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Look what I find

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Look what I find

  • Find - Lifetime
    "Take me to a place where i know i belong take away my anger and replace my hate with love find my reason hiding behind my second skin find what is pushing me, it starts from deep within take apart my insides"
  • Gonna Find - The Lovemakers
    "(CHORUS) Gonna Find gonna find gonna find you yeah Got Soviet spies gonna find you yeah Gonna Find gonna find gonna find you yeah I'm gonna find pressed up to my ___ I feel the suns reflected light a"
  • Find Me - Groove
    "Come on baby, just look out for me I'm gonna get you one day Might as well make it early Bridge Just Look out your window as I pull up in the drive I got my 4 x 4 and I'm feeling so alive Snap your fingers"
  • Find me - Orgy
    "I tried to think of what to give you on this special day Maybe a hundred roses Maybe a photogragh What's in my heart forever Or just some ugly picture of my big fat head I'll give you all of myself3 wishes,"
  • Find Away - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Now you caught me heart for the evening Kissed my cheek, moved in, you confuse things Should I just sit out or come harder? Help me find my way Messing me up, my whole head Teasing me, just like Tisha"
  • Look At What I've Done - Chris Cagle
    "I saw it in her eyes when I was sayin', "Goodbye" That girl, she ain't gonna be alright 'Cause I could tell that she'd be goin' through a livin' hell And I, I wouldn't be there by her side And Lord I felt"
  • What Does She Look Like - Honeyz
    "I never thought that love could be unkind 'Cos your the type of guy I thought I'd never find I thought I could forget you and be strong But the love I have inside makes me hold on And now I am beside"
  • Look At What What Has Done - Patty Smyth
    "I woke up this morning feeling lonely There's so much my heart just does not understand there were times nothing really mattered now i find i care to much there's life in everything i touch look at what"
  • Look - Watashi Wa
    "I've thought about it, about the layers of life, the things real and true, where we've been, what we've become. can you remember still? Feelings you had inside? To find something new! Does hope get lost"
  • Look - Watashi-Wa
    "I've thought about it, about the layers of life, the things real and true, where we've been, what we've become. can you remember still? Feelings you had inside? To find something new! Does hope get lost"
  • Look! - The Awarians
    "A fear goes right through, through my bones Am I alone? Yes, I am alone Chart my progress through the year Things aquired and drunken beer Experiences lived through, many still to come Some radical changes"
  • Look - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Look, Look, Look, Look You can catch me in the middle of Atlanta nigga (Look) In the cracks and the crevises of the ghetto nigga (look) Gone rep you is gonna catch you on a stretcher nigga (look) Gotta"
  • Look - Bounty Killer
    "People A Dead That's What I Said The Crime Must Be Led The Hungry Must Be Fed Hey Yo Galore I'm Looking Through All This Fear Over The Years Hey Yo Nobody Cares Take A Look In My House Would You Live"
  • Look What I Found - Chris Cagle
    "For so long I searched in desperation For one love that would always be true And I came close but there were always complications I finally decided there was nothing I could do So I gave up and I let go"
  • Look What I Got - T.I.
    "Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay You think them niggaz is hot Well shawty look what I got (nigga look what I got) You think I'm lying nigga Look what I got Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Shawty look what I got Ay, pimpin look what"
  • What I Look Like - Sporty Thievz
    "Uh oh Yo WHen is u birds gonna learn dat lemmey is not hot Can i have locked up bitch and gimmey got shot Man dey got me on that bullshit Dey buy me dis I need dat bitch bullshit and still fuck Bet"
  • Look What I Found - Pepper
    "Look what I found in Kona Town, While the sky gets weary and the sun goes down, It's summer living, oh, it's the season To get your body naked and then start screaming, Around the clock 'cause we don't"
  • I would find a way - Big Mountain
    "Yes, baby doll, feel it? Feel it fine! Ooh baby, baby... Give you anything your heart desires It's my soul intention to have(?) your affection 'Cause you're the one who sets my world on fire And I want"
  • Look What Happened - Less Than Jake
    "And I swear it's the last time and I swear it's my last try and we'll walk in circles around this whole block walk on the cracks on the same old sidewalks and we'll talk about leaving town yeah we'll talk"
  • What A Place To Find One's Divinity - Lux Courageous
    "She says it's cold outside but she doesn't want to put on her coat She says it's gona mess up the look that she's going for tonight Isn't it funny what girls will sacrifice just to look beautiful if just"

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