your little lies? What would you do if I saw right"
  • Vern Gosdin Do you believe me now
    "Dont you think you should have called to tell me you were coming down oh you look so out of place on this troubled side of town its a place where losers go when they know theres nothing left and after"
  • Icon & The Black Roses Who Do You Hurt Now
    "Don't you ever go outside afraid of what is waiting He said "the world is so cruel sweet baby and I'me the one you can call for help" But you know that's not the answer 'Cause you're lost and so afraid Right"

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