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  • Down Ass Loc - King Tee
    "Well it's the musically drunken King Tee, with the fifth of funk Guaranteed to make you jump like my 12 gauge pump, huh I've been around since the days of the Sugarhill groove Bust it out with "Act a Fool" When"
  • Laekker Nik Jay Featuring LOC - Nik & Jay
    "Intro: Yeah Nexus Op i din club Nik & Jay Jon & Jules Lkker remix! Vers 1: Nik folk gr allerede rundt og rber "lkker lkker" s det p tide med et remix mo'fucker og du slikker dig om dine lber nr du tnker"
  • Senor Loc (feat. Danny Mazo) - Elena
    "You want a pice of my pie I know you want it all You may get horny if I It was. loco I got the candy that you need, loco But I wont give you up for free I'm not that easy baby. I'm not that type of lady. I"
  • Rimz & Tirez(Ft.Kokane,Goldie Loc,Defari) - Xzibit
    "(Defari) Take a chance, come dance with a cowboy Playin stopped playin long time ago with childish toys It's only men in here; deuce deuce inch Pirelli and Goodyear niggaz, sip malt liquor beer They gave"
  • Bring Back That G Shit Featuring Goldie Loc, Snoop - Kurupt
    "(Snoop Dogg) Ride, ride Rough, ride on, ride on Roll on, roll on What!, what!, what! Ride on, ride on, roll on Nigga what!, w-w-what!, what!, w-w-what! Ride on (Kurupt) This is the game you wanna spit"
  • Bring Back That G Shit feat. Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg - Kurupt
    "Ride, ride Rough, ride on, ride on Roll on, roll on What!, what!, what! Ride on, ride on, roll on Nigga what!, w-w-what!, what!, w-w-what! Ride on This is the game you wanna spit to a nigga Let a nigga"
  • Pimp Without A Caddy - Tone Loc
    "Hit me Aaaaah yeeeaah That's the flavor right there Sho' you're right Yo, tell em what it's all about, man All that ballin thing How you got it goin and on and on with that, huh (Tell em what it's all"
  • On Fire - Tone Loc
    "This jam I created will leave you devastated And when I'm finished rockin' you will appreciate it The structure of this rhyme will reign supreme To have a cut like this is a MC's dream You first heard"
  • Loc'ed After Dark - Tone Loc
    "Allow me to display if I may I'm ready to start (So am I) Well, OK I've been held back for several years I had a few squabbles, never shedded no tears But like an uzi on the mic they call me Tone Capone Slangin'"
  • Things Change - Spider Loc
    "Nigga things, change, dem stay the same Now watch me come up, I hustle, I hustle even harder I put that work in to win, no problem All money ain't good money, this I know But I still love hood money,"
  • Wild Thing - Tone Loc
    "Let's do it Workin' all week 9 to 5 for my money So when the weekend comes I go get live with the honey Rollin' down the street I saw this girl and she was pumpin' I winked my eye she got into the ride"
  • Cheeba Cheeba - Tone Loc
    "When I get to a party, To get it started I grab tha microphone and rock it cold hearted Go behind tha curtains while my fanz they point You know what Loc's doin', I'm blazin a joint Cause it seems a lot"
  • ? ?? ????? - Loc Dog
    ", , * * * * , * * , , , , , , , * * "
  • Funky Cold Medina - Loc Tone
    "Cold cooling at a bar And I'm looking for some action But like Mick Jagger said I can't get no satisfaction. The girls are all around But none of them wanna get with me My threads are fresh and I'm looking"
  • Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
    "Alright, dig it Cold coolin at a bar, and I'm lookin for some action But like Mike Jagger said, I can't get no satisfaction The girls are all around, but none of them wanna get with me My threads are"
  • Legalize Freedom - Kottonmouth Kings
    "(DADDY X 4x) The sun, the sun, the sun, the sun will come. Legalize, Legalize Freedom. So we can all live as one. (Background) Then you stop the, uh, flow of mary-gee-wanna? (DADDY X) Rise Up"
  • The Deal - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Loc - "Hello?" Richter - "Hey Loc." Loc - "What?" Richter - "What's up man? We still on for today dog?" Loc - "Yeah, um, are u still down to go get this bud?" Richter - "Yeah, I will be right through"
  • Dominus et domina - Highland
    "Dominus et dominaDominus et dominaDominus et dominaDominus et domina aaaaaaaaaahDominus et domina aaaaaaaaaahGimi tarem anima aaaaaaaaaahDominus et domina aaaaaaaaaahDominus et dominaEst tuan sentre sincus"
  • Endless Highway - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Livin life on the Endless Highway lost miles in between.... If we never saw the world tomorrow we could go out smokin green.... You can't sell it if you never bought it theres a price to chase this dream.... Livin"
  • Smokin' Doja - Kingspade
    "Left right left Left right left Left right left Left right Grab your swords and get ready for the mothafuckin battle Fools talk shit, get killed like cattle Retreat to safety, don't get rattled"

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