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Looking aufwiderzehn

  • Looking - Ziggy Marley
    "my frustration won't subside I've been tried time after time but it's not my style to quit there is more to life than this in obscurity or fame we're all playing in this game searching for something searching"
  • Looking - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "(A Tale Of Two Meanings)I'm looking for a man who knows how to finishBetter than to beginI'm looking for a girl whose age is VirginiaName around seventeenI'm looking for a tie that won't get knottedOne"
  • Looking Down - Winterpills
    "Looking Down am i doing this right? you oughta know. should i put up a fight? you oughta know. when you came in did they pass out your gold car? give you map and show you where you are? point us out"
  • Looking Back - Gary Moore
    "(Watson) I was looking back to see If she was looking back to see If I was looking back at her. I saw her walking down the street, Though little does she look so sweet. I followed her for half a mile, I"
  • Looking Left, Looking Right - Caravan
    "If you don't know, back in the limes Gotta get used to your feelings No, no, you can't knock all the time Don't know then how you feel Well I wanna see walk a wonder Such talk will make for you only sorrow You"
  • Looking Back - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Watson) As I was walking down the street A pretty girl did I meet She's looking all so sweet Got a major from her head to her feet I was looking back to see If she was looking back to see If I was looking"
  • Looking Down - Audiovent
    "Yeah My shadow stretches far and free Yeah It's telling me what I could be Could be Cause I'm tired Of looking up All the time We'll stand on top of the world Looking down We'll stand on top of the world Looking"
  • Looking Back - Ducky Boys
    "You've got a road but you don't know how to take it It's full of hope but it leads you far from home You got it made but you don't know how to make it It looks like you're gonna be out on your own I can't"
  • Keep Looking - Sade
    "Some will tell you that you're wrong You do it all the wrong way Some will tell you that you're wrong That you don't know the way They enjoy cheapness Don't show your weakness Don't let them bother you"
  • Looking Hot - No Doubt
    "Go ahead and look at me 'Cause that's what I want Take a good look won't you please 'Cause that's what I want I know you wanna stare You can't help it and I don't care So look at me 'Cause that's what"

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