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Look my horse my horse amazing

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Look my horse my horse amazing

  • Horse - The Jesus Lizard
    "They got him drunk as hell They caught him way off balance He could not walk or stand So they thought they could take him They had a plan to trip him As he stumbled by and kick him Their tiny brains were"
  • Horse - Live
    "all the things that they make you say and all of the love that you hide away I'll pick you up and it will be all right I'll pick you up and it will be tonight she rode a horse into my head she won't discipline"
  • Stolen Horse - James
    "Falling, falling into you, Falling, no parachute, You lost all self-control, We don't know, Which way you might go, I found a map you left, No use, Can't tell east from west. Heading out on this mercy"
  • White Horse - Kilo
    "(Intro) I have a dream today That one day this nation will rise up And little black children And little white children Will hold hands (Verse 1) I'm a black man living in this white man's world"
  • Silver Horse - Yoko Ono
    "When I come in my dream to a house Ive never seen before, I have a tendency to look for the exit door. cause I never know it may be that house again, I never know, I never know. When I come in my mind"
  • Horse Trader - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITAR INTRO) well, please please respond, I'll take offers from y'all and I'm bound to get my money back some day lookin' for a bargain, you just call, take you a little or take it all but it's good"
  • Dead Horse - Guns N' Roses
    "Sick of this life Not that you'd care I'm not the only one with whom these feelings I share Nobody understands, quite why we're here We're searchin' for answers That never appear But maybe if I looked"
  • White Horse - Charlus
    "Once I rode a White Horse By a perfect emerald sea But these days its just madness and nightmares that permeate The room of my vision My imagination- There are too many impossible Obstacles In my way I"
  • Crazy Horse - Pinhead Gunpowder
    "This girl at another table Started singing "Danny Boy" And staring at me With a mischevous grin Drawing me in with her eyes And then she held me there With her lips Everybody in the cafe laughed Dazed,"
  • Uffington Horse - Uffington Horse
    "Where ancient walls of castle halls resound with voice and string We'll journey there, where on the air the chords of magic ring Where welcome notes come from the throats of friendships soon to be And"
  • Don't look a gift horse - Sailor
    "I don't know why I'm even living here There's friction down on the street Science fiction takin' place all around Read all about it The news is on the hour and every hour There's trouble under my bed It's"
  • My Lovely Horse - The Divine Comedy
    "(Chorus) My lovely, lovely, lovely horse My lovely horse Running through the field Where are you going With your fetlocks blowing In the wind? I want to shower you with sugar lumps And ride you over"
  • Buckin' M Horse - Sir Mixalot
    "(*Woman speaking Spanish*) - w/ ad libs (Chorus) Buckin my horse, giddy up, hey yo, hey Buckin my horse, giddy up (throwin up this dirty old for life, fool) Buckin my horse, giddy up, hey yo, hey"
  • One Horse Town - The Rembrandts
    "All that's left are the movies, and we've seen them all before After that there are the streets, from the city down to the shore And then there are the stars, that spin around us shining down There ain't"
  • Rocking Horse Road - Elvis Costello
    "The chains from the bridle and the reins fell from my hands The engines are idle and the ship sails on dry land I stood there stupefied, I thought I recognized Walking down Rocking Horse Road, getting"
  • High Horse Honey - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) I know you're a good lookin' honey baby Blind man could see You better take a look at your personality Fore you start hanging shit on me You can't live your life on the fact you're pretty Hold"
  • Horse Head Fiddle - 16 Horsepower
    "I look for him in everywhere In everywhere I found him not Exhausted I sleep in steppe In the dream my gray horse spoke to me Find me neath the killing cliff Find me neath the killing cliff Hang my skull"
  • Emperor's New Horse - The Cult
    "Emperor's new horse Take five You're the Emperor's new horse You don't smell like a rose So you take more drugs than me Specialize in being unhappy Like a moth into the flame Yeah, I've been burnt before Lets"
  • The Wooden Horse - Craig Mack
    "So any time you're gettin low, 'stead of lettin go Just remember that ant.. Opps there goes another rubber tree plant (Opps there goes another rubber tree) Opps there goes another rubber tree plant (Opps"
  • Horse & Carriage Remix - Charli Baltimore
    "Charli Baltimore Miscellaneous Horse & Carriage Remix Intro: silkk (cam'ron) Remix (that's right) silkk the shocker Uh, cam'ron (you ain't know) no limit (that's right) untertainment (i'm here and there)"

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