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Living things sdy

  • Living - Bleach
    "You've heard this same old line A hundred times before And I'll come crawling back Cause I can't take much more Can't take much more The things I'm working for Yeah they just don't mean much Cause it"
  • Living - Society 1
    "Feeling bad Feeling bad Roughed up,laid up, all of it made up Screwed up. scraped up, make sure your laid up Feeling sad Feeling sad Your stuck, no luck, oh yes it must suck Upset, reset, no you can"
  • Things - Heart
    "Things aint what they used to be now I believe in all extremes Things aint what they used to be and that won't change till we're a hundred and three Let's never try to solve it babe ~ the equation of you"
  • The Dying Things We're Living For - My Silent Wake
    "I've seen the evil so many hands have done I've seen the beauty of the earth and of the setting sun And on my knees I've begged for battles to be won But when we bleed no more, what do we become? And"
  • Living Color - Jill Sobule
    "You've opened up my careful eyes... Woke up from a black and white slumber. I notice things I didn't before. I dream with you in Living Color... In Living Color, now. Fingertips touch a granite heart I"
  • Living Word - Fred Hammond
    "Bread of Life sent down from glory, Many things you were on earth, A holy king a carpenter, You are the living word (2x) Bread of heaven, sent down from Glory Many things you were on earth, A holy king,"
  • Living In - Bodyjar
    "I see you've got some time to waste You wish your dreams away Why don't you get that gun It could be so much fun We're biding our time together We're trying but it doesn't matter Because we're living"
  • Living Wreck - Mudhoney
    "Shoot for the stars My, my how lucky you are Shoot for the stars My, my how lucky you are Shoot for the stars My, my how lucky you are Shoot for the stars My, my how lucky you are C'mon too cool and collected Claiming"
  • Living Alone - Koufax
    "I'm not up for going out. At least not with the current crowd that you're hanging out with. And this is just to prove a point without saying it out loud. You said we'd need to leave town. And I'm not gonna"
  • Living Well - Velocity Girl
    "flipped out far, on cushioned seats burned out nicely 'cos now it's happening try to experience all the feelings that she loves, and then feel it come rushing to the top she loves madness, so disappear"
  • Living Proof - Robert Cray
    "She has everything And every one loves her A warm smile and a friendly hug Good looks Good looks ??? Everyone says it's a mistake That she's made a goof Any thing can happen cause she's here with me For"
  • Living Backwards - Aereogramme
    "I'm dead in the water, A silhouette turning over, I'll wait for you here. And I keep forgetting, Where I meant to be, oh so far, yet, oh so near. So tell me, just what are these gifts that you bring? This"
  • Living Forever - Genesis
    "I'm feeling so confused today they've gone and changed the rules again cos in my life I'm trying hard to do it all so I can remain healthy and sane I'll live forever, always one more tomorrow living forever,"
  • Living Proof - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well now on a summer night in a dusky room Come a little piece of the Lords undying light Crying like he swallowed the fiery moon In his mothers arms it was all the beauty I could take Like the missing"
  • Living Sacrifice - Yellow 5
    "How is it that? I can be full of such Love and hate It's you that I love so much And you who makes me Hate this life so much How can that be? Insomnia and depression Have their own ways of killing They"
  • Just Living - All
    "All Miscellaneous Just Living the phone is ringing as i dig for a pen. i change my face and answer and then, grope and sputter for the right thing to say. to earn another week, "see given"
  • Simple Living - Gym Class Heroes
    "I'm like 9 minutes away From finishing my 9 hour shift And wishing I was gone 9 hours ago Cause 9 hours wasted tossing back at this chicken I could have written 9 verses just in time for the show Slacker"
  • Living Years - Mike And The Mechanics
    "Every generation Blames the one before And all of their frustrations Come beating on your door I know that I'm a prisoner To all my Father held so dear I know that I'm a hostage To all his hopes and fears I"
  • American Living - Northstar
    "Let's sober up It's time to find that galaxy That was created and named after me But these rocket ships blew apart the entire ship So if you find some pieces just name them after me It's on fire It's"
  • Living Proof - Shooter Jennings
    "When I was just a young boy, my daddy came to me, said son Out in this world theres a lotta things that'll make you feel like your supposed to be. You don't have to read the good book, to be a good man"

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