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Live for now

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Live for now

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Live for now
  • A Global Threat Live For Now
    "A Global Threat Miscellaneous Live For Now i see you everday on your way home from work your feeling run down in your slacks and company shirt rotting in a cubical thats 5x4 i can't stand"
  • Bananarama Live Now
    "I'm living in a darkened room Where all the lights are low Smokey, poky And I've been around too long It's easier to cry When you've forgotten how to laugh And when they tried to warn me Well they"
  • Nas Live Now
    "Live now niggaz, there's no promise of a second time around, put it down We'll just live now, there's no reason why you shouldn't, everything is up to you All you gotta do is just, live now, we spending Not"
  • Soul Asylum You'll Live For Now
    "Some people ain't got no choice But we do Some people ain't got no voice But we do And if you don't wanna live, if you don't want to live I'll live for you And if you don't wanna live, if you don't want"
  • Cee-Lo Green Live (Right Now)
    "Rock Roll, roll, roll, roll Well, every time that you're allowed to see the morning sun It's a reminder that your life ain't done Wake up and live Wake up and live right now I keep believing I can fly,"
  • Crystal Lewis I Now Live
    "copyright Brian Ray Many people in the world walk around with a hole in the heart Many people in the world wanna fill that hole with the latest thing that's outta sight Many people in the world will never"
  • Atomic Kitten Right Now (Live)
    "makin' me feel that I want it Is makin me see that you know what I need Your breakin the rules cos you want it There's so much - you can do - that will make me see that Makin me love and adore you (baby) Is"
  • Peter Frampton For Now
    "Frampton/McDonald/Seskin 1995 I.R.S. Music Inc. and Mambadadi Music, Inc. (BMI) Love This Town Music (BMI) Almo Music Corp. and Comboplate Music (ASCAP) she buys me flowers this could be big brings me"
  • Stretch Armstrong For Now
    "don't you know you are my everything and don't you know you make my heart sing you've turned my world inside out now i know what life is about and it's you i can't live without you say for now just let"
  • Sick Of It All For Now
    "For now we'll try to keep, keep our P.M.A. For now we'll try to keep living our own way The man can't tell us how, tell us how to live It's not his place and we're not his fucking slaves Treat me badly,"
  • Jordin Sparks For Now
    "What you gonna do with your life? Everybody keeps asking me. They're only giving me so much time, to be who I'm supposed to be. What's wrong with who I am? Being right where I am? I keep wondering what's"
  • Melon Diesel Live, Live, Live
    "Yeah, the sun is shining It's so ever blinding yeah It fills my eyes with gladness Yeah, my life is turning It was ever burning, yeah And now the best things lie ahead So pick yourself up and never drop"
  • Zug Izland Live
    "Clear out your mind Look to your past and see what you can find Stole soul afraid Of the prophets perfect picture falls away Is this the life that we choose to live Or is this the life that has been giving Now"
  • Lenny Kravitz Live
    "Gettin' it straight in 98 y'all Tired of all the talk they're talkin' all over this town I'm tired of all the negativity that's going 'round We focus all our energy on things that bring us down Let's"
  • Crush Live
    "People say I'm crazy I'm starting to believe them I'll throw it all away for something I don't know I haven't lived my life yet Start to live my life right now and I need a way of achieving and I got a"
  • Onyx Live!!!
    "Let all the live niggas in Kick all the bitch ass niggas out We came to rock and shock the house Turn it out and out and out Aiyo, the words could get intricate, vocab's in my temple but I'ma do this"
  • Foghat Live Now, Pay Later
    "Dave Peverett - Riff Bros. Music - ASCAP I've got a '57 Cadillac with Batmobile wings, Pink and black striped interior that's fit for a king, No money down, fifty years to pay, be glad when it's mine, "Saw"
  • Kid Rock Live
    "Let me hear you say "Kid Rocks up on the stage" Hey slick, check it I'm the Rock you know, i'm gonna smoke it up So i can rock it through old school disco cuts I'm the crisco slick, checkin sisco's shit I'm"
  • Ellis Paul Live In The Now
    "I've got a farm house, It's a big white farmhouse And forty acres in my head You got a kitchen, It's an oak floor kitchen And a big brass feather bed And there in the parlor, An old upright piano And a"
  • Kelly Price I Live Here Now
    "She Couldn't Take It Anymore So She Got To Steppin' Out The Door So Many Years You Beat Her Down Now You've Got Another One Better Straighten Up There's A New Girl In Town I Live Here Now The Other"

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