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Look around thats perfect forld

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Look around thats perfect forld

  • Look Around - Blues Traveler
    "You'll get no answer from me About what I want or what I get Brave enough to speak afraid to see Confuse the issue till you forget And I've tried To finally decide Why I'm in your face And if you can't"
  • Perfect - Stemm
    "What the f**k is my name There's no shame in my game I reached out to you But all you could do turn away I'm not goin away I'm goin for self so f**k everyone else Still the same I'm lookin your way You"
  • Perfect - No Address
    "Don't you strut like you think you're cool? look how you walk with a giant step. Makes the cute men drool the rest just stand there with their long hair. Do you feel like the way I do? Wanna scream out"
  • Perfect - The The
    "******************************** I'm a man without a soul...Honey--- Who lost it while parading it, in a town full of thieves-- Y'see I didn't wanna be with any people I know. But god knows, I didn't wanna"
  • Look Who's Perfect Now - Transister
    "You mister wearing a crown Push me around Draggin' me down You mister head of the class Never come last Pain in the ass Chorus: Look who's perfect now Got my head in the clouds Look who's perfect now Got"
  • Picture Perfect - Yung Joc
    "Uhhhhhyeeaaah Everything that glitters ain't gold baby I hear ya Daddy I'm choppin 24's Blowin good dro Yeah, I got plenty Hoes Life ain't picture perfect Yeah ya see the ice And I dress nice Make"
  • Thats the way life goes - Nana
    "Emotions that's when you loose control Of your mind, your body biological Here we go flip around and punch your fellow man The cops on your jock you don't even understand Yo superman chill take a break A"
  • Thats What Its Made For - Usher
    "Ooh, yeah baby yeaah Uhhuhhuhhuhhmmm Yeaah babe Ooh, ooh Oh, yeah Listen up I got a story to tell Check it out now And I know you can identify with this one Yeah yeah yeah, oh Check it out Figured I'd"
  • Look Around - Sergio Mendes
    "All the secrets of the skies in a drop of rain Look around, just look around Gold dust, silver and surprise If you look around, just look around All the wisdom of the sea in a grain of sand Look around,"
  • Look Around - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Woo! Stiff club, its my nature, Custom love is the nomenclature. Turn down mass confusion, Hit the road because we just keep cruisin'. Double my fun, double my vision, Long hard look at my last decision. Hustle"
  • Thats Right - Young Gunz
    "(Intro) haha, it's about time niggaz gangsta gangsta, a young gangsta, what you wanna b a gangsta, can't stop me,gangsta gangsta, a young gangsta, what you wanna b a gangsta (Verse 1 - Neef) Motha"
  • Look Around - Rad Kick
    "You woke up from nightmares torture And you can still smell this breath It's so dark you're totally blind Are you on your own? Be careful! Somebody is watching you or is it you When you're feeling down"
  • Look Around - Olivia (US)
    "I feel so lost This emptiness deep inside me u might as well just stay with her Did you lay with her? 'Cause wherever you were You sure ain't thinking 'bout me I've been spinning around Thinking about"
  • Thats why - Michael McDonald
    "Look back loneliness, you won't see me behind youHey now emptiness, no more leading the wayGo on desperateness, i don't need you beside me no moreCome on happiness, i can feel you gaining groundHey now"
  • Thats all - KMFDM
    "Read the vision map the system soon to look into the mind Rediscover one another from abnormal points in time Fascination wish a way to depart before they find Get defamed in isolation two plus one negate"
  • Look Around - Orson
    "Baby, wake up. Baby, come see. And if you lose your way, Just hold on to me. The flames have all died out, Our hearts are still beating. The rain is gone, The rain is gone. Just look around. Our time"
  • Thats Life! - Frank Sinatra
    "(D. K. Thompson, K. Gordon) That's life (that's life), that's what all the people say You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May But I know I'm gonna change that tune When I'm back on top, back"
  • Thats Gansta - Shyne
    "Shyne) Hustler, bad motherfucker Brooklyn to the rucker, Cali and back Court cases pendin, all the blood drug money spendin Ferrari engines leave your whole fuckin block tremblin I'm what niggaz wanna"
  • Look Around - Halo Friendlies
    "look around what you see is what you get in this life 4am city slumber city sighs (hear the cries) and look around what i see is what i got wasted years wasted money wasted mind (is this mine) and i look"
  • Look Around - Dead Prez
    "Beatnuts, dead prez What I wanna sayyy Everytime I look around, I see So much drama goin down Everytime I look around, I see So much fakeness goin down Why I'ma- be stingy when I could share? Why"

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