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Lizz Wright - Stop

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Lizz Wright - Stop

  • Stop - Lizz Wright
    "Don't tell me to stop Tell the rain not to drop Tell the wind not to blow 'Cause you said so Tell me love isn't true It's just something we do Tell me everything I'm not Don't tell me to stop Tell the"
  • WRIGHT - Oscar
    "czy chciałeś już czegoś tak bardzo jak myśli o tym, co nie daje mi zasnąć? nie, jak myśli o tym, co nie daje mi zasnąć? daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje"
  • So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel
    "So long, Frank Lloyd Wright. I can't believe your song is gone so soon. I barely learned the tune So soon So soon. I'll remember Frank Lloyd Wright. All of the nights we'd harmonize till dawn. I never"
  • So long,frank lloyd wright - Simon And Garfunkel
    "So long,Frank Lloyd Wright.I can`t believe your song is gone so soon.I barely learned the tuneSo soonSo soon.I`ll remember Frank Lloyd Wright.All of the nights we`d harmonize till dawn.I never laughed"
  • Fire - Lizz Wright
    "Are you frightened by the fire in my eyes? It burns for you And I know you see it, too Your heart was open, looking for light Are you surprised? Baby, leave your pride 'Cause I'm gonna burn, right or"
  • Wright Me - Soulja Slim
    "Write me bitch, I'll write you back, (uh huh) I'm locked off in my cell, don't act like that Hoe, accept my call, I'll be home in a minute to fuck ya, oh Write me bitch, I'll write you back (uh huh) I'm"
  • Wright & Rong - Cigar
    "Just pretend you're wrong Escaped the high tide feeling cleared your head As such has led me to believe what couldn't go I knew this all along I just misplaced it Like the words I've said Held cherished"
  • Bracia Wright - Wysokilot
    "niec nie robi to sie nie myli czeka by wyśmiać błąd świat jet pełny takich debili chu* wie czego chcą nie chce słuchać tamtych opinii jebac ich durny sąd oni są jak wszyscy inni ale mnie to nudzi ziom mnie"
  • Hey Miss Wright - School Boy Humor
    "So trust me baby when I said maybe we can talk about what we both believe. Burned and broke we talk for hours about what we learned, about what we lost. and I know that this will break your heart, but"
  • You Deserve Feat Betty Wright - Nina Sky
    "feat. Betty Wright Talk: Now, you don't have to listen to me, but I really wish you would. You need to leave him today, I'm talkin'about for real. Cuz he just ain't no good. Verse 1: Knew tonite would"
  • Body Back (ft. Maia Wright) - Gryffin
    "who cares what the world’s gonna say cause you know there’s gonna say it anyway (and I know and I know that) who cares if they laugh at what we do? cause it’s only me and you that know the truth (and I"
  • Bye Bye (feat Dizzy Wright) - Cypress Hill
    "I rode the streets and my hood is just like a warzone You died if you put your use in defending your home If you hustling every day you hold on Come for mine Imma sing you a slow song Budum-bye, bye,"
  • Stop - Lincoln
    "You're like sugar to my salt You're innocent to my fault You go ahead, I turn back You retreat, I attack You float where as I tend to sink I'm on the wagon, you like to drink You're half-empty, I'm half-full You"
  • Stop stop stop - The Hollies
    "See the girl with cymbals on her fingers Entering through the door Ruby glistening from her navel Shimmering around the floor Bells on feet go ting-a ling-a linging Going through my head Sweat is falling"
  • Stop! Stop! Stop! - Nu Virgos
    "No I didn't trust him But he rushed me to feel Tried to mesmerize me and was All sex appeal Told me everything That I was longing to hear Shiny and handsome My souvenir And then all of a sudden I"
  • Stop - Nina Simone
    "All that I have is all that you've given me (Ohhhh) Did you never worry that I'd come to depend on you (Ohhhh) I gave you all the love I had in me Now I find you lied and I cant believe its true Oooh whoa"
  • Stop - Jamelia
    "All that I have is all that youve given me (ooh) Did you never worry that Id come to depend on you (oooh) I gave you all the love I had in me Now I find you lied and I cant believe its true Oooh"
  • Stop - Peter Frampton
    "I been waiting mutch too long In my heart you know I feel so strong We can rectify all this wasted time I need you to be my lover and my friend So this story will not end Stop Don't turn me down Stop I'll"
  • Stop - Zazie
    "Moi petit homme extraterrestre STOP je donne des signes de faiblesse STOP voyez la terre voyez ce qu'il en reste alors, c'est a la race humaine STOP c'est le progrs c'est le problme STOP c'est du ptrole au"
  • Stop - Dope
    "Can't you see that we are running out of time? I am dying, but I will not die! Somebody save me from myself. Somebody save me. Stop! Wait a minute. Stop sinking in it! Whoa, not again! Now, stop it,"

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