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Little pretty'

  • Pretty - Tara MacLean
    "Thats a pretty little friend ya got there Can't she introduce herself? Can't you look me in the eye tonight? Am I missing something? That's a pretty little dress she's wearing. Do you know how to take"
  • Pretty pretty - The Early November
    "Early in the morning, wake up to a bright blue skylightning comes at any time to break it down and make it uglyI know that it's just for me'cause no one else can feel or understandthat's alright because"
  • Pretty Little Neighbor - Giant Drag
    "Pretty little neighbor I love you pretty little neighbor love you love you pretty little neighbor I love you pretty little neighbor love you love you pretty little neighbor love me like I love you pretty"
  • Pretty Little Nightmare - Stefy
    "I am orange gumdrop Stuck in your mouth I am mother's milk That's all gone bad I'm so pretty, yeah I'm so pretty, yeah I'm so pretty, yeah I'm so pretty tonight Yeah I'm pretty tonight, tonight, tonight I'm"
  • Pretty Little Babies - Weeping Willows
    "Pretty little babies innocent and clean pretty little babies born to me machines born to be has-beens. Deep inside something cries I know that I was born to give I know that I was born to live and not"
  • Pretty Little Thing - Cold Chisel
    "Pretty little thing there's a smoky moon Pretty little thing up between the dunes Pretty little thing there's a place I know Pretty little thing, lets go I say yeah, yeah, yeah, Pretty little thing, I"
  • Pretty Little Song - Sesame Street
    "Man: I know a song, and it goes like this: "Hmm-mmm" It's a pretty little song, and it goes like this: "Hmm-mmm" I can't remember how the rest of it goes But, one fine morning, I suppose I'll remember"
  • Pretty Little Girl - All
    "She's a pretty little girl So she's never alone You see her pretty walking by And want her for your own In every room she's in Every eye's on her Memorizing every line Every move and every curve Of all"
  • Pretty Little Cemetary - Ron Sexsmith
    "Pretty little cemetery on a summer's day Walking with my family, stopping on the way To read the epitaphs and wonder at the graves Pretty little cemetery on a summer's day Pretty little monument beneath"
  • Pretty Little Baby - Connie Francis
    "Pretty little baby, (Yah, yah) Pretty little baby, (Yah, yah) Pretty little baby, You say that maybe, You'll be thinkin' of me, And try to love me, Pretty little baby, I'm hoping that you do-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo! You"
  • Pretty Little Miss - Patty Loveless
    "Shady Grove, Pretty little miss Shady Grove my darlin Shady Grove, Pretty little miss Goin back to Harlem Well, the boys all call me pretty little miss, it dont ever phase me But everytime he calls my"
  • PRETTY LITTLE LIE - Blackberry Smoke
    "Come over here and sit by me Tell me everything I wanna hear I'll pretend that I don't see The reason you're back over here You look cold I'll build a fire There's a box full of wine in the fridge We won't"
  • Pretty Little Head - Paul McCartney
    "Hillmen, Hillmen, Hillmen, Hillmen. Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh. Hillmen Come Down From The Lava. Forging Across The Mighty River Flow. Oh, Oh. Always Forever, Only So You Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Head. Ursa"
  • Pretty Little Adriana - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill) You sure have a pretty smile It sure has been a while Since I've felt your touch You've got the sweetest way I think about you every day I miss you so much Oh my pretty little Adriana Are"
  • Pretty Little Baby - Marvin Gaye
    "(Clarence Paul/Marvin Gaye/Dave Hamilton) Darling, please stay, don't go away (If you leave me) What a heartache, for heaven's sake (Don't you need me?) Don't leave me blue of wanting you (How could I"
  • Pretty Little Thing - Doug Bragg
    "When she leaves She's just asking To be followed When she walks out All she wants is To be lead All my boys say She's just asking for it And I aint sayin' nothing She couldn't care less (Oh oh) Wearing"
  • Pretty little flower - Ashanti
    "I'm a pretty little flower baby baby ya gotta gotta be fragile with me with me I'm a pretty little flower baby don't crush me baby don't hurt me baby baby. Can you be my dream come true it's been a long"
  • Pretty Little Angel - IAMX
    "She wants one For nothing To keep it Reacting Controlled then Forever She was And never felt better She's open She's wildlife Caressing The bright life Religious Pleasure to pain The kiss The kill The"
  • Pretty Little Miss - The Stanley Brothers
    "Pretty little miss out in the garden Strange young man came riding by Down at the gate he did address her Saying pretty little miss won't you marry me Oh no my love is on the ocean Seven years out on"
  • Pretty Little Angel - Moonbootica
    "She wants one for nothing To keep it reacting Control then for ever She was and never felt better She's open, she's wild life Caressing the pride life Religious, pleasure to pain The kiss, the kill, the"

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