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  • Blame It On Your Love (feat. Lizzo) - Charli XCX
    "I blame it on I blame it on I blame it on I blame it on every time you get too close I run, I run away every time you say the words I don’t know what to say back to beginning really wish that I culd"
  • Rumors (feat. Cardi B) - Lizzo
    "They don’t know I do it for the culture, goddamn They say I should watch the shit I post oh goddamn Say Im turning big girls into hoes o goddam They say I get groupies at my shows o gaddamn All the rumors"
  • Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott) - Lizzo
    "I;ve been waitin; for this one turn it up slow songs they for skinny hoes can’t mve all of this here one of those I’m a thick bitch I need tempo fuck it up to the tempo pitty-pat /3x look at my ass it’s"
  • Good As Hell (feat. Ariana Grande) - Lizzo
    "Cause he better know my worth There’s so much that I deserve, But I ain’t worried now I’ma let my hair down he been trying it but not today so girl if he don’t love you anymore walk your fine ass "
  • Cuz I Love You - Lizzo
    "Cuz I Love You never been in love before what the fuck are fucking feelings yo once upon a time i was a ho i don't even wanna ho no mo' *Official Lyric Video"
  • Juice - Lizzo
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall Don't say it, 'cause I know I'm cute ooh, baby Louis down to my drawers LV all on my shoes ooh, baby I be dripping so much sauce Gotta been lookin’ like ragu Ohh, baby Lit"
  • Soulmate - Lizzo x Queer Eye
    "Yeah, the old me used to Love a gemini Like a threesome Fuckin’ whit him Every night A lotta two-faced people show me Both side So i figured out I gotta be my own type They used to say To get a man You"
  • Hardnock Life (Real Dr. Evil Version) - Jay-Z
    "take the base line out No?... u dont have to BOUNCE WIT IT It's the hard knock life for us It's the hard knock (yeah) life for us Steada treated, we get tricked steda kisses, we get kicked ITS THE"
  • Hard Knock Life - Dr. Evil
    "(spoken) Take the base line out! No? You don't have to. Bounce wit it! (it's the hard knock life for us, it's the hard knock life for us, 'stead of treated, we get tricked, 'stead of kisses, we get kicked."
  • Hard Knock Life (Dr. Evil Remix) - Dr. Evil
    "Take the baseline out... no? You don't have to Bounce wit it! ("Annie" sample) + (Dr. Evil) It's the hard knock life, for us It's the hard knock life (yeahhhh) for us!! Steada treated, we get tricked Steada"
  • Hard Knock Life (Dr. Evil Version) - Jay-Z
    "*Spoken* Take the base line out No? You dont have to Bounce with it It's a hard knock life for us It's a hard knock (yeah) life for us Stead of treated, we get tricked Stead of kisses, we get kicked It's"

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