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Local Natives - Ceilings

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Local Natives - Ceilings

  • Ceilings - Local Natives
    "Haven't stopped your smoking yet So I'll share your cigarette Just to feel it in my fingers Walk around until 3 a.m. Tell me what I know again To keep myself from second guessing All my silver dreams"
  • Ceilings - Silence 4
    "I feel strange tonight There's something wrong tonight I am soaked and it hurts to breathe You sleep by my side Aimee runs to hide And my mind slips out of me Thank god for ceilings These walls are keeping All"
  • ceilings - Lizzy McAlpine
    "ceilings, plaster can’t you just make it move faster? lovely to be sitting here with you you’re kinda cute but it’s raining, harder my shoes are now full of water lovely to be rained on with you it’s"
  • Natives - Victor Wooten
    "Just do it Just do it Heeeyyyy Just do it Heeeyyyy Once upon a time there were some relatives of yours and mine The ancient ones that came before We've done our best to lay them all to rest It's hard"
  • Natives - Christy Moore
    "For all of our languages we can't communicate For all of our native tongues we're all natives here Sons of their fathers' dream the same dream The sound of forbidden words becomes a scream Voices in anger,"
  • Natives - Blink 182
    "I'm like a cat in a cage Locked up and battered and bruised I am the prodigal son A shameful prodigy too I am the love of your life Battering ram and confused I turn each day into night I stand there waiting"
  • Vaulted Ceilings - Memphis May Fire
    "You don't have to know me To know that you're lost Just know that I don't mind I don't mind And you don't have to see me To know that I'm right By your side Just know I will never leave you My child Follow"
  • Ceilings Crack - Cursive
    "Passed out in your yard My clothes were soaking in the morning rain My head's just a bruise, like walking in a coma Like a battered drone All my limbs are numb I've been driving past your house Been pounding"
  • Unfamiliar Ceilings - Fightstar
    "Some of us will learn What none of us should know Smoke can fill this room There'll be nothing left to show Hold onto The ones you love There won't be Time to show Enough We need each other like Flower"
  • Restless Natives - Big Country
    "Night hangs on the city like a blanket on a cage A sacrifice prepared Laughter lies on faces where the sun has never shone The fear of life is strong We are waiting in the forest deep and dark behind the"
  • Oppressed Natives - Callenish Circle
    "Once a mighty tribe full of pride one with nature till white man arrived They came for trade in name of their king Exchanging slavery and hate Dying of violence and foreign disease Defending their holy"
  • The Natives - Hollywood Undead
    "Tha Producer: Seems like everyone's got their beef, But tomorrow we'll be shining brighter. We'll keep it going, fighting. Hold on when we win, take a hit. Cause we never gonna lose it dying. We gonna"
  • Storm Covered Ceilings - On The Last Day
    "Clouds roll in, dark and unforgiving. I'll stop, and wait for it. These years fall to the ground mixed with the rain. They trickle down my face. My aged reflection stares with apathy. Help me get"
  • Local 604 - Sweatshop Union
    "{{Album |Artist = Sweatshop Union |Album = Local 604 |fLetter = L |Released = 2002 |Genre = |Length = |Cover = |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''["
  • Local God - Panic! At The Disco
    "In 1998 you bought a B.C. Rich You were a master shredder from the jump Blew them all away with the Ritalin kids While I was shedding through my sophomore slump You had so many chances to become a star But"
  • Local Girls - Ronnie Milsap
    "Oh, I was kicked back in a rented cabana, Easin' my mind with some old Carlos Santana, Nibblin' on banana moon pie, When I swore I saw an angel from Heaven floatin' by. Then I thought: "No, no way: she"
  • Local Boys - Na Leo Pilimehana
    "Blue eyes and blondey don't thrill me 'Cause I'm in love with the local boys Don't try to convince me Because the local boys aloha oi' It doesn't matter what island In the mountains or an endless sea If"
  • Local Memory - Willie Nelson
    "The lights go out each evening at eleven And up and down our block there's not a sound I close my eyes and search for peaceful slumber And just then the local mem'ry comes around Piles of blues against"
  • Local Hero - Bruce Springsteen
    "I was driving through my hometown I was just kinda killin time When I seen a face staring out of a black velvet painting From the window of the five and dime I couldnt quite recall the name But the pose"
  • Watts Local - Royal Crown Revue
    "Everybody get on board You can't get a Cadillac from the Lord The poor man's limousine Is the Watts Local It sways from side to side But it gets you where you're going When you need a ride The poor man's"

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