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Little mix black window

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Little mix black window

  • Window Grin - Kelly Joe Phelps
    "watch it bounce like water, meat under the stone throw up a leg and try to be your way back home smell the coffee boil in the corner pot everything's in it but i can't make it stop i ain't been drinking"
  • Window - Genesis
    "(Phillips/Rutherford) Slowly I stretch out my arms, freely Shadows of night disappear Rise from the slough of despond, find the pathway Guiding us forward through pastures of dream day Days to enjoy,"
  • Little black heart - A
    "I never saw sunlight Burn as bright I never felt darkness The way I feel it tonight You say it's getting better You say it's allright But I never felt darkness Like I feel it tonight Little black heart"
  • Little Black Heart - Oceanlab
    "I Never Saw Sunlight Burn As Bright I Never Felt Darkness The Way I Feel It Tonight You Say It's Getting Better You Say It's Allright But I Never Felt Darkness Like I Feel It Tonight Little Black Heart Raindrops"
  • Little Black Heart - A-ha
    "I never saw sunlight Burn as bright I never felt darkness The way I feel it tonight You say it's getting better You say it's allright But I never felt darkness Like I feel it tonight Little black heart Raindrops"
  • Black Magic - Little Mix
    "All the girls on the block knocking at my door! Wanna know what it is make the boys want more! Is your lover playing on your side? Said he loves you, But he ain't got time. Here's the answer. Come and"
  • Black Window Pt.2 - RZA
    "thats right, thats right, thats right yeah check this shit out nam sayin this is dedicated to all my hoes nam sayin all my babies mothers nam sayin all my bitches nam sayin let me tell a motherfucker something ya'll"
  • Window over the bay - Vashti Bunyan
    "I wish I had a window over the bayAnd a black horse grazing on the green all dayI wish I had a well to draw my water fromAnd a warm log fire for when the summer is goneI wish I had a window over the bayAnd"
  • Little Window Open Up - Beatbeat Whisper
    "yesterday was emptied between speeding cars and the cover of a willow weeping gracefully into the echo of a sound that was spinning out loud (the message slid down the street and whispered through the"
  • My Little Blue Window - Elvis Costello
    "This is a calling card Maybe it will be a farewell note The poison fountain pen now requires the antidote But if I avert your gaze And I should become a shrinking flower Just punch me on the arm This could"
  • Black Chiney Gal Riddim Mix 2 - Mr. Vegas
    "Cant u see what i've been goin thru cause i wanna be with u baby, dont u wanna be with me? changes i've been goin thru cause i wanna be with u baby. dont u wanna be with me? ( cecile ) ah listen"
  • The Window - Trout Fishing In America
    ""This is the nursery rhyme polka, and there're lots of bands these days giving requests for a nursery rhyme polka, but we're the only band that i know who does one. This is a song called The Window, and"
  • Project Window - Nas
    "(feat. Ron Isley) Black hoods, cops 'n projects sewers flooded with foul blockage The gutter's wild and every child watches Changin top locks with ripped off hinges doors kicked off, drunks stag off smirnoff,"
  • The Window - The Mars Volta
    "Hes got fasting black lungs Made of clove splintered shardes Theyre the kind that will talk Through a weezing of coughs And I hear him every night in every pore And every time he just makes me warm Freeze"
  • Supermodel (Mix) - RuPaul
    "(Once upon a time There was a little black girl In the Brewster Projects of Detroit, Michigan At fifteen, She was spotted by an Ebony Fashion Fair talent scout And her modeling career took off) You better"
  • Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys
    "Little black submarines Operator please Put me back on the line Told my girl I'd be back Operator please This is wreckin' my mind Oh, can it be The voices calling me They get lost And out of time I should've"
  • (Little Pussy Mix) - Terminal Choice
    ""animal (little pussy mix)" you're body looks like sin I think I want to taste you I can smell your skin but I just want to use you I don't want you and I don't need you going to f**k you like an animal I"
  • Little Black Angel - Death In June
    "Black angel, black angel As you grow up I want you to drink From the plenty cup My little black angel My little black angel My little black angel as years go by I want you to fly with wings held high I"
  • Little black princess - The Brothers
    "Little Black Princess Little Black Princess in the red summerdress in the middle of the winter that's how I like You best Little Black Princess sitting right next to me I like it when you smile at but"
  • Little Black Sandals - Sia
    "I'm being dragged down, down by the hand The hand of a golden giant man He's crushing my knuckles and splitting my skin He says he will let go if only I ask it of him He says girl it's your call, you wanna"

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