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Long goodbyes make me so sad

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Long goodbyes make me so sad

  • Long Goodbyes - Camel
    "Down by the lake a warm afternoon - breezes carry children's balloons. Once upon a time, not long ago, she lived in a house by the grove. And she recalls the day, when she left home... Long good-byes, make"
  • Goodbyes - Kelis
    "Heaven knows that, I love ya so But he don't know, what's real All I see, is you and me But you ain't tryin' to hear me I don't know what tomorrow's bringin' All I know is your doorbell's ringin' On that"
  • Sad Eyed Goodbyes - Agent Felix
    "this wont hurt I swear but please dont close your eyes as i climb out of them to see your face again darling wont recover from the fall wont bother to try cause there is no reason to when the fall was"
  • No Long Goodbyes - Paperback Hero
    "You speak, Open up your mind To fight divided lines Careless With your thoughts Face the night alone at cost You know what you say What is gone You take from me I know it's over now No long goodbyes,"
  • Goodbyes - Reamonn
    "We both dressed as we thought fit What do you wear to goodbyes? The tome would come for us both to sit And near each other's lies I don't feel like I've been holding back Breaking up is hard on us"
  • Honest Goodbyes - Bic Runga
    "Sink with the tide Rescue me if you like I'll be leaving it all up to you Think how we tried It's o.k. to be lied to As long as it's only by you People say to me it's best that we've parted 'Cause you"
  • Hones goodbyes - Bic Runga
    "Sink with the tide Rescue me if you like I'll be leaving it all up to you Think how we tried It's o.k. to be lied to As long as it's only by you People say to me it's best that we've parted 'Cause"
  • No Goodbyes - Larue
    "If I could look back on me what would I see?/ I'd see this as a dream coming to a place that's/ Been our heart and soul/ See the pieces in our life/ Falling faster into time/ And in the end I want to"
  • My Goodbyes - Saliva
    "Hey precious daddy can you hear me now from the lost and found although your six feet underground. In the mirror, I can see your face just another trace of all the tragedy you passed down. There are times"
  • So sad so lonely - matchbox twenty
  • Planes, Trains, And Long Goodbyes - Emo Side Project
    "Goodbyes, And train rides. Smooth moves, And previews, Long nights, And secrets. My eyes; Just forget it All I've got to pull me through this mess, Is my pillow and blanket so I hold them to"
  • So Long - The Magnetic North
    "SO LONG Apologies first and foremost it's been years since i've called or wroteit's funny how i ignore the most vital thinking that we are always close lord knows that i never meant to forget but the"
  • So, So Sad - Dolour
    "Looks like you don't know me too well You're just as insecure I need more time to make sense Of something I've lost A children's tune Lately I've been praying god's will is as good as mine But what can"
  • Sad Sad World - Sheryl Crow
    "I know you hate me, I see that now If I was unhappy, I'd be someone you could still care about I think it's stupid and sad That everything turned out so bad And enemies make the most interesting friends I'm"
  • Sad - Valentine
    "Last night I met you in my dream You cried and I asked myself how to help you cause you had lost all your hope But once you told me hope's the one thing....you need I took your hand and swore that I"
  • Make You Sad - Anne Heaton
    "Christmastime makes you confess You've wanted to be mine / You lower your head The other eleven months I can forget But for the holidays it surfaces And I wanna make you sad I wanna make you fall apart"
  • Long So Long - Squirtgun
    "I'm tired of waiting for your sunburn I want more coffee Read sonnets to Chris, an old, old woman on the sly Your fossil-fuled up with camel-lights and ginger snapping ponging dishes washing when you sign"
  • So Long - Ricky Nelson
    "It's been so long, so very long I wonder what did I do wrong I've been so sad and blue Since you said "Baby, we're all through" If you leave me in this mood I fear I'm bound to come unglued Oh to hold"
  • No Goodbyes - Dua Lipa
    "Maybe one day I can see you We can smile and wave, and it'll be okay Maybe one day it'll be cool We could just be friends without the complications that it brings When we start saying things Yeah, I hurt"
  • Sad Eyes - Bat For Lashes
    "I don't like the things you don't say Leaving it for such a long long time Why do you show me those sad sad eyes Each time you decide to pass on by And when you smile those sad eyes Look sadder and sadder"

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