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Location khalid

  • Location - Khalid
    "Send me your location Let's focus on communicating 'Cause I just need the time and place to come through Place to come through Send me your location Let's ride the vibrations I don't need nothing else"
  • LOCATION - KAROL G, Anuel AA, J. Balvin
    "Hoy es sabado Indica las coordenadas que hoy nos vamos Perdo el murcielago La madre fel que hoy no beba me emborracho Babe manda el location Tion tion Outfit chabel y de collection Tion tion Foto todo"
  • Location, Location, Location - Bridge and Tunnel
    "This town is falling, but the papers say it's "up and coming." And when it gets here who is left? Just another college party in the new "cool part of town." It's time we recognize our part in this displacement. We're"
  • Location: COLD - Catamenia
    "Where I am, it's so cold. I want to stay here I am feeling so sincere. This is my place to stay Search for the treasure untold. I want to face the fear Only night, only dark. There's no absence on this"
  • Secret Location - Remy Ma
    "See most niggaz call they girls When they wanna give a dick My shawtys call me when they wanna get a brick 'cause even when I'm not spitting I'm still that bitch In the the kitchen with the ... Vision"
  • Feels (feat. Khalid) - WATTS, Khalid
    "It feels like i am running Far away, every day I still wanna move in Trying hard to find a way back Who are these people With their ears to the ground And i see that they’re talking But i can’t hear a"
  • Location Is Everything - Piebald
    "Drive around forever on an empty tank of gas You can see all of Boulder from up here I can't forget this even if I wanted to Would you rather listen to something That starts with a T or an L? The T is"
  • Silence (ft. Khalid) - Marshmello
    "I’d rather be the lover then a fighter cuz all my life I’ve been fighting never felt a feeling of comfort all this time I’ve been hiding never I had someone to call my own I’m so used to shaking love"
  • lovely (with Khalid) - Billie Eilish
    "Thought I found a way /2x But you never go away So I guess I gotta stay now I hope some day I’ll make it out of here even if it takes all night or a hundred years need a place to hide, but I can’t fide"
  • Ocean (feat. Khalid) - Martin Garrix
    "Tell me what you’re crying for Oh my god ,taste so rough it you’re so in, take in love we’ll come for you for sure if we’re caught in a wave I will carry you over it don’t matter where you are I’’ll"
  • Youth (feat. Khalid) - Shawn Mendes
    "Here I am, stuck on this couch Scrolling trough my notes. Heart was broken, still not growing, nah Waking up to headlines, filled with devastation again. My heart is broken, but I keep going. Pain, but"
  • Numb (feat. Khalid) - Marshmello
    "I, I wanna get numb And forget where I'm from 'Cause lookin' in your eyes Like lookin' at the sun I feel like you're the moon I feel like I'm the one I wanna get numb, numb, numb, numb I, I wanna get numb And"
  • Rollin (Ft. Future & Khalid) - Calvin Harris
    "I’ve been rolling on the freeway I’ve been riding 85 I’ve been thinking way too much And I’m way too gone to drive I got anger in my chest I got millions on my mind And you didn’t fit the picture So I"
  • Summertime Silence (ft. Khalid) - Lana Del Rey x Marshmello
    "Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby you the best I got my red dress on tonight Dancin in the dark in the pale moonlight Done my hair up real big, beauty queen"
  • Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) - Ed Sheeran
    "l. a. on a Saturday night in the summer sundown and they all come out lamborginis and theur rented hummers the party’s on so they’re heading downtown everybody’s looking foor a come-up and they wanna"
  • So Done (ft. Khalid) - Alicia Keys
    "Cause i am so, so done Got it my time Holding me back I am living the way that I want Cause i am so, so done Fighting myself Going through hell I am living the way that I want I am living the way that"
  • Ur Baby (feat. Khalid) - Anitta
    "I don't know why you gotta be like you don't want it, yeah You know that I can give you what you want, yeah So put your name in it, I wanna scream it out Just come and get it I know what you want Right"
  • Hurts 2B Human (ft. Khalid) - P!nk
    "oh you make it sound so pretty even when it’s not didn’t choose but it’s the only one we’ve got sometimes I get so tired of getting tide up in my thoughts you’re the only one that ever makes it stop got"
  • As I Am (ft. Khalid) - Justin Bieber
    "By myself sometimes To give my mind soem space I know I know that it hurts When i push your love away I hate myslef I wanna tell you lies So your heart won’t break I know I know that i made my fair share"
  • Time For Change (ft. Khalid) - Post Malone
    "I don't know how I keep myself from falling down I don't know how I'm still standing on the ground I don't know why You keep wishing for me to change I don't know how I keep myself from falling down I"

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