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Little one highly suspect

  • Lydia - Highly Suspect
    "Black ocean, cold and dark I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn't swim Tell me what's worse than this And it echoes in the halls They danced along"
  • Highly strung - Spandau Ballet
    "This is the song of little Jo she's not the girl I used to know forever screaming all the day and night she used to be a diplomat but now she's down the laundromat they washed her mind and now she finds"
  • Usual Suspect - Big Noyd
    "(Big Noyd) yea, yea, yea, I didn forget about the Queensbridge mothafuckas Roll the Mobb Deep in this mothafucka, yea, yea Mario drop the beat...yea, uh Rappin' Noyd 'Bout ta destroy any man, woman, man,"
  • Suspect N - O.G.C.
    "(Starang Wondah) Yo it's that real nigga shit That make the real niggas get Buckwild, jumpin out they whips So I been Fresh like the Prince ever since grade 6 Can't turn back, I ain't been the same since You"
  • Suspect My Tears - Elvis Costello
    "Do you remember how to say please? You've had your own way for such a long time Your lash is sweet now, I dry your cheek You think I'm powerless when you weep You may have something, I don't deny You look"
  • Suspect Chin Music - Method Man
    "(feat. Street Life) Suspect chin niggas, no win niggas send niggas back to go, try again niggas all hail me, the good the bag the ugily the money's around your way, lovely where for art thou Meth-tical"
  • Suspect - Daniel Powter
    "Take me down ... Tonight, I'll walk Sit down and let me know my rights Tell about, tell about someone else I know it, I know it This time is suspect there are I talk and give me you the time Chorus: And"
  • Suspect - Nas
    "[45 seconds of talking/skit] It was a murder Jake just hit the corner people swarming Three in the morning I jumped out my cab like "Fuck, niggaz is buck," mega bloodshed, the tapes red I heard some"
  • Suspect - Orange 9mm
    "That depends, is it gone, is it gone First words to fly from the pessimist's gun So wouldn't you take them for what they are Just words, just words Taken for what they are They can still tear down our"
  • Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Inflammable material is planted in my head It's a suspect device that's left 2000 dead Their solutions are our problems They put up the wall On each side time and prime us And make sure we get fuck all They"
  • Highly Exalted - Joe Pace
    "Chorus: Glory to God in the highest. Glory to God in the highest praise. You are the Lord, God Almighty, You are highly exalted over all the earth. Bridge: You are great and glorious, ever watching over"
  • Highly Suspicious - My Morning Jacket
    "Wasting time home alone dotting your "i's". Peanut butter pudding surprise! Ain't nobody care what's going on in your mind-- but they got they eye on your prize... I'm highly suspicious of you. Now daddy's"
  • Highly Favoured - Amy Grant
    "Who I have become in You Is grace beyond all measure In the light of all You are Who am I to be found here? Who I have become in You Is grace beyond all measure Raised to life and crowned with love Jesus,"
  • Highly Evolved - The Vines
    "I'm feelin happy So highly evolved My times a riddle that'll never be solved Dreamin for somethin Reachin for somethin Just waitin for the sun to carry me in If you feel low You can buy love From"
  • Highly inflammable - X Ray Spex
    "Highly inflammable waiting to explode neurotic tensions risen overflowed you thought i was a woman i thought you were a man but i was tinkerbell and you were peter pan influenced by the fashion pages influenced"
  • Highly Inflammable - X-Ray Spex
    "Highly inflammable waiting to explode Neurotic tensions risen overflowed Thought I was a woman, thought you were a man I was Tinkerbell and you were Peter Pan Influenced by the fashion pages influenced"
  • Suspect Device - Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
    "Inflammable material planted in my head It's a suspect device that's left 2000 dead Their solution is our problem They put up a wall On each side time and prime us And make sure we get fuck all They play"
  • Little One - Chicago
    "(Words and music by Danny Seraphine, David "Hawk" Wolinski & Dominic Frontiere) Little one it's so nice to have you near me To feel once again the love you bring here Ooh my little one, I am sorry for"
  • Aspect Suspect - KDD
    "Quoi ? Pourquoi tu me regardes ? Je suis pas Jack l'Eventreur, C'est bon tu peux baisser ta garde, Stoppe ta mgarde. Les gardes me bardent de questions la con Ils tournent en rond, Contrlent mes"
  • Little one - L7
    "I know your scared and little uptight Things just have not been right Be alright, it'll be alright We're gonna have fun tonight, yeah My little one A lot of shit is on your mind Blow it off there ain't"

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